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Discussion in 'Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes' started by Illegal Alien, Jul 3, 2012.

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    What ever the circumstances are around this divorce and I am sure there is more than one there is no doubt that Scientology is involved.

    Now with all the legal stuff that needs to be dealt with, money, property don't forget the most important THE MOST IMPORTANT is your daughter and how this will effect her in the future.

    When it comes to money I am pretty sure you are more than self sufficient.
    I am sure you do not want the manipulating hand of Scientology over your life anymore.

    Where I am going with this is I am sure that in all the legal actions Scientology will get Tom to ask you to sign a document where you do not disclose anything in regards to Scientology.
    Perhaps saying no to money or something else unless you sign this document keeping your silent for the rest of your life.


    I am not saying you should go out and talk about Scientology that is your choice.
    What I am saying is that if you sign something like that for the REST of your life Scientology will have there hand on you and you WILL regret it.

    You are to a greater or lesser degree against Scientology that is how the Church will see it and Tom will have massive pressure to not have NORMAL contact with you. It will be very controlled.

    For us non celebrities "DISCONNECTION" is applied and we even loose our kids and families; as I and many others have experienced.

    Because of your public fame scientology will be way more sinister in the way they deal with you.

    Suri needs to be protected at all costs. Signing a non disclosure doc on Scientology will not achieve that.


    The threat of you possible talking out is the greatest threat to Scientology you have, do not loose it, it should be enough to keep Scientology's dogs away and out of your life and if not then get SOME of the story out there releasing more and more as needed.

    Keeping Suri out of Scientology is key and Tom and Scientology will wait there chance for when she gets older to start feeding her lies to get her away from you.

    Katie you would be wise to read up on other Scientology members who understand about "SP" declares "disconnection policy" or get your legal council to be well informed in this regard. There are thousands all over the world from all walks of life who are victims of this cults heavy hand.

    Know this as the sun rises the world is beind you on this one........use it.
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    Do you mind me sharing this on my FB page and the Katie Holmes FB page?
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    If its here it can be shared, I've no doubt of this for pretty much anyone here, just make sure to cite authorship (and context if possible) :)


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    Also, excellent article, Eliza Shapiro! Hello and welcome!

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    Oh yes it is! Man, today has been full of little surprizes~ Rock on All!

    :party: :party:


    And, IA, dat was beautiful! *schniffle* :cake: and 9,000 internets to ya!
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    Thank you. I shared on my FB page and on one of the Katie pages. I made sure I properly credited this site/thread!!!! :thumbsup:
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    No problem with sharing, the more the better:yes:

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