Medical malpractice in the Church of Scientology

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    First I want to post a very sad story of my very special friend Bee Sting here:

    My Pain and Jett Travolta

    I was on staff in small Mission when I met “Maria.” It’s not her real name but to conceal her true identity, I will call her Maria.

    The mission was small and I could hear much any session that took place through the beveled doors that separate the only auditing room from the rest of the org. Maria was audited by her Mother, a Class VII or so (I forget) Auditor.

    Maria was diabetic from early childhood. She received many hours of auditing from her mom trying to handle her psychosomatic aberration or however they put it.

    One day, I hear Maria babbling to herself and she seemed to think there was something above her head. I couldn’t see it but apparently she needed to communicate to this invisible “entity.” I would hear her give commands or acknowledgements like “sit down”, “stop it“, “ok”, “that’s it” or”very good” etc.

    Being a brand new Scientologist I didn’t understand what was going on and I thought it was pretty bizarre. Then, I would observe her “flicking” things off her legs or other parts of her body and communicate in the same way to these “flicks.”

    One day Maria explained to me her behavior. She said she had a “theta spider” living on top of her head and this is was to who she was communicating with when she was looking up. The “flicking” was getting rid of her “Body Thetans.” Of course, I had no idea what this was all about until much later on in Scientology.

    But anyhow, I moved on and many weeks and months past and then I received news that Maria was doing well. She was doing great in auditing and was going off her insulin. Yet, a year or so past and I heard nothing until when I day I learned she”dropped her body.” I was very sad to hear the news because she believed so intently she would eventually be able to stop taking her medication.

    Another year or so later, I learned more about Maria’s death. She had full blown diabetes Type-B, the most severe form there is and she stopped taking her insulin. Her mother happily reported how successful she had been before her death finally attaining some kind of whatever level. I didn’t hear much about Maria’s wins or levels through the conversation. All I could think about is how she died and I wondered why. Why Maria?

    Soon after, Maria’s mother and her sister packed up their belongings and moved to Clearwater Florida. I believe they are still there today.

    Years after leaving the Sea Org and Scientology for good, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but a few weeks into her new born life something went wrong. She had encephalitis (brain swelling) which caused a series of unstoppable grand maul seizures. The doctors had no choice but to induce her into a medical coma. This incident left her with severe and irreversible brain damage but I never learned what caused her condition.

    In a conversation with husband, very much a Scientologist even being out for so many years, I learned what he and how Scientology views any one with disabilities. His words in reference to my beautiful little girl were “they put dogs to sleep.” I divorced him!

    Scientology believe people with disabilities are “degraded beings” and somehow my husband blamed me for causing, yes, causing her condition. It was my fault, I caused it and I was no longer the “perfect” mother whom gave birth to his first born son. I fell from his “pedestal”, as he put it.

    In years that followed, I fought tremendously with my little girl’s doctors and care takers but thanks to their passion and understanding, they gently coached me in understanding that all drugs are not bad. With their incredible patience I learned to become an advocate for my little girl. I learned about her medications, the risk and side effects but most importantly, the benefits. One of the drugs she has to take is Valium an absolute no, no in Scientology.

    In the mean time my now ex-husband, sought sole custody of my son. He “Faired Gamed” me. My neighbors were talked to, my real estate agent was talked to, my employer was talked to and my very own lawyer was talked to. I changed lawyer!

    In a phone conversation with my son, he TOLD me I should agree to pay child support to based on potential future earnings of $60,000 per year when at the time I was unemployed and had never made more that $30,000 per year in my entire life, my son told me this, my son!

    I didn’t fight custody. I had visitation rights but whenever I called to speak with my son he was too busy or out doing something else and he would “get back to me later.” Well, later never came and later always went.

    Every now and then I think of Maria. I wonder what if?

    I think of her mother and I wonder why? I don’t understand!

    I think of my little girl’s daddy that never thought for a second of whom or what she might become and above all I miss son. How cruel the world can be and how different perhaps things might have been if it was not for Scientology and its policies of disconnect and fair game.

    When I visit my little pumpkin she always greets me with a smile. I am not sure she knows the concept of “mother” but I know I am one of the ones she loves. Sometimes, I have to share her affection with whom she greets the same (like a care taker) but that’s ok because I know she is happy in the life she lives.

    She is blind but she always turns her head and coos when I am there. When I see her smile I know she loves me - unconditionally and I know that the smiles she gives belong to me.

    When I heard about Jett Travolta I feel their pain and I grieve with them. I am the last person in the world who have the right to criticize and judge any another parent in their decision in the care of their child.

    I am the last to have anything to say because I have fought so hard for so long and I have been all alone with the all decisions to make about my little girl. And yet, a piece of me - does!

    Maria was 32 years old when she died. Maria was my sister-in-law. I miss her very much. Even though I know why, I still ask, why?

    Then I found this story a few days ago:
    From: (energytraveler)
    Subject: Dr. Megan Shields - Who Comes First the Patient or the Church?
    Date: 3 Dec 2002 15:21:51 -0800
    Message-ID: <>

    Dr. Megan Shields and her colleague, Dr. Gene Denk, know more about the inner criminal activity of senior Scientology management than just about anyone.

    Quite a while ago, Dr. Denk supervised the Purification program on Carrie Alkins. During the Purif, Carrie, a juvenile diabetic, developed a detached retina and, although she had several eye surgeries, wound up legally blind. She has remained so ever since.

    Carrie wrote up a bunch of knowledge reports at the time in an effort to not only get some sort of apology and restitution from Shaw Health Center, but also to ensure that other diabetics were not given massive dosages of niacin, which could bring on retinal bleeding and possibly a detached retina which could result in blindness.

    Regular doctors routinely warn diabetics against taking massive dosages of niacin for this reason.

    Dr. Denk and Dr. Shields circled the wagons, of course, and let Carrie and her husband know that if she pushed the point she might get kicked out of the Church. Scientology doctors tend to cover for each other and also for the Church. They fail to report child abuse, sexual harassment, spousal abuse, and any sort of medical negligence that has happened ROUTINELY over the years within the Sea Org.

    When I was on staff at ASHO and at AO I used to do all the staff FESing (review of counseling folders). This is what I observed. A lot of the staff members would get sick, go to the Shaw Health Center and get sub-optimum care there. Serious illnesses would often be overlooked resulting in extremely serious medical and sometimes fatal consequences. Many times I saw staff members who went to Shaw Health Center and the doctors prescribed routine antibiotics rather than ordering the medical exams that would be normally ordered by any competent physician. As a result of that, many times the staff members ended up going to the hospital in late stages of cancer when the cancer was too advanced to be operable. Because the Sea Org doesn't pay for health insurance for its staff members it becomes a very serious problem when they get a disease.

    Also, seriously depressed or mentally ill people NEVER get referred by the doctors at Shaw Health Center for any type of treatment. For instance, there was a NOTS auditor in the early 1980s who was a staff member at AOLA who was 5'6" tall and weighed less than 90 lbs. She was completely anorexic. She was very seriously ill. Shaw Health Center attempted to handle her with intravenous vitamins. They didn't inform her family or take the measures that were really needed to save her life. Her fellow staff members, myself included, never did find out what happened to her. She just disappeared. Another Sea Org auditor, Claire something, had had an auto accident and had severe back pain. Shaw Health Center tried to help her with peripheral types of treatments. AOLA and Shaw Health Center ignored the agony this woman was in. Claire committed suicide by walking into the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.

    Dr. Denk and Dr. Shields and the Sea Org are ripping off the tax payers by sending all their staff to Olive View County Hospital so that they can get free treatment on Medi-Cal. The Church brags about its wealth but does not care enough about its staff to feed or house it properly and also refuses to pay for medical care for its staff on many occasions. Dental care is also out of the question for many staff members. Many of them lose their teeth because the Church refuses to pay for dental care. Yet, other Sea Org members are willing to stigmatize these staff members as being 'down stat' because they look like monsters with missing teeth. These staff are humiliated and kept literally in the basement doing menial work unless they somehow have the resources to pay for their own dental care.

    Dr. Shields & Dr. Denk are accomplices to many of the Church human rights abuses and medical negligence. They know that if they follow the law, the way they should be doing, they will get into trouble with the Church and probably be excommunicated. This puts them in a daily dilemma. For example, in the early 1980s a staff member at a Scientology Sea Org nursery was found to be a child molester. At least 20 Sea Org staff members knew about this and also the doctors at Shaw Health Center were aware of it. These doctors DID NOT report this to the authorities because they were more concerned about avoiding a public relations flap for the Church than about the fact that there was a good chance that more innocent children would be molested.

    Even though many Scientologists who sell Health Insurance have approached Scientology management with reasonable rates on group health insurance, management has never agreed to this.

    Sexual harassment is an everyday occurrence in the Sea Org. Although this is almost never voiced, it is a hidden scandal. Of course, as in any human group, there are kind people and mean people. But the Sea Org has developed a kind of prison mentality. A lot of Sea Org members are young teenagers or young adults. Often by the age of 23 or 24 they have been married 3 or 4 times. Because of the Sea Org prohibition on pregnancy, many marriages are unhappy and the partners feel unfulfilled. Older Sea Org members often marry young recruits.

    Some very vicious Sea Org members will purposely separate married couples. They station one in one country and the other in another country where they are not able to see each other for literally YEARS.

    Also, they don't have money to call long distance. Since they are not allowed to go onto the Internet (for obvious reasons) they can't communicate by e-mail either.

    There is no retirement program for older Sea Org members. When they get old and incapacitated they don't have a place to go. Also, they often don't have family to take care of them. They are made to feel like 'downstats' and often leave the Sea Org and go on the public dole very quietly, often moving back to where they grew up.

    A friend of mine went to Shaw Health Center last year and reported to me that it looked pretty empty. That may be why Dr. Shields is now working at Glendale Memorial. Any thoughts on this?

    But all of the above should be carefully qualified. Dr. Denk and Dr.

    Shields are well aware of how far Scientology senior management will go. They know that it would be easy for management to get Sea Org members to testify against them for legitimate malpractice, notwithstanding the fact that the malpractice was incited by management itself. They are, themselves, entrapped. If they do not continue to follow the instructions of senior management they risk losing their medical licenses and possibly being criminally prosecuted, at the instigation of management. In exchange for their loyalty, Shaw Health Center is protected by management from patients who might, were it not for Scientology rules and regulations, sue them or cause criminal negligence charges to be made.

    Any patient who dares to report Shaw Health Center to internal Scientology ethics is routinely reprimanded for trying to attack 'upstats'. The one who is the victim, in this type of situation, is the one who is blamed. The usual Scientology 'blame the victim' routine so that the Church can avoid taking any responsibility.

    Guess who was the Medical Doctor of my brother Uwe in the RPF....
    Yes it was Dr. G. Megan Shields.

    You can find his tragic story here:
    or just read my posts and threads about him on this board

    Please help me to collect all cases of medical malpractice in this thread.
    Thank you.


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    Wow! Thank you Markus for keeping exposing the abuses of the church. I can say that I have experienced and seen many of the abuses reported by this e-mail. It's spot on!

    For those whom are lurking or have any disbelief about these abuses,
    read our stories, hear our cries, feel our pain and then pass this on. The world needs to know.

    If you have a story of the abuses, let's add it here and pass it on. Copy, paste and forward, from friend to friend, to friends of friends and so on. Let's make it go around the world.

    Honey Love,

    Bee Sting
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    Another story of medical malpractice in Scientology

    Quotes from the declaration of Caroline Letkeman:

    "3. On or about May 12, 1997 I suddenly became acutely ill due to poisoning by way of a contaminated herbal product. For at least a year prior to the onset of my illness, I had been purchasing this herbal cleansing product from Peter Gillam’s Health Food Store in Los Angeles, CA. Peter Gillam’s Health Food store is located within a block or so of Scientology’s Complex on L. Ron Hubbard Way. It is a store that is managed and patronized by Scientologists who live in the vicinity, as well as by those who take Scientology services at the Complex. The contamination occurred in a specific batch of the herbal formula.

    4. On May 16, 1997 the FDA issued the following warning regarding this product. (This warning is available in the archived FDA Warnings on the FDA’s website.)


    The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to purchase or consume "CHOMPER," one of a line of dietary supplement products distributed by "Arise & Shine" of Mount Shasta, California. FDA has determined that this product has been associated with a severe injury and that it may contain substances that may result in an abnormal heart rate and rhythm, and could potentially cause cardiac arrest.
    FDA has learned of a recent case where the consumption of this product as part of Arise & Shine "The Cleanse Thyself" program by a young woman apparently resulted in abnormal heart rate with heartblock, a potentially life- threatening condition. The agency is also investigating if other injuries have been associated with this product.
    The "Chomper" product is promoted as an "herbal laxative" and "cleansing" agent to be used as part of a regimen of dietary products distributed by this company. Laboratory analyses of the product revealed that it contains substances similar to those that affect the heart. Use of these powerful substances, which are found in a number of poisonous plants, may result in a severe, potentially fatal heartblock, even in otherwise healthy individuals. The agency has found that "Chomper" poses a potentially significant and unreasonable risk to public health.
    FDA urges all individuals who may have this product to avoid consuming it and to immediately consult their health care professional if they are experiencing any adverse effects associated with use of the product. These effects may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, confusion, hypotension (low blood pressure), vision disturbances and abnormal heart rate and rhythm.

    33. However, I did send faxes with the FDA warnings to Shaw Health Center and Dr. Garbutt. My concern was the protection of other patients against this deadly herb. Dr. Garbutt responded quickly to my fax, and offered his condolences. I had also requested that Dr. Denk call me, which he reluctantly did several days following my fax. Dr. Denk said to me, “What do you want?” in a manner that was totally devoid of any caring or concern for what I had just gone through. I told him that I wanted to alert him to the FDA warning, and wanted his confirmation of receipt. He acknowledged receipt, but in no way offered any apology or expressed any regret for his misdiagnosis or treatment. Dr. Shields responded in a similar way—her response to my report was one of contempt that I would rail against the hospital, because they had, after all, saved my life."

    Best wishes

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    My pain and Jett Travolta - Scientology Kills Epileptics

    James Stewart and Heribert Pfaff

    -- James Stewart had been a student at the Scientology Advanced Organization in Edinburgh. He was a thirty-five-year-old epileptic, whose body was found fifty feet beneath his hotel window. The newspapers missed vital information in their reports. A few days before his death, Stewart had completed an Ethics Condition wherein he stayed awake for eighty hours. One of his tasks during this period was to crawl about the carpets picking out bits of fluff. According to Robert Kaufman, in his firsthand account, a bulletin had been posted on the Advanced Org notice board: 5 James Stewart has been put in a Condition of Doubt for having [epileptic] seizures in public thus invalidating Scientology. If there is any reoccurrence of these either consciously or unconsciously on his part he will be placed in a Condition of Enemy.

    Stewart's real crime, having had a severe seizure, was telling the hospital that he was a Scientologist, thus supposedly giving Scientology a bad name. He had injured his head, and wore a blood-stained bandage while performing his demeaning "amends project."

    He was possibly made to crawl across the steep and slippery slates of the Org roof, as a final part of his Doubt Formula. This bizarre practice was quite usual at the time. 6 Shortly before his death, Stewart had been suspended from his course at the AO. On the day he read a funeral notice for Stewart, fellow student Robert Kaufman saw Stewart's widow, Thelma, giving an enthusiastic speech on her completion of OT 2. In his book, Inside Scientology, Kaufman said Thelma "victoriously received the applause of AO members." A Scientology spokesman told the press, "Mrs. Stewart does not know how it happened, but she does know it had nothing to do with Scientology." The press was also told that Mrs. Stewart was a "more serious" student than her husband. In fact, Stewart, described in the newspapers as an encyclopedia salesman, 7 had been a founder of the Cape Town Scientology Org, and was a senior executive there. He was a Class VII Auditor, the highest level of training at the time, Clear number 153 (there were over 2,000 by then), and was on OT 3 when he died.

    Heribert Pfaff, 31, became a Scientologist after a brother encountered a sidewalk solicitor who was recruiting students in Munich, Germany.

    The decision to join, his family members now believe, was a fateful one.

    For a decade after surviving a major car accident, Heribert Pfaff had suffered severe seizures that often came in the middle of the night.

    In 1988 Pfaff traveled from his home in Munich to Clearwater to take courses at the Church of Scientology.

    Pfaff's brother, Georg, told the Times that Scientologists in Germany promised a cure for his seizures and took Pfaff off medication that had controlled them.

    The son of a wealthy German builder, Pfaff checked into Room 758 at the Fort Harrison Hotel. He had brought about $100,000 to finance his visit, family members say. His wife, Anita, told police she was staying with friends so she wouldn't be awakened by the seizures her husband had been having since he quit taking his medicine.

    On Aug. 28, 1988, Pfaff's nude body was found upside down hanging out of his bed. An autopsy determined that a seizure probably caused his death. No anti-convulsant drugs were found in his bloodstream.

    The $100,000 disappeared, says Georg Pfaff, his brother.

    The family had stopped an attempt by Heribert Pfaff to wire transfer another $150,000 from a family bank account that was requested a few days before his death.

    Georg Pfaff said he discovered after the death that his brother had paid $26,330 for one Scientology course and $52,000 for another.

    The church was only interested in his money, says Georg Pfaff.

    Scientology officials say Pfaff's treatment was not recommended by the church.

    "If someone had epilepsy, they should see a medical doctor," Shaw said. "It was his choice to receive drugs or not."

    Another of Pfaff's brothers, Joannes, remains a Scientologist.


    I knew Heribert and his wife Anita personally because Anita was asking me for help in the nights when she was alone with her husband. Heribert was a very tall and strong man so she was not able to protect him when he had seizures.
    So she asked me to stay at her home when her husband was there in order to protect him from being hurt during a seizure. I know that Scientologists promised her that Auditing could cure his seizures because the seizures started after surviving a major car accident. So he went to Flag to get rid of his seizures through Scientology "Technology"!


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    Good thread. Thanks Markus
  6. Gadfly

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    I have done 4 cleanses, over about 15 years, using the Arise and Shine Clean-Me-Out system, and have taken CHOMPER every time, in large amounts. I have always had fantastic results form the colon cleanses.

    The FDA are assholes. This sounds just like when they banned L-Trytophan because of ONE BAD BATCH from a supplier in the orient! There was absolutely nothing wrong with taking L-Tryptophan, but the FDA generalized ONE UNIQUE CASE involving ONE ISOLATED BAD BATCH and banned the entire product - for many years. I wonder what the real reason was for banning L-Trytophan by the FDA, since obviously the reason they gave made no sense at all!

    It says above clearly that, "The contamination occurred in a specific batch of the herbal formula."

    Am I missing something?

    The FDA are NOT and have NEVER been concerned with the best interests and health of the general American public. You can believe that if you want - people accept and believe all sorts of stupid ideas and notions. Their primary, top-level concern involves maintaining high profits for the huge drug companies, which the board members are so closely connected to.
  7. Markus

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    Yes you are missing something. Please read the whole story. My point is how Caroline was treated by the "Scientology medical doctors".....


  8. Gadfly

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    No dispute there. The "main" Scientology doctors have much greater concern for their "Church" than they do for any human being.
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    My first two weeks in the Sea Organization

    Bee continues her story...

    It was a pleasant day when the EPF Manager arraived at our apartment to move us up north and to the SO. It was a sunny day, no snow was on the ground and the sun was shining. By all measurments it was mild and a beautiful day.

    It was mid morning, I think about the 21st of January when he arrived. We had everything packed in plastic garbage bags. We were too poor to own any suit cases and what we packed were pretty much the cloths on our backs.

    So, we stuffed what we could into the rusty old van. The van had only the seats in front, the driver's and the front passenger. My son and I crammed our selves in the back between the black garbage bags of our clothing, a crib mattress and my son's play pen.

    The trip was long and bumpy as my infant son and I bounced around on the floor of the van. The rusty and holes in the back door and in between the floor created a wind draft that made us shiver even when I tried to cover us in a comforter.

    Somewhere, along the ride we stopped an had a burger but the ride became increasingly cold despite my efforts to shield my self and my infant from the increasing drop in temperature. By the time we arrived late in the afternoon the city was covered in snow and my limbs freezing numb.

    "DAN" the EPF Manager directed us to a room that would be our temporary quarter and we fell exhausted to sleep. The very next morning, my infant was very sick and his fever well above 105F. I didn't know then and my memory is a bit fooggy about exactly the time frame but somewhere in the next few hours, I found myself begging my ex-husband to find the nearest hospital.

    I remember being in the hallway and him (my ex) speaking to a woman whom later turned out ot be one of his many out 2Ds, I am not sure the time of the day but I remember being at the point of tears and begging on the behalf of my son's life, to please direct me to the nearest hospital.

    Under much reluctance or perhaps being a mother above being a SO member, she turned to my husband and gave him the directions to the nearest hospital. I am not sure now he we ended up there but we did.

    My son received his antibiotics but I remember other SO members stopping by my quarter's asking how my son was doing. It seemed they were concerned but there was also questions if he was reciving "touch assists."

    Later, I realized that I was "out ethics" and needed to be handled.. A week later or so, my son spiked yet another fever not as high but well above 104F close to 105F but then I didn't dare ask taking him to the hospital.

    Bee Sting
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    Dr. Gene Denk is a certified quack IMO. His HORRENDOUS ability to diagnose is atrocious. I can personally confirm that his routine is to throw antibiotics at undiagnosed illnesses. My brother from about 2 years to 9 was constantly sick and being prescribed antibiotics by Dr. Denk *routinely* and for YEARS. At 9 my brother FINALLY was properly diagnosed with an illness that would have taken his life had it not been diagnosed within a month. Thank God for my families’ current doctor – he literally saved my brothers life.

    Denk was also involved in the cover up at hubbard’s death. Megan Shields is also a quack who cannot diagnose. A close friend of mine had been (sorry folks but…) menstruating off and on for about two months. Shields did not diagnose what was going on, my friend had to go to another doctor. Per my friend it was as though Shield just simply did not know what was going on or what to do about it other than “Wait a week and see what happens”.

    And the guy who was a molester? Was his name BARRY YARBAROUGH? Barry Yarbarough is a CHILD PREDATOR. He was in the S.O. and was posted IN THE CADET ORG. His senior KNEW HE WAS A PEDOFILE. What happened? – well some sort of a flap – as always (and I, of course, don’t have the details. Just he fact that I am privy to this info was due to a personal sit) scientology DID NOT REPORT IT. Did not report Barry to the police. I repeat BARRY YARBAROUGH is a PREDATORY PEDIFILE and scientology did nothing to report it.

    Danny Masterson is another criminal protected by scientology. I personally know a girl who was drugged and raped by Masterson. She was, while “handling it” with Celebrity Center chaplain – discovered at least one, possibly two other girls who went through the same exact deal. This girl is no longer my friend due to the choice she made to accept large payments and shush it up rather than report Masterson for the crime he committed.

    The crimes are out there. The problem is getting someone in the proper legal “know” to report them to the correct officials.

    Just reading my own post makes me wonder WTF is wrong that I was so sucked in.
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    Medical malpractice in the Church of Scientology wherever you look

    Thank you Bee Sting for posting a part of your story here.
    Here you can find some more comments about the medical malpractice in Scientology:

    "Not taking care of the staff medically or with dental checkups. Usually they wait till it's a huge problem (staff also dieing because of this) then send the person for treatment...then they have them do workmans comp paperwork. Instead of just paying for it. And they make millions of dollars."

    "I'd like to bring to your attention the hidden death of ANZO SO member Colin Gow.
    Some details remain sketchy but here's what I know;
    Colin was a wonderful character, a Chinese-Australian, who served the SO and CofS faithfully for over 15 years.
    He was very well known and loved in Sydney.
    He died some time ago after a horrendous battle with cancer of the jaw. He was in his 30s, I believe, and prior to the cancer would have been considered to be in the prime of his life.
    Colin was posted away from Sydney to South Africa to assist with the Bridge flow to the AO. Whilst in SA he had dental problems, undoubtedly the result of inadequate dental care over the preceding 15 years of SO service. A molar became infected but he was unable to get funds or approval for proper treatment. He soldiered on regardless of the constant pain and continued to produce on post.
    Time passed, his molar rotted, the abscess and infection worsened... it became cancer of the jaw.
    I met him again near the end of his life after many years of not seeing him, we had always been good friends in happier days. He either couldn't or didn't want to talk about it. We held hands, I hugged him, we both cried.
    He was shunted away from all lines and placed in a hospice to die, he ended his days there.
    I went to talk to another friend who had been helping him with the dressing of his cancerous facial wounds, she was in tears too.
    We were both crying over the same thing, the senseless waste of a brilliant young man's life for the want of $200 in dental treatment!
    Colin's Chinese family were understandably outraged at the mistreatment their beloved son had received after giving half of his life in service to the CofS. I agree with their rancor completely.
    I don't recall any mention of his death, funeral, or the circumstances leading up to his death ever being made public until now. (I may be wrong about this).
    I know one thing with absolute certainty; as far as the SO is concerned, he's not coming back!
    Rest in Peace, Colin."

    "When I started, Colin was on the receiving end of my first KR--I did not take kindly to execs screaming at me. It started out rough, but eventually things were smoothed out. All I heard was the "rumor" that he had died of cancer--and certainly none of the circumstances.

    While I may not have cited him as a friend, he had earned my respect, and ending his life in this way was totally undeserved."

    "And regarding that poor guy who died of jaw cancer? A fellow staffmember I worked with died of lung cancer. She was literally dumped at the hospital to die alone. No family, no nothing. And the Org walked away from her. She had been a dedicated staff for over 20 yrs...and THAT was the thanks she got!!"

    "Second incident
    About four years later, they had their son (4yrs) and two daughters (a 2 and a half yr old and an eight month old).

    It was summer time. Potassium (a remedy for salt depletion as advised by LRH and CofS staff), was there "for the taking" to the family (the dad had worked in the org, and at Narconon, and was of the mind that "potassium" was a good solution for dehydration/salt depletion). Their daughter helped herself to the potassium when she was hot and bothered. This would not have been a problem if it was potassium gluconate that she took. But not so! She took potassium chloride (the very same administered by the org and Narconon) which was in the cupboard. All just cool and dandy supposedly. It's what the org and Narconon were administering on a daily basis. But get this, potassium chloride is what is given to stop the heart of condemned criminals (lethal injection). It's what this little girl took, and it killed her.

    The already horrific scenario, was compounded by the State govt. authorities being suspect of the parents. They had already lost one child through their "reported" negligence. Now they had supposedly lost another, through same or ?. Why would these parents be letting their daughter take potassium chloride? The parents "couldn't" or "were forbidden" to tell that this is what their church was recommending for a "handling" of salt depletion and dehydration. The parents took the rap! Big time! Not only did the authorities blame them, but also the field bought the "lines" generated by OSA on their "supposed" negligence.

    I went up to Newcastle to help at the time, at the father's request. Their eldest was being held in hospital, and went through gruelling tests, stomach pumps etc, in case the parents were trying to "kill him too". Their youngest ( an 8 month old baby) was taken from their care.

    I heard both parents take calls from OSA the day after their daughter died. Both parents went through harrowing police interrogations, within 24 hours of losing their child. They were suspects for murder. They reportedly gave the police, the "lines" that OSA told them to give. They weren't allowed their kids back. They were being treated like criminals - I saw it at the cop station in Newcastle. I saw their heartbreak. Not only had they lost a second child, but now they were being treated as though they were her murderer, and they were being denied the care of their two remaining children. It was about a week before they were allowed to have them back."

    "Early on the Monday morning, two days after I had just given birth, Walter the ED called me, and told me I was needed back on post that morning! No "congratulations", "how ya doing", "how's the bub" or nothin' - just "we need you here" WTF!!! I let out a string of obscenities to the fuc'ing dickhead, and pointed out that I had just had a baby! He explained to me, that my "replacement" had been fired out on mission, and that I was being ordered back into the org. I think I told the stupid fuc'ing cu't to go fu'k himself (or something similar) at the time, that it wasn't my problem and I hung up on him. When the phone rang again and again, I didn't answer it, until I knew my hubby would have arrived at the org and seen Walter (hubby was still on staff at this time)."

    "You are so right! I was in the GO in the early 80's in Melbourne, so I saw the attitudes about and 'handlings' of anyone who presented a problem. I personally think the whole justice system of KR's has a lot to do with it, especially the ones you never got a copy of. Like Orwell's 1984 and the Thought Police. And if something couldn't be put in a KR - then a whispering campaign did even better. "Boxing with a shadow" is a perfect description! Once someone presented as a problem, they had to be taken out of the picture, no matter what it took. For the good of the "Church".

    God knows what I was labelled! I had a severe illness and the consequence was the sudden disappearance of any "friends" I thought I had! Now here in the real world, I am grateful for the true understanding and support of real friends, no matter what. The inherent integrity and honour of a person is allowed to be."

    And here you can find many many other stories regarding the medical malpratice of the Church of Scientology:


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  12. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Maureen Bolstad and Lisa Mc Pherson - medical malpractice in Scientology

    Quotes from a radio interview: here is the link to it:

    OK. Yes. Well there’s a quote at the end of the first bulletin that Hubbard wrote (HCO Bulletin of 23 January 1974R, The Technical Breakthrough of 1973! The Introspection RD – link to a file containing this bulletin and others on the introspection rundown: ) where he says, “You have in your hands the tool to take over mental therapy in full. You need not fear the insane or the psychotic break any longer. Here also is the cure for the continual self auditing PC who is dug into his bank. It works on all PCs, in fact, with rave results. Do it flawlessly and we all win. This planet is ours.”

    Right. Yeah, I mean basically the idea is that; I mean I was on staff for about eighteen years in scientology management and one of the things that we were taught to believe or that we were involved in is that we were going to save the world by getting rid of psychiatry. And so, on a personal level, for me, when the rundown didn’t help me and actually made me feel worse. I thought, well what are we doing, if this is the cure and it’s not great. It’s actually very bad. So, what were they doing? I mean what really is the end result of scientology then? If they’re going to get rid of psychiatry but they actually don’t have any other solutions then what are they trying to do?

    Monica Pignotti was on board the Apollo ship in 1973 and she said that she saw the beginnings of the introspection rundown on the ship with L. Ron Hubbard. 1988, Stacy Young, at the time, Stacy Brooks said that she was helping guard someone that was on the introspection rundown. 1995 you have Lisa McPherson’s case, which is the most documented. 1996 after Lisa McPherson died, Karsten Lorenzen says that he helped a woman in Denmark that was on the introspection rundown, helped guard her. 2001, the church of scientology comes out with, ‘The Lisa Clause,’ as we call it, which basically scientologists sign to say “it’s OK to put me in isolation like that, ‘cause I don’t believe in psychiatry. So if I flip out go ahead put me in isolation.” 2008, a case in Sardinia where two scientologists were arrested for kidnapping; there was a French lady that was being held.

    In December of 1995 I was sitting in my office and I was upset because I’d requested a transfer. I was in the film crew at the time and I did a lot of . . . I handled a lot of heavy equipment and it was hurting my back and it was . . . I was having difficulty physically with lifting the equipment, the long hours, and I requested a transfer and it was denied. And I was basically told, “No, you can’t have a transfer.” And I was just in so much pain that I didn’t know what to do. So I got really upset and I thought well this pain must be my case. Because I’d been in scientology for so long I really didn’t know how to deal with this pain. I didn’t know what it was and I thought well if my superiors don’t think it’s a problem then maybe it’s my case, so I’ll just figure it out in my head, what this is and I’ll try to resolve it. So I was writing these really long notes this one day and I just . . . I guess someone said, “Oh she’s introspected so we’re going to put her on this rundown.”

    So I guess the senior case supervisor for Golden Era Productions, which is where I was working, decided to have me do the introspection rundown, ‘cause she’d read one of my notes. And so her . . . I guess her senior came down . . . Yeah, he was her senior. He came down and told me, “Look, you’re going to do this rundown.” He talked to my senior and said that I was going to go somewhere else. I was going to go to a house at their ranch. They had a ranch property out by the Soboba Indians at the time. They don’t own that any more but they used to. And so they said they were going to take me out there and I was going to get this rundown. And I just was crying. I just started crying just uncontrollably. I didn’t know what was going on. I guess it’s just all these emotions and feelings were built up inside ‘cause I had been taught to ignore them my whole life and they just sort of burst out from all the long hours and a lot of other things.

    And so I just started crying and then they brought me out to this house that was out on this ranch. And it was actually a nice house. It was a lot better than the place Lisa had to stay. I mean Lisa was in a small hotel room but I stayed in this ranch house. It had a kitchen and I was allowed to walk around outside. And the first step, of course, is to get the person to rest and relax and I had insomnia and so that was tough for me the first three or four days, I just couldn’t sleep. Eventually I was actually able to sleep and I started to get some of that rundown.

    Now, from what I heard about what happened to Lisa she actually was never . . . she never got to that point where she was able to sleep or actually get enough sleep. And so I don’t think she actually did any of the further steps to the rundown. I think she was just kept in a room and told, “Get some sleep.” I didn’t study it really, really close but I’m under the impression that’s what happened to her.

    But for me I actually did get some sleep, which was great ‘cause I had insomnia and I’d also been working so many hours that my sleep cycle was messed up. So getting some sleep actually made me feel better, just that alone. And then the first step I was read this list that the case supervisor put together of points of introspection or points of introversion. And I had to look up the definition of introversion and I had to look up the definition of introspection. And my counsellor had me do little demonstrations with paper clips and stuff to make sure she understood that I understood what it meant. And then we talked over these points.

    And I didn’t feel that anything had improved in my life mentally from having been told these points because they didn’t make any sense to me that that’s what was going on with me. To me I was in pain and I wanted help with that. I wanted some medical care. I wanted to see a doctor. I wanted to see somebody that would help me with the pain in my body.

    But they were more concerned with the two points that I had written in a recent report about the long hours that I was working and about how I felt that some of David Miscavage’s management decisions were incorrect. And I was basically complaining a lot about my work conditions. And so some of these had been put on the list as my points of introversion and that sort of upset me.

    Second time, let’s say, but this time you’re sort of angry at them, huh?


    Not as cooperative?

    Right, ‘cause I couldn’t understand what was going on. I thought, well I did the rundown. I did the steps they asked me to do. I didn’t like them. They didn’t make any sense to me. I got in arguments with the counsellor on them, because some of these steps were more introspective because they ask you to list out your intentions. They try to find evil intentions and then audit them out. And so it was being implied by that that my sort of a breakdown was not because I wasn’t getting enough sleep or because I was being mistreated as a staff member. It was, in fact, because I had evil intentions, and I didn’t like that. I didn’t think that was right. I felt that I was being abused and mistreated as a staff member and that’s why I had a breakdown, and that the people who needed to change were my seniors and management in relationship to my work assignments and pushing me to work so hard with no sleep. Yet, and also being denied medical care when I needed it. And that was my argument but their argument, the case supervisor’s argument was that I got upset and I got introverted because of my evil intentions.

    And if you read the rundown, the bulletin that was written in 23 January, 1974, after the initial steps of the rundown, which are supposed to help get the person more in present time and quit introverting then they continue the rundown by checking for intentions, listing for intentions. You word these points of introversion as an intention and then you list out what was . . . you audit out that intention in the person in different flows and how they maybe saw it in others or seeing it between two other people or in how they themselves had that intention.

    And so that’s what it boiled down to and I didn’t . . . this made no sense to me at all. So after the rundown I was not sent back to my post, which I thought would happen. What happened was I got placed on the deck project force and I had somebody watching me and I had to do work assignments separate from the rest of the crew and I was told that I was going to get more counseling but I had to wait. And so I did six months of just doing gardening and taking care of trees. But I was being treated like I was some kind of a criminal because I couldn’t go anywhere on the property. I was back at the main international headquarters base at Golden Era Productions in Hemet. And I was doing the gardening and stuff like that but I wasn’t with the rest of the crew. I had to eat by myself. I had living quarters, I had to stay by myself but somebody was always watching me. And then in June I was put on the rundown again. I had to do some of the steps over on the introspection rundown and so I had to redo some of these steps. That upset me even more because the steps were . . . I’ll tell you one of the steps.

    There’s a step where you’re supposed to find out one of the thing that the person’s got their attention fixated on and then you have to do these mental drills to get them to unfix their attention on this thing. And so one of the things my attention was fixated on was on my body ‘cause I couldn’t understand why I was in so much pain and what was going on. And so they wanted me to put . . . the counsellor wanted me to put my attention on my body then put my attention off my body. And so I’m mentally thinking, well, why? How is it wrong for me to be worried about my body? I mean it’s in pain. Something’s wrong. I need to fix it. Why do I have to ignore that? I mean, can’t they just send me to a doctor and help me figure out what’s wrong?

    I mean I had three herniated disks in my neck and I had no idea that my disks were herniated. I just thought, well my neck hurts and I have no idea what this is. If this is a, you know, a dianetics engram or something like that that needs to be run out then why don’t they just run it out because it was driving me nuts? But you know I still could never figure out what was going on. Also I had to keep doing this manual labor despite the fact that my spine was injured. I was doing this manual labor and it was really . . . I don’t know . . . it was a bad experience.

    So then I basically got more of that and I stopped eating. I just went on this thing where I just was eating carrots. I don’t know why I chose that. I mean maybe I thought, well carrots are good for me and that’s one of the things I’m not allergic to. ‘Cause I was having trouble with food allergies at the same time as all this was going on. So I just started eating carrots and I got this protein deficiency. And I was losing all this weight and I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat solid foods anymore and I thought I was going to die.

    So I walked up to somebody out there. I was doing gardening all by myself out on the northwest corner of the property ‘cause I wasn’t allowed to mingle with any of the other staff members or work with them. So I was sort of on my own and I thought well I could just die out here and nobody would notice. You know so I had to really force myself even though I had very little energy. I’m going to walk up to somebody and say, “Look, you know I need some help ‘cause I think I’m going to die out here. I mean I haven’t been eating. I can’t eat solid foods any more. I tried it and I threw up.” Finally somebody said, “OK. Let’s get her back out to this other place, the house at the ranch, ‘cause she was doing better out there.”

    Oh wait; let me back up a little bit. When I was at the Gold Base doing gardening and stuff and I was put on my second introspection rundown the restraints were a lot worse. I mean I was behind a chain link fence with razor wire around it and the guards that were watching me were security guards that were armed. Even though they never actually personally threatened me with a gun or anything like that I found it very intimidating and it caused me a lot of anxiety. I thought, why am I being treated like this after all my years of dedicated work to scientology? Why am I being treated like a criminal because I have done nothing wrong?
    OK, well, you can’t do the rundown unless you’ve had enough sleep and enough food. So the fact that I stopped eating and sleeping, yes, that was uncooperative. It was probably exactly what was going on with . . . one of the things that was going on with Lisa. You know she wasn’t sleeping or eating and that’s what happened to me. I just stopped sleeping or eating. I didn’t feel that I was doing it intentionally to particularly avoid doing the rundown. I just was so distressed with how I was being treated, with being guarded by security guards, not being allowed to see my husband or my sister or any of my friends; being basically treated like I was a criminal. And so that distressed me and I stopped eating and I couldn’t sleep and I needed to be treated better. That was the only thing that would have cheered me up but the rundown was what they were trying to do on me.
    So actually in Lisa’s case it was that she refused to go the next step, which was to get sleep and eat and start cooperating. Would that be a good way to look at it?

    Yeah, and I guess they just kept her in the room and didn’t change anything they were doing to get to the bottom of why she wasn’t cooperating. I mean I actually got treated better when I stopped cooperating and I was about to . . . I mean I felt I was going to die from starvation but I don’t know if I really would have. I got treated better. I got taken to a different nicer place and the people around me weren’t in uniforms. They were friendly. They made protein shakes for me and took me for walks without a fence around me and I felt intimidated and less harassed and so I calmed down and I was actually able to eat and sleep.

    But then at that point . . . you want me to just keep telling my story . . . I mean it’s really long. I spent four or five years doing various different attempts at this rundown and things in between.

    OK. So if you were in physical distress they would have known, in other words?

    Not necessarily.


    No, I mean, I was saying that I was in pain. That’s what I’d been saying since December 1995 and nobody would let me go see a doctor. I mean, I didn’t have enough money to go see a doctor on my own. I had to get permission. I had to say, “Look, please, take me to a doctor and pay for it.” And I couldn’t get that from them. I was told, “No. You don’t need to see a doctor. The problem is your case. The problem is in your head.” And that’s what the argument was and so whenever I asked for that, whenever I said, “Listen, I don’t want to do this manual labor anymore. I don’t feel like eating.” Even if I was throwing up my food it was because of me and my case. It wasn’t because of there anything physically wrong with me but there was something physically wrong with me. And I think that there was something wrong physically with Lisa and so whatever reason the people attending her were told, “Oh, she’s crazy.” So therefore when she was acting like she was stressed out and distressed they had an answer. They didn’t have to find out what was wrong. They were like, “Oh, she’s crazy.” You know. And that was the same thing that was going on for me. I had a really hard time communicating with the people around me and getting the help that I needed because they already seemed to know what was wrong with me.

    . . . without much training and, I think, much skill. Here’s the Hubbard quote I was looking for, which is HCOB policy, 24 November 1965. He says . . . He’s talking about PTS type three, which is basically a psychotic person. He says, “. . . but there will always be some failures (about the treatment) as the insane sometimes withdraw into rigid unawareness as a final defense, sometimes can’t be kept alive and sometimes are too hectic and distraught to ever become quiet.” So he’s saying that there’s going to be failures even up to death in this process of how they handle type three. I mean he’s flat out saying that himself, which is amazing to me.
    I think that’s what happened in Lisa’s case. They just kept saying, “Well, we’ve got to get her up to the point where we can start processing her and she kept not cooperating until the very end, you know. And she’s thirty-six years old, in good health and then after they have her in isolation she’s dead.
    That’s a scary thing. That’s the thing to me: scientology does things that they’re not really prepared or skilled to do and claim that they’re the ones that are the smartest. Like Tom Cruise said, you know, “We’re the ones, when we come upon a car accident, we’re the ones that know what to do.”


    It’s that that gets them in trouble and gets their members in much distress as you were in as well.

    Right. There was a point where I was being held against my will. It was in . . . around February 1997. I said, “Look, I don’t want to be on staff any more. I don’t want to do the RPF program. Please, let me go.” And they wouldn’t let me go. And I tried to walk away and I was tackled. I tried to walk away on three different occasions. I was tackled each time by larger men, you know, larger than me I mean. And I continued to try to get away.

    I finally did get away at the end of 1997 and I was talked into coming back. I was told, “Look, we’re sorry for everything we did wrong toward you. We’ll change. Come back and we’ll be nice to you and we’ll let you see your husband and we’ll let you see your sister.” And you know I was just dumb and I went back and I ended up getting stuck there for another three years. During that time I tried to jump over the fence and walk away. I didn’t get out of there, basically, until much later in 2000.

    So as far as getting my head straightened out I actually had to see a psychologist later when I got out of scientology. ‘Cause I was still having trouble with eating disorders and having problems sleeping. And I saw a psychologist for that, so I was able to deal with that.

    So the outside world was better to handle your problems than scientology?

    Absolutely, and it’s really ironic, too, because, my psychologist told me that a lot of the distress that was going on with me had to do because I was in pain. Like I had seven herniated disks in my spine from work related injuries and I wasn’t getting treated for it. I wasn’t getting the anti-inflammatories or pain killers or the physical therapy or decompression that I needed. And so that pain was just building up and making my life miserable. And so, yeah, I had some other things going on with me in my life that resulted in eating disorders as well but basically when I did actually go see a spinal specialist and get some treatment for the injuries in my spine, that’s when I started feeling happier and more sane, when I was able to address that.

    Yeah. Let me just . . . so I don’t run out of time anyway . . . I’m going to read what scientology calls their [i[General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance[/i], which has a copyright of 2001. I’ll just read two little parts about it. This basically is just a cover for them, to me. I’m not a lawyer but it looks like, to me, just to specifically refer to the introspection rundown. So I’ll quote here, “I understand that the introspection rundown is an intensive rigorous religious service that includes being isolated from all sources of potential spiritual upset including but not limited to family members, friends or others with whom I might normally interact.” And a little farther down it says, “I further specifically acknowledge that the duration of any such isolation is uncertain, determined only by my spiritual condition but that such duration will be completely at the discretion of the case supervisor.” Now there’s a little part in there, I further specifically acknowledge that the duration is determined by spiritual condition, not physical condition. It doesn’t even mention physical condition in here. So that seems to me that the case supervisor is not even as concerned about your physical condition as your spiritual condition or the way he sees your case.

    Yeah, so I think the main thing that I want to get people to understand today is that this is something that scientology has done from the beginning. They’ve held people in isolation thinking they can run these wacko processes on them to make them better, when all they maybe needed was like Maureen you just said was helped with a food disorder and somebody that knows what they’re doing helps you quickly. And yet scientology thinks that they’re better, and no, they’re going to keep you from these other people because they’re evil and “we’ll run these wacko processes on you instead.” I mean that’s the thing that just drives me crazy because it hurts people and it’s just non-logical, you know.

    Right. I mean, the last rundown, the last attempt at the rundown, I was actually feeling suicidal. I mean I wasn’t feeling like, “Oh, I’m going to kill myself,” but I sort of lost my will to live. I just didn’t want to eat or anything because the counseling had led me to believe that I was just evil, that I had all these evil intentions and that was behind all of my problems. And so . . . and scientology didn’t help me with any of those; such a horrible case and I was somehow a suppressive and I was badly influencing the people around me. And I’m like (sigh) I’m just a really horrible person so why should I even be alive, you know.

    And that was sort of the state of mind that this type of counseling got me into. That all the pain I was in and all the troubles I was having around me were not because of scientology or because that the rundown was wrong or that the people administering it were doing it wrong. It was because I was a bad person."

    And here is the story of Lisa:

    Sorry this is very long - but I think it is very important to see how medical malpractice in the Church of Scientology is happening in detail.


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  13. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Without words......

    "I need help. I did the Purif Rundown and it messed me up."


    "I'm desperate so I'm posting this here in case anyone was in the same boat or has any ideas.

    I did the Purification Rundown in 2007 and it messed me up big time. I haven't been the same since. I went from being really bright, alert, interested in everything, content, SANE, smart, etc. to feeling like I am walking around in a boring, thoughtless, feelingless dream. It's horrible. I attribute it to the 3000mg a day of niacin and sitting in a steam room for 2 hours a day.

    Things haven't gone back to the way they were before and I don't know what to do. I can't keep going on like this. Has anyone heard of this happening? Or had it happen to them from doing the Purif? I hate the way things are now and it comes from having done the Purif. I hate them for never warning me about any side effects like this.

    Any information, tips, anything, would help. I'm sort of at the end of my rope on what to do."


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  14. Markus

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    More medical malpractice of the Church of Scientology

    From Melanie - "Chaotic Psychotic" on ESMB see:

    "Then something started.

    The "something" was called the Golden Age of Tech evolution. It turned every Sea Org member's life upside down. With no clue as to what was going on, I was selected to lead a group of about 10 other EPFers in a "project" at the Bridge warehouse. We were driven out to the nasty industrial area of Los Angeles. We were them brought into a warehouse, given instructions on how to pack boxes and told to "start". We still had no clues as to what this was all about. Someone mentioned something about every Org in the world receiving a ton of the boxes of books. Well, we all went to work. It was all fine and dandy until dinner time rolled around. There was none. We were told that we could eat when we were done. Oh fuck, there was literally 1/2 of a massive warehouse full of books to be packed. Midnight or so rolled around, we wanted to sleep. We were exhausted and hungry. We were told we could sleep when we were finished. Gulp. So we kept plugging away. The hours ticked by. We were hungry. We were tired. My wrist ached like hell. I started my period. No tampons or pads, had to use toilet paper. Gross I know. Finally, we were on the verge of collapse, it had been over 36 hours with no breaks or food or sleep. We were still in the uniforms we had been dropped off in. Did I mention that we were locked in this warehouse? Some of the EPFers started sneaking to the back of the warehouse to nap way up high on the pallets of books near the ceiling. I couldn't do this because I could not climb with a cast on and I was the person in charge, they would have noticed if I had snuck off somewhere. Some of us who weren't napping decided that it was well past time for some food. We wandered around until we found a kitchenette of sorts. We raided those cupboards. All we found was a single wrinkly apple, a few tablespoons of peanut butter and 3 or so stale taco shells. So we rationed them out amongst the 6 of us. Needless to say, it wasn't too satisfactory. We got back to work. I finally stopped a few hours later and begged that we be allowed to sleep some. So we were granted 3 hours to sleep anywhere we could find a spot. That 3 hours went by too fast. Oh by the way, there was a clock on the wall but no windows. So when it said 12, we didn't know if it was midnight or noon. We got back to work. I began to get sick. I had the shakes and chills. My eyes were burning. I started to stumble a lot. This got worse and worse. I finally snuck off to a pay phone and called the EPF I/C. I broke down and cried. I told him all about the hell that we had been living in. I told him that I was sick. I begged for him to come and pick me up and the rest of the EPFers too. He came in a few hours with a van. He tried to take us all. They would only allow him to take me. I was slipping in and out of delirium at that point. I remember climbing into my bunk and someone shoving a thermometer in my mouth. All I heard was "oh shit, she's over 105". I passed out. I went in and out of consciousness. I remember getting touch assists.

    Finally I was woken. It was my friend. She was back in SO uniform. I was confused. What was happening? She told me that all SO members were being put back on post. I told her that was not right, we hadn't finished our retread. I had to get out of bed, go back to my dorm and get dressed in my uniform. I remember stumbling a lot and losing focus and hallucinating quite a bit. I could not understand what the hell was happening. Finally I came out of it after a couple of days.

    I do not know how many hours I worked when I was in that warehouse. I think it was longer than 3 days. I do not know how long I was in fever. I feel sorry for those other EPFers. Who knows how long they were left in there?

    That's enough for now.

  15. Markus

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    Scientologists are forbidden medical assistance....

    ....."66. Scientologists are forbidden medical assistance without consent from Scientology [JCA-137]. All psychotherapies and meditational practices are forbidden [JCA-138]."

    You can find this quote and more here:

  16. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    I can't imagine how anyone could watch this video and not think that the representatives of Scientology are TOTAL MORONS. Their attitudes, their constant attacking, their endless charade of making themselves out to be "misunderstood". Does anyone actually watch something like this and go away thinking that there is anything legitimate at all about what these Scientology stooges have to say? Their performances are just so sickenly transparent to me.

    Mike Rinder and Heber Jentsch behave like little kids having hissy fits. I can't for the life of me imagine how anybody watching such typical Scientology PR nonsense could take them seriously.:duh:

    It doesn't take a genius to see how they are constantly, non-stop trying to implement DAMAGE CONTROL. Lie, misrepresent, deflect, attack, and repeat the same over and over.
  17. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    You are so right!

    Yes Gadfly! You are so right. But there are people who still believe this nonsense - true believers who are still deeply involved in this system of controll - like my father and this is really the sadest part of this story.

  18. Markus

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    This quote is from:

    by Whitedove:

    "Thank you Kilia for the kind words and Romuva, NO Scientology did not help me ONE BIT with my disorder. Because they dont know what it is and all the ramifications involved. The only thing they would say is 'you are PTS'. sheehs , what a generality! Whether you suffer from anxiety or another disorder it sure isnt Scientology that will help you pinpoint it so you can take the APPROPRIATE STEPS to deal with it.

    When you are 'PTS' you have to find the 'SP'. And afterward, find out your own overts because Ron said that you become PTS cause you have overts. So, not only are you dealing with a disorder which you need to learn to understand, use tools to help you deal with it but Scientology dont have a clue of this and basically said 'its your fault'.
    Dont get me wrong. I'm all for 'taking responsability'. When I know I have done something wrong. But with GAD or another disorder it is not someone's fault. It would be if I wouldnt try to do something about it and just victimizing myself with it but I dont. I Keep working, keep doing what I know I need to do to move forward. I really try hard. I know that.
    So this line of 'you are PTS and have overts' makes me want to scream.

    Its like someone saying he is a doctor without having the education related to it."
  19. Tarvuist

    Tarvuist Patron

    Wow. This is the only hope for mankind; delusional beings with squirrel tech. No thanks LRH. Nothing has convinced me more of the cult nature of Scientology than how it deals with its staff members physical conditions. Using auditing to handle physical problems=misapplication of tech. Auditing over a present time problem=misapplication of tech. Using upper level processes to handle lower level conditions=misapplication of tech.
    The staff at Int were running black dianetics.
    This was an experiment to see how far a pc would go in accepting squirrel tech.
    International Headquarters=cult gulag.
    Thanks for telling your story.
  20. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

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