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  1. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Hello everyone
    I've never been a member of scientology , and I have no connections to it. No family members have ever been involved with it either.
    I do believe though, that I've been targeted for harassment by another organized cult-like group, most likely an alt-right group.
    This is a long story, and so I won't post the whole thing now, but if anyone is interested , please feel free to ask me any questions.
    The harassment (or what I believe to be targeted harassment) started in 2013.
    At that time I contacted an old friend/old flame whom I hadn't seen in about 25 years . The contact was strictly online , (this was spring and early summer 2013) and at that time there was a slight bit of online trolling that occurred in connection to our posts. My husband found out about the online communication and was very angry, and so I stopped communication at that time.
    A few months later the harassment started - though at the time I didn't realize what was going on. Here's a few of the things that happened:

    *A new employee started working at my company in summer 2013, and I noticed this guy was constantly looking at me when I was in the staff room. At the end of August my cell phone was stolen from my purse while it was in the staff room. I immediately suspected the staring guy of stealing it.

    *Several months later my son's cell number was used to post fake online ads, which resulted in a bunch of nuisance calls. We could not figure out who pranked him, but they could have gotten his number from my phone.

    *Shortly after the phone theft I joined a website forum for people who had connected with a lost love. Basically it was a group who had contacted an old flame and had resulting marriage problems. So, these ladies decided to start a private Facebook group, and I joined this group. Several months later I began to be bullied by these ladies for no known reason.
    *I began to be harrassed online on another forum , and attempts were made to hack my email. I suspected these Facebook members were doing this, and I stopped posting on this group, thinking they would just stop.
    *After I ended things with the weird Facebook people, I had a number of things happen in real life to me and my family members ....
    * 2 young women came into the store I work in February 2016, and proceeded to harass me. It was a very bizarre encounter, and when I told these women to leave the store, one if them began screaming and swearing at me, charging at me; and acting very aggressive. I stood my ground (afraid to turn my back to her actually ) and she then said quietly to me "we've taped everything you just said. We have this whole thing on tape". ..I was not sure what was going on.

    *my son had his tires slashed shortly after this, and I had a blade stuck in one of my tires.

    * one family member had a strange experience a few months later - during a flight another passenger decided that he was Jesus, and she caused a scene. Security had to handcuff her.

    *My daughter had woman begin screaming and swearing at her for no reason while she was waiting for public transportation. This woman then pulled down her pants and mooned my daughter

    *last week my elderly relative was screamed at by a stranger while walking his dog. The guy threatened to kill his dog for no reason. Luckily a neighbor was able to intervene.
    * I also had a variety of people contact me with strange stories and later had my email hacked by one if them
    There's a lot more than just this.

    My question is do these harassment incidents sound like targeted harassment to you? The police seem to think I'm crazy, and that this is all just a bunch of random occurrences.
  2. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    What you posted shows no connection between the harassment and a cult. You say your husband got angry, not long after you get strange happenings. Don't know what you posted online that caused trolling. Don't know the nature of your old flame. Don't see why months passed before problems started. How do you know these things are connected and it isn't someone else messing with you for some other reason? Why would someone go to such extremes?

    It sounds like gaslighting. It sounds like whoever is doing it knows you. It sounds like you may need a detective or private eye.

    How long Gang Stalking goes on is not a known factor. But it will go on till some desired result is achieved or you handle it somehow. You need a lot more information. If you already have it then you aren't spilling it. Cults are dangerous, some far more than others. Did you join one?
  3. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Hi Freethinker
    Thanks for the reply
    Yes, there is much more info than I posted in this one post. I have reason to strongly suspect an alt-right group.
    I'm positive my husband was not involved in this (he was harassed as well) but I'm also fairly sure my old friend/old flame is connected. I actually believe it's his wife and her family who have the alt-right connections.

    I did not connect it all together until summer 2017, and I've been trying to gather information and evidence since that time.

    Last spring I decided I would post my story online (i did not use real names) nevertheless the Facebook harassers got angry about that and threatened me with a libel suit. They backed down, and I think that's because they didn't want to be exposed. However they first had me served with papers at my work. A few days prior to that, the process server had come in to the store I work and showed my picture around to my coworkers. I assume they hoped to intimidate me.

    A few weeks before that happened, they made up dozens of Twitter accounts to bully me with, phoned me in an attempt to scare me with various other threats , and also phoned another family member and told him that I had been harassing them. The harassment that they claim I'm committing against them is the online accounting of my story .

    It's been exhausting and extremely stressful.
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  4. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    I think you live in an area where you have a higher than average level of crazies.

    Not all crazies are members of groups or cults.
  5. Flora

    Flora Patron

    I dont think there are more mentally ill people here than anywhere else. I also am pretty sure the guy who had me served with papers threatening to sue me for libel is not mentally ill . He has a high-profile type job. His wife was one of the people from the facebook group, and they don't live anywhere near me. They live across the country.
    Of course all crazies are not members of a cult. I never suggested that they were. You're making assumptions about what I believe. I was definitely harassed online and then these other strange things occurred, which makes me suspect there is a connection.
    It was especially strange because the 2 women who came into where I work and harassed me, then told me they had taped the encounter, and the facebook group member who called me to intimidate me, also made claims that she was taping our phone conversation. This womans husband is the guy who served me with papers.
  6. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    What type of libel did they sue you for? It's kind of an admission that something is going on when threat of lawsuit occurs. Did you respond to the papers and get it into the record? They don't want exposure so give them more until they stop. Don't know what you wrote but if it was under pseudonyms then why would they threaten lawsuit? How could they know who the story pertained to without knowledge of who was doing it? They could only do it by knowing the events described which indicates guilt in my book.
  7. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    OK, so he's threatening to sue you for libel. This implies that he's upset over your making a statement about him which
    (A) he considers defamatory, and
    (B) he considers false, and​
    (C) he willing to spend money on lawyers to punish you for​

    Regarding the statement you made, is it something you can prove to be true? If not, you may have a problem. Especially of the person you said it about cannot be considered a "public figure".

    It's generally NOT a good idea to make defamatory statements about people on the Internet, especially when the person defamed gets very upset and can hunt you down. However much you enjoyed saying it.
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  8. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Oh...they're definitely guilty of something because normal people (and one is a doctor and one is a lawyer) dont harass and bully someone like that.
    They are also stalking me online, I know for sure, because I opened an anon twitter acct and then the guy who had threatened me with the lawsuit, tried to follow me on this account after I refused to respond to him regarding the lawsuit. He must have been in investigating me to be able to figure out the name of my account.
  9. Flora

    Flora Patron

    He's doesn't need to hire a between the lines there. The only money they spent was for the process server .

    You can only sue for libel if your statements are false. If I claimed that I was harassed and that it started on this Facebook group (,which is the truth) they can't sue me for that.
    Which is why he didn't follow thru, I imagine. But he then tried to threaten me a second time, ,which I ignored that time, and when I ignored him, he tried to follow me on Twitter. Which proves hes been stalking me (which I already knew, but this proves it)
  10. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson

    I have a few things things to say:

    1. It is generally not a good idea to obtain legal advice from a public forum on the internet.
    2. It is generally not a good idea to obtain medical advice from a public forum on the internet.
    3. It is generally not a good idea to obtain financial advice from a public forum on the internet
    4. It is generally not a good idea to obtain psychiatric advice from a public forum on the internet.
    5. Your mileage may vary.
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  11. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    A Lawyer and a Doctor are engaged in something that they want to protect. They are not using lawful means to protect it which means their are other targets of their activity they don't want exposed. They have many skeletons. Your best bet, IMO, is to investigate them with a private eye or something. It means you are taking a stand and you aren't going to put up with it. It's risky, because they may retaliate but it will also be on record you have an investigator yourself. It's sorta like a witness.

    They don't want something to get out and that is why they are attacking. If you start investigating them, they will either stop or accelerate. That's why it is risky. If you fight back, you can't blink yo have to follow through on whatever you do. That they are playing games with this is a sign they aren't as strong as they want you to think.

    Scientology always works on Always Attack and never Defend. If you get them on the defensive, they are weakening.. I don't have enough info to know what you are dealing with but you do. If you don't want to defend then you should pack up and leave and go where no one knows you, and get off social media.
  12. Flora

    Flora Patron

    I think your accessment of the situation is probably very close to the truth.
    I actually consulted a PI a when back, and he didn't want to get involved, when I explained I believed these people to be members of the alt-right or white nationalists.
    The most stressful part for me is not knowing what they even if I am not on SM at all, I'm not sure if they will stop. Right now I e probably gotten a bit paranoid because so many weird things have happened (many I haven't even mentioned here) that I start to wonder if everything is done by them. Some things could be coincidental, but now I'm so stressed over it.
    I kinda wish though, that they would do something brazen again (like sending those women in to harass me at work) because now I'm aware of what's going on and I'm prepared. Also, if I were able to catch one of these harassers, it would be some proof that the police might be interested in.

    I'm not looking for legal advice- just interested in knowing if anyone has had a similar experience. I've been told that scientology uses these types of tactics to harass. Apparently other cults have "borrowed " from scientology.
  13. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    There are lots of stories posted here about similar harassment. However, every situation is uniquely different. The best thing is to approach it with a clear head and logic. You have to assess the threat level of the harassment level as to whether to meet it or leave it alone. If it abates I would drop it but keep your awareness up. If you didn't have odd circumstances before this then they are likely connected to the harassment but not necessarily so. You don't want to aggravate the situation but you don't want to fear it either. No one knows the situation better than you do. I say to get a private eye so you can have less attention on it knowing someone is looking into it.
  14. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Hi Freethinker
    No, I certainly never had odd circumstances in my life before this started. Hiring a PI , as you suggest , might be helpful, but the one i consulted several months ago, would not take the job. I may try looking for another one, though I wonder if a PI would be able to find d any info that would be helpful to me.

    There has been so many bizarre things that I never mentioned, such as a woman who contacted me last summer and tried to convince me that she was being harassed by a satanic cult, ,and that this cult was probably involved in harassing me, too. She had made up a whole story about this harassment and posted it to her Facebook account in March. Then she opened an IG account which she used to document the alleged harassment...taking pictures of licences plates and of people she said were harassing her. I actually had a long phone conversation with her, and she seemed convincing, so at first I believed her. However, it soon became clear she was a liar who had invented the entire story , obviously to scare me.

    The level of involvement these people have gone thru in an attempt to terrorize me is just amazing.

    Another thing that I believe they have done is in connection to the old boyfriend I mentioned in my earlier post (and suggests that he and/or his family is involved). This part is very complicated, ,so I'm going to skip parts of it, but the weird part is that suddenly 3 new SM accounts were opened in his name, and he never had any accounts before. The accounts are very strange and appear to be fake.

    The strangest thing is that only a few pics of him with his wife were posted on these, and those pics appear to be photoshopped. For example, in one pic it looks like his wife was edited into the picture and placed next to him, and in another one it appears an older pic was edited to add in a recent tattoo. The tattoo is large and is clearly visible on pictures of him taken without his wife, and it appears someone edited an old pic of them together, and changed his arm so this new tattoo is added into an old pic. The thing is, they did it wrong, so that the arm is out of proportion.
    Very strange indeed....who would bother to do weird stuff like this? And why?

    And when I phoned him a couple years ago (when I first suspected I was being harassed in connection to him) he wouldn't talk to me, refused to call me back, and sent a cryptic message that implied that I was in danger. At the time, I thought the "danger" must be an angry wife...but now I'm sure it's much more than just that.
  15. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    You need to sit down and think really hard where this could be coming from. There is too much going on that you shouldn't be able to figure why it is going on. You say it stared after a reconnect with an old friend but it seems way out of proportion for a simple thing like that. It should have died when you disconnected but instead it accelerated. is It only by chance you connected with this old friend? How is it you suddenly contacted him after 25 years, and knew how to contact him because this all started at that time? If you hadn't seen someone in 25 years, how did you know how to contact them? I wouldn't know how to contact someone online I hadn't seen in 25 years unless you googled their name and something came up but how would you know if it was the same John Doe? I think there is something you haven't disclosed because this got big and bizarre suddenly for apparently no reason. How is it you contacted John Doe online after 25 years? You have the answers to this.
  16. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Those are good questions , Freethinker, and I think that's where the answer may lie, if I hope to eventually figuring out WHY they are doing this.
    It's actually pretty easy to contact an old friend these days, with most people having Facebook or other social media. Or if you Google a person's name (if its not a common name) you can often find their contact info.

    However, in this instance, I wasnt really searching for him. He also didn't have any social media accounts, as far as I know. What happened was that I contacted him after a mutual friend died, after seeing his name on the comments of the online obituary. Most obituaries are now online, and people can post comments. So , as it turned out, we both posted our condolences

    Here's the weird part- I wasn't planning to contact him when i first noticed his name there, but then a strange thing happened. I had a very odd dream about him shortly after seeing his name, and then in the weeks following the dream , a number of very emotional memories came flooding back.
    The reason I actually did decide to finally reach out to him was to apologize for something that happened long ago, but which I had just recalled following the dream. I guess you could call it a repressed memory.

    So, that's how I came to initially contact him, and yes, I haven't disclosed everything ( and I won't, in part because if the online stalkers do stalk me here, it's best to keep some info secret. ) But one thing I will disclose is that his response to me was very emotional, and I was very heartbroken to learn the truth (even all these years later.)

    It was about 4 months after first contacting him that my phone was stolen from my work staffroom. Of course I didn't connect it to him at that time, but I did immediately suspect the weird coworker, who I often noticed watching me, of taking the phone, and right away it made me suspicious that something weird was going on. Often phones are left unattended in that staffroom, and they are never stolen....yet someone knew my phone was in a side pocket in my purse and quickly opened that pocket and swiped it while I was distracted for several minutes.
    I discovered that the thief later used the phone to make one call about 5 or 6 hours after the phone was taken.
    It's been a slow process, just coming to realize that I was really being targeted was a scary and difficult thing to accept at first. And the reactions from other people (many who dont believe me just because they dont believe anyone could possibly do this) have made the situation even worse.
  17. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    It may be that the leaving of the name on the list was meant to fish for you. For someone to say something to cause emotional response seems odd. There is a lot more to this than just random events. is it still going on?
  18. Flora

    Flora Patron

  19. Flora

    Flora Patron

    The emotional response was triggered even prior to contacting started after seeing his name, and then after my memory recall some weeks later, it became overwhelming - I felt overcome with guilt and regret due to the past, and that prompted me to apologize to him. Then when he told me missed me, etc ....I did feel heartbroken.
    I can't see that he left his name on the obituary to fish for me.. but I did post my name first, so no doubt he saw my name there first, before he posted. But even if he was hoping I would see his name and respond, it doesn't explain why I was harassed.

    My theory ( which I've slowly developed) is that he was involved with an alt-right group to some degree. He may not have been involved himself, but definitely his wife and her family are involved. And his wife found out what he had said to me (afterall, Hell hath no fury....)and that is how this group became involved in helping her to harass me.

    Also, there seems to be some sort of political agenda ...I wonder if at first they suspected I was a "spy" of some type. However, they could have found out pretty quickly who I really it's just weird how they kept it up. To me it seems like a personal vendetta ( and the vendetta may really be against my old friend, at least in the beginning) But now Ive pissed them off, too.

    It still continues, but in different ways. Now, I am trying to gather evidence against them to prove what they've done, and that could be making them retaliate. It's hard to know, but when a family member is harassed by a weird stranger, as happened again recently, I have no way to know if its random or targeted.
  20. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    It has a set up feel to me. Your a specific target for some reason. If you figure out what that reason is, it will all come apart. Just think why someone would do what they are doing. There is always an answer.