Miami Org 1967-68

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    Anyone with knowledge of the early years including people/events?
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    Old Miami Org
    CREC selected to exclusively lease redeveloped 120 Giralda Avenue
    By: Bryna Winer |April 30, 2018

    CREC — Florida’s leading, independent, full-service commercial real estate firm — recently announced that it has been appointed the exclusive leasing agent for the prominent retail and dining destination of 120 Giralda Avenue. Located in the epicenter of Downtown Coral Gables, the property is ideally situated on the newly-renovated streetscape of Giralda Plaza.
    Formerly occupied by the Church of Scientology, 120 Giralda Avenue will undergo a complete renovation that includes multi-story spaces and a new rooftop component, totaling 14,534 square feet. Unique to the Coral Gables sub-market, the elevated terrace can be transformed into a lounge area or similar concept. Its ground floor offers 3,000 to 11,000 square feet of retail space, with the hip, fast-casual eatery of Coyo Taco to be its newest tenant.
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    Did the COS own this piece of property or rent?

    If they owned it, did they sell it or is DM going into the restaurant business?
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