May 3 & 4, 2014: Scientology Sydney Ideal Org Grand Opening

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    May 3 & 4, 2014: Scientology Sydney Ideal Org Grand Opening

    Mike Rinder: Sydney Grand Opening

  2. CommunicatorIC

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  3. Jump

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    We're still going to ask you for a shitload of sweet, sweet cash and we don't care where you get it. Just get it.

    Don't worry, we'll give you a huge certificate with some big words on it, or a gaudy kitch trophy.

    Help us get the files in order so we can send out even more useless glossy flyers and waste the donations you gave us.

    We're going to have a lot of fun! Bring your cheque books and credit cards!!!!!1one

    When I get the million in donos, I'm going to be like Debbie Cook and buy me a sports car off the comish.

    Come save the world on this planet! Don't look on the interwebs at the other Ideal Orgs that are empty mausoleums.

    Postulate for no rain on the 3rd May!!!!
  4. Udarnik

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    I wonder if it will have more members than I observed at Kaohsiung? The Co$ is just doing so well on the Pac Rim...
  5. The_Fixer

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    Interesting. i wonder how they can get that many Kiwis to join up when that target is higher than the population of NZ? :biggrin:
  6. Udarnik

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    They'll just throw some Aussies in there to make up the difference. The Aussie Church is straight up and vertical enough to spare a few bodies in the shop, isn't it? :laugh:
  7. Emma

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    When did that cockroach become ED of Auckland Day?? :omg:

    I feel for the Kiwis. This guy is an asshole.
  8. lotus

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    I don't know him
    but I believe you!

    Ideal Morgue
    are the final products
    of as...oles
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  9. Panda Termint

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    A few months back. I have the announcement somewhere.

    Edit: November, 2013 Announcement below;

    "Hello New Zealand!

    I want to introduce myself and give you a brief rundown of my history in Scientology.
    My name is David Beck and I am now the Executive Director for the Auckland Day Org.
    I have transferred from the Melbourne Day Org to help enable Auckland achieve the target of getting their Ideal Org done and opened!
    I first joined staff in 1989, one day after I first walked into the Melbourne org and have been on staff ever since then. The posts I have held in that time are all Executive posts: Treasury Sec, Deputy/ED, HCO Executive Secretary, LRH Communicator and Executive Establishment Officer. So I am very familiar with how an org runs, what it takes to establish an org and exactly what is needed to make an Ideal Org.
    I also have my wife and two year old son arriving in a week. My wife, Kylie is a long term Scientologist, a trained supervisor and will be working with me as the Organization Executive Secretary with the same purpose as I have.
    The reason I decided to come to Auckland was because, once I was asked to do the job, I had a good look at the current situation here and found that Scientology needed to be available to everyone in the country and I really wanted to make sure that it occurred. I want the whole country to be able to avail themselves of the only technology that will give them the chance of total freedom. It is a game I am really excited about playing and would also like to invite you to play this game with me - A Cleared New Zealand! I say this from the bottom of my heart, I really want to make it happen.
    Now that I am here, the plan is to make sure, first and foremost, that as an org we are delivering to all public the amazing new release of Golden Age of Tech Phase II - That is The Bridge. We have no stops now in servicing anyone as we have our Flag trained tech team on post and ready to deliver.
    I really look forward to meeting everyone and I want you to know that I am happy and willing to receive any communication from you on any subject and I will do all I can in order to help you get up the Bridge.
    Much Love,
    David Beck
    Executive Director
    Auckland Day "
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  10. wigee1

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    My Career on staff Sydney Day.
    Somewhere in 1976 I joined Sydney Day Staff, and got posted to Estates as Estates Manager, things were going fine for about 2x years when one day Commander Phyl Stevens(ED)came into my office , and explained that she had been informed ( Up lines) that Estates , even though posted in Div 7, it was /has its own enity. and that my stats and command channel was I think Flag ,( somewhere up there?)And that Sydney Day needs to change its structure.
    Phyl agreed and explained , how about we keep a eye on you so ya don, t go off the rails, I agreed . and looked forward to my new boss,
    Well after some weeks , It didnt take long , What Boss,? I didnt exist. At that stage, I didn,t care.
    About 2xmonths later, theres a telex for me, For me, naw! carn,t be for ME, BUY NEW PREMISES NOW , 5.4 ALL DIVISIONS. FOR EXPANSION.
    Now you got to remember Sydney day had about 130 staff and Foundation 70, and was doing OK at #1 LEE ST .It had a fantastic crew. and were producing.
    I found 201 Castlreagh st in the City and thought position wise, this was perfect. I negotiate with the Relator and we agree on $760,000 I,m very happy, and go back to the org to tell them the good news.(( Let the nightmare begin). Well my new Boss is never available,and never communicated. no product officer, I was ringing Day ,night weekends , one night I lost it rung the reception found and out this person was on study ,I totally abused her , and said , IF YOU DONT fucken drag him out to me ,I,ll come over and shove my size 9 boot down his Fuckn throat!. Sh:biggrin:e got the idea that there,s such a thing called a ANZO case, These guys are agro. still nothing, I went and saw Phyll, and said ya got to help me here , I,m going nuts dealing with this shit. She used her charm as best she does, and did the same, If you don,t fuckn........ welcome to the world of the higher echelons of Scientology where nobody has a fuckn clue.
    But my next challenge coming up was the move , which went quite smoothly. Once most of the mest was moved in , I slept for a day. Hoped on a plane and flew back to NZ. I had enough Insanity for a while. NO staff for me.
    Now I think I have bragging rights, I want my 15 minutes of fame , I want double billing with the COB I want VIP Passes, front row seats,larger Fonts on Promotions, IT was my Command Intention, my Postulate.and it stuck I,m writing up my POWER CHANGE FORMULA right now and If they have any OTness will realize theyre Fuckd without the handing over, No expansion. It works bothways according to the man. Teehee,:eyeroll:Granitt.