New Year's Message Dec 1985

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    By The Empress
    Well. A happy New Year to you all. I trust that you have been flourishing and prospering. This last year was characterized by avalanches of success stories pouring in from all over the planet by people like yourselves who are applying standard ethics, policy and tech. Stats (in the form of all the major world currencies) in the AO's and Saint Hills have been going through the stratosphere on an unprecedented 3-year Power Trend since we flushed all that mission network money up-lines where it belongs. So in celebration, I'm going to share with you my report on the State of the World.
    As you know, the physical universe has been putting ethics in on those misguided souls who continue to practice sexual perversion in spite of all my warnings, beginning with DMSMH, that it is not pro-survival. By the way, if you're worried about contracting this deadly AIDS virus via toilet seat covers, just take note of the fact that bodily elimination is an OUTflow and that as long as you are OUTflowing, it is impossible to INflow. So make it quick and don't linger there reading even my survival-enhancing books, HCOBs and HCOPLs and you will be safe. And, of course, don't be PTS.
    Now, I reported the imminence of World War III some five-odd years back and many of you have forgotten that very real danger. Some of you, I dare say, have even thought that I was wrong on that one minor, insignificant point. Well, in keeping with my strict policy of never being wrong -- you see you can actually make it a POLICY to never be wrong and provided you have enough ethics presence, you can actually make it stick so that you never have to be wrong again, which as you know by looking at the Chart of Attitudes is a very enviable state -- well, and I don't take any great pleasure in telling you this, but that danger still exists as long as governments continue to listen to the psychs instead of Source. As the most powerful group of OTs in the history of this or any other planet, I'm sure you realize how quickly, in the presence of just ONE Suppressive, things can go to pieces. So don't waste this one brief breath in eternity by doing woggish things such as writing poetry or playing music. Leave all that stuff to me -- I've made it. Get with your Registrar and find out who you have to sell out or betray to get up that bridge to the stars!
    On the bright side, the economy seems to have taken a turn for the better. Of course, looking at all the recent Solo NOTs completions, that's no surprise! You see, we are having an effect.
    Also, I am happy to report that the war against the squirrels has been won! I have recently, through some very thorough research into the matter, determined that there are no more lines left in what was laughingly called "the field" -- in fact, their number can now be counted on one hand. After an all-out offensive from the Church of Scientology, the likes of which this planet has not seen since the days of Alexander the Great, they have all cut and run like the common criminals they are. Even I was surprised at the swift and astounding results obtained by just a little application of Scientology Ethics!
    Now, to break away from the world scene for a minute and look at the galactic scene, let me say that that too is looking up! The Marcabians, as kicked-in-the-head as ever, have withdrawn their forces from this sector in response to a postulate I put out to that effect. Actually the poor devils have withdrawn several sectors, which was not really my intention -- I guess I don't yet know my own strength.
    But now for some truly earth-shattering news. I have recently made a major breakthrough in regards to aging in a project called Operation Eternity. I fully expect to occupy this body for the next billion years! I can't say too much about it at this time, except that all the Div 6's on the planet will soon be doing surveys to determine where my body (and me, of course) will be displayed. There will even be a new, upper-echelon post created called Keeper of the Body. The post hat will include the deciphering and total conceptual and practical understanding of all the Ancient Egyptian mummification techniques, complete with method 9 word clearing! Sea Org recruiters, be ready for a massive influx of new recruits for the new Body Watch Org. And public, I'll be looking forward to seeing you all wherever you decide to put me. We're working on a way of getting me to wink every 20 seconds or so, and maybe even move my arm once in awhile. Feel free to tell me your problems or ask me questions, as I will have special messengers standing by to refer you to the correct LRH reference.
    Well I enjoyed having this little chat with you to get you up-to-date on what's happening in the world and elsewhere. So let's all have a winning New Year and make 1986 a year to remember!
  2. Dave B.

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    For a sec I thought this was the PL where Hubbard "explained" why he needed the 40 million dollars or 100 million, whatever it was. It was removed from circulation by Miscavige not too long after.
  3. guanoloco

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    Dave, I don't know this story. Fill in the details you remember.
  4. Dave B.

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    When I was at INCOMM during roll call one day circa 1984? early '85? a PL was read to us. Hubbard going on about what a great guy he is, I guess, all the usual stuff. One thing he said was he only took 40 million or 100 million to use against the SP's. I forget which total. It sounded like an admission of guilt, we all looked at each other with WTF expressions. Later the PL was revoked. At the time it seemed out of the blue and it occurred to me maybe there was a struggle for control of who was writing the stupid things, Broeker/Miscavige etc. I'm pretty sure we've had a discussion of it before here on ESMB.