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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by abbot, May 11, 2009.

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  1. abbot

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    New World Order Goal

    1. To change the current form of government
    2. To abolish Christian traditional religions and replace them with a one-world religion based on the 'cult of man'
    3. To abolish all national identity and national pride in order to establish a world identity and world pride
    4. To abolish the family as known today in order to replace it by workers all working for the glory of the one world government
    5. To destroy all individual artistic and scientific works to implement a World One Mind sight

    And that kind of Declaration of War by the United Nations is for ...

    1. The implementation of a universal and obligatory membership in the United Nations
    2. A worldwide Justice Department with an International Criminal Court
    3. The obligation for co-existence for world "peace"
    4. and also a new world religion and a new world culture for all men and acceptance of a world messiah

    So the goals of the New Age movement under which the United Nations is operating right now, are the implementation of a New World Messiah.

    The tools of the new world government are an international army and an international police force, and a World Religion; the foundation of the New World Order government, where all church doctrines will be destroyed at their roots to be replaced by the new religion.


    1. The world seven rate classifications for all men and women where everybody will have a predetermined work to fill out whether they agree or not
    2. The world concentration camp headquarters at the United Nations for those who will not accept the new system; each being placed into a color code system, which determines their utilization (too ugly to post here)
    3. ...and other items not related to how scientology is administered

    In order to accept the new world order, people will have to first accept the new world religion since, as stated above, it is the basis of the New World Order government.

    To implement the such, there are four steps required; all having to do with totally convincing the people of earth of their supposed concern for us. As a result of these steps being implemented, much of which is happening around us worldwide weekly - but just not educated to see, most people will happily accept it; ignorantly buying the party line.

    Now, in 1984, in The Pledge to Mankind the Church claims it is a "...workable system for freeing Mankind from spiritual bondage..." and "...united in purpose we will prevail for the benefit of mankind," (same thing George Bush Sr said on TV about the New World Order). This was published - as I said, in 1984 - the same year that was targeted by the New World Order for implementation of its above stated goals. Has the New World Order been implemented? Yes; in part, and is in full swing. Has Scientology prevailed? No; and judging by the numbers of those disaffected and its current statistics, not to mention the amount of money required to get to the top of their "Bridge to Freedom", and the disillusionment published by those who even have gotten there, it is no longer possible to look to Scientology with any hope of averting this New World Order. (Love to see the expression on the face of an OSA geek after reading that line:omg: )

    In closing, let's draw some similarities...

    There has already been posted on this site an imagined future view of what daily life would be like if we all lived under a government run by LRH management technology: basically, one of an ever-present continual fear of one's neighbors writing a Knowledge Report on one, and the disconnection potential which would bar one from utilizing the local grocer or any other "public" service. I'm sorry, but this ever-present and ever-subtle fear is the daily reality of the scientology staff member! Can we even contrast this as being any different from imagining the result of disagreeing with one's labor supervisor in the new world order? What about Scientology's "Rehabilitation Project Force", the horrors of which have also been published on this site (more candidly elsewhere, too), or how about the rice & bean meals for those who - for one reason or another - didn't make their (unrealistic in the first place) targets for the week? Or the placing of errant children into dark spaces on the Sea Org ship Apollo, or the humiliation and over boarding of students on course there in the early days for one "reason" or another?

    The whole gamut of similarities, identities, and differences between the New World Order and life as a Church of Scientology staff member are published all over the Internet, as well as this site; so I won't overstep my welcome any further by posting the tons of similarities and identities.

    Just want to forewarn any who might be thinking of buying scientology's PR line, as well as get any existing staff members to locate themselves right smack dab where they're sitting and to ... LOOK.

    By the way, to read for yourself the source of the above data regarding the New World Order, which sums up nicely my years of research in this area, navigate your way over to and download your own copy of NASA's "Project Blue Beam", then just try to not see the striking comparisons between the way the Church of Scientology is run and what is outlined, more fully, in that document.

    One provisio here, admittedly, the unabashedly announced religious technology of the New World Religion is that of white magic, theosophy, etc. But wait a minute ... didn't I read of LRH's involvement in black magic during his early years? Oh, couldn't be, could it? Not LRH, the man who brought us the means to a new world kingdom, a 'religion' for the "able", and a new world order! :confused2:
  2. michaelangelo

    michaelangelo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Quote. didn't I read of LRH's involvement in black magic during his early years? Oh, couldn't be, could it? Not LRH, the man who brought us the means to a new world kingdom, a 'religion' for the "able", and a new world order! :confused2:[/QUOTE]

    Interesting post. If the attached article is true, then Ron wasn't the only one of importance involved in Satanism. See attachement here:
  3. abbot

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    Yes, and I can't count the number of pictures I've seen of Obama giving the same hand sign. No single president (from the very beginning) of the United States gets elected who is not of the Illuminati blood line. Obama is actually a distant cousin of George W. Bush! Thanks for the link, 'preciate it.
  4. michaelangelo

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    Interesting vid.

    Delete as wrong thread.
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  5. The Clam

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    The COS was taken over completely by the nwo when it signed the agreement with the IRS and appointed an ex IRS assistant comm to the its board of trustees. I have listen to tape where Ron talks about the nwo saying we don't need a nwo or any other order. Prior to Ron's death the cos never hassled you over taxes. When the cos signed the agreement with the IRS it was started on the contract that the church would police its members to pay all their taxe. I knew of cases where flag and other orgs refused training and audting to its members who had lots of money on account until their tax debt was handled.
    Stating that if your taxes arn't paid then you are considered a criminal, Guilty until proven innocent The church also closed down a number of businesses that sold tax free heaven type investments even though they were doing nothing illegal. The joke is that there are not laws that require you to pay your taxes see Freedom to Fascism.
    But as far as the nwo using religion, the federal government has recruited more than 3200 ministers the tote the government line as the Rabis did in germany in the 1930s. Put down you guns everything will be all right. The camps are for your own good. Ever wonder why the Jews never revolted in large numbers. Their religious leader herded them just like sheep into the labor camps so the slaughter of millions.
  6. abbot

    abbot Patron

    Thank you for your posting, Clam, re: the IRS connection. I recall a few years ago there was an ernest effort being put forth to unveil a mysterious person on the C.S.T. board, whom no one seemed to be able to identify. Perhaps the ex (?) IRS fellow you refer to was that person.
  7. Mystic

    Mystic Banned


    The so-called "New World Order" isn't new. The banking-front organization called "United States", on its $1 bill, on the reverse side, has a pic of a pyramid with an eye above it and below the pic it says "Novus Ordo Seclorum", Latin for "New Order of the Ages". There is a lot of masking of what is going on with terms like "Illuminati", "World Conspiracy" and etc. etc. etc. It's a banking-ownership-capitalism-money bullshit system with the House of Rothschild sitting at the top of the eco-ladder.

    There is no mystery in this. The facts are all over the internet but until you reach the top you can flounder around in all sorts of bizarre places. Rothschild owns 57% of the Federal Reserve Bank of the so-called "United States" and the Fed owns the "United States". Rothschild also owns controlling interest in the Bank of England.

    From this top it can drop down to the Bilderburg Group, the 300, and so on.

    Conspiracy? Well yes, just the normal machinations of greed-vampirism with "doing good" as but a front. Sounds like standard scientology, eh? The patterns of different darkside organizations follow the same parallels.
  8. Mystic

    Mystic Banned

    So how did Rothschild get into this position of power? And this is a rather interesting story. I'll cut it down to a few sentences.

    During the Napoleonic Wars one dark day there in London the news was that Napoleon was winning at Waterloo. The London stock market was crashing and crashing and crashing. Rothschild, Nathan I think it was, had carrier-pigeon communications with the war zone. During this fine crashed-stock market day no one was buying anything. It was dismal. Well, ol' Rothy gets carrier-pigeon news that Napoleon was defeated! OMG. Let's kick ass! And ol' Rothy put out the word to his agents on the floor of the stock exchange to buy buY bUY BUY!!! If it was for sale, buy it! Regardless of what it is, buy it!

    And the frenzy started as this was the only buying going on. This went on for around 6 hours...until the time the non-carrier-pigeon news of Napoleon's defeat arrived.

    At that point ol' Rothy owned it all.
  9. abbot

    abbot Patron

    You're absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing out what I am relying on people already knowing in order to get my point.
  10. Sorry, but this is all bullshit. There is no New World Order conspiracy that you describe. It is in your and other people's paranoid minds. Someone has played on your ignorance to get you to believe this stuff.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  11. Mystic

    Mystic Banned

    Yes, I play on my own ignorance often. I recommend it highly.
  12. abbot

    abbot Patron

    Alright, let's connect some dots here:

    1. The well-known published goal of the NWO as stated above
    2. The tools used to accomplish said goal, as listed above
    3. The parallels drawn between life as a staff member and The Brainwashing Manual, written by LRH, posted elsewhere in this community forum
    4. The parallels that are so blatantly obvious between The Brainwashing Manual and what is occurring across the planet right now; evidenced by what Mystic contributed above

    Additionally, I'm now asking myself:

    • How did LRH even come to know the data contained in his "The Brainwashing Manual"?
    • Why does LRH's life exactly parallel the sad ending of those who found a way to temporary fame and fortune through the machinations of that field known as 'black magic'?
  13. There is no New World Order conspiracy. It is a figure of speech.
    LRH wrote the Brainwashing Manual. I don't think you ever read it based on what you say about it. And I don't think you have any idea about what is going on across the planet.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  14. abbot

    abbot Patron

    Good. Let's put an end to this forum right here, right now... because

    You've always been right.

    You're always right.

    You're always going to be right.
  15. Mystic

    Mystic Banned

    New World Order Conspiracy

    What gets called "New World Order" or "World Conspiracy" or "Evil Machinations" or many other names, once you get a hook on WTF is going on, what all these terms are referring to is just the way of doing business for the banking cartel. Yes, the multi-billionaire folks do get together and they do discuss things and they do have representatives and they do have employees just like any business. They just happen to be at the top of the economic ladder. And yes, they plan, just like any business. The planning is usually done in private, like any corporate board meeting. I guess private = secret = conspiracy. And yes, their main interest is themselves and their own egobloat.

    One of the better dissertations on all this without all the "conspiracy" bullpucky is here:
  16. abbot

    abbot Patron

    "...conspiracy bullpucky"?

    Mystic, that video helps prove my point. Furthermore, Griffin has opposed the Federal Reserve since the 1960s, saying it constitutes a banking cartel and an instrument of war and totalitarianism. Records show that he has been a member and officer of the conservative John Birch Society for much of his life. The John Birch Society has preached, since just after WW I - when it was founded - that:

    "...both the U.S. and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the U.S. government would betray the country's sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order, managed by a 'one-world socialist government.'"​

    I read that since the 1960s, Griffin has spoken and written at length about the Society's theory of history involving "communist and capitalist conspiracies".

    And following the link mentioned in this video makes it impossible to deny the existence of a group of folks who seek to move us all toward a new world order, designed along medieval class distinction lines. So, Mystic, what is your point?

    Now, what I find rather curious is that folks here at ESMB write, myself included, of actual experiences within a totalitarian group (CoS), and the sometimes horrifying, but always plain inhumane treatment by the CoS; their exploitation of staff's simple desire to help and yet, when a simple comparison is drawn between the published goals and purposes of that group who seeks mankind's total subservience, with the blatantly obvious parallels that, elsewhere here, are drawn between LRH's Brainwashing Manual and the published experiences here at ESMB suddenly there's a case of blindness. :omg: "Nope, can't look over there because it's too dangerous to my comfortable status quo" (stated while choking down the latest touted miracle horse pill for what ails one, the result of course of all the pesticides, hormones, preservatives, food coloring, etc. he just ingested called 'food' - designed, like it states in The Brainwashing Manual, to dummy us down).

    The use of such terms as 'paranoid", etc. to describe me is simple parroting of the party line tactic spoken of in The Brainwashng Manual; it's evidence of total agreement and further indication of being a robot.

    Did we not learn anything at all from our experience in the "Church" of Scientology? As a matter of fact, does it not flatly state in The Brainwashing Manual that to achieve the desired level of culpability from the masses that they must be made culpable through religion? Did LRH not decide to then start a religion a-f-t-e-r he wrote that book? Are the green vols not chock full of evidence of The Brainwashng Manual made manifest? :duh:
  17. First of all, the John Birch Society was not formed after World War I. It was formed in the late 1940s (twenty years after the time you claim). It was named after a Christian minister who was killed in China by the communists. They claim he was the first casualty of the Cold War.
    You seem to claim that what is going on in the world is the same totalitarianism that exist in the Church of Scientology, and that we should see this because of our experience in the Church. Do you really think that the rest of society lives like people in the Church of Scientology? Do you really think people are not allowed to think ideas contrary to what they are told? Do you really think the New World Order forces disconnection? Thaks to the internet people are more in touch with one another across the globe than they have ever been in history. When the John Birch Society was formed to warn us about "One World Government" there were about 120 soverign countries in the world. Now there are almost 300. So much for One World government.
    Yes there are banking cabals. But that is nothing new. The governments around the world created their own central banks to free them of the effects of these cabals. But the banking cabals still try influence and end run them. There are other cabals too: Oil, steel, arms dealers, manufacturing, and on and on. They are money motivated. They influence legislatures across the world. They influence foreign and domestic policy. But their interests also conflict with each other. This goes on and on. To think that this is a multi-generational conspiracy following a designed plan is contigent on human nature and social interaction being other than what they really are.
    And the idea that the New World Order has published plans is ridiculous. Anybody can write anything down and call it anything they want. It doesn't mean that because they do so then their figures of speech become institutional realities.
    Get real.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  18. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Banned

    The problem with 'conspiracy theories' I see is not that 'conspiracies' don't exist, but that millions of them exist. Competing conspiracies. Yes, there's some overlap, but, there is no more an all-powerful organization behind 'all conspiracies' than there are intergalactic transtemporal 'Psychs' out to enslave us with their 'implants'.

  19. Mystic

    Mystic Banned

    And it gets uglier

    Ever come across what is called "Economic Hitmen"? They sort of carry around the same mindset as the GO/OSA economic serial killers. A few years ago one of them turned whistleblower and wrote a book and, for us netizens, did a video:

    Eventually one can graduated from "theories" and find some real stuff.
  20. But this doesn't change my point. Of course there are groups and individuals vying for power. This has always been the case. From ancient Sumer until now. But there isn't any written plan for a multi-generational group to take over the world and form a one-world government.
    The New World Order is an old term that refers to a change in the balance of power in the world's geopolitical situation. To use it now to represent some conspiracy is to use it as a substitute for understanding the forces and factors that shape the world is misleading. It is better to learn and understand those forces and factors that shape the world than to blame it on the psychs, or New World Order, or any other bogeymen.

    The Anabaptist Jacques

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