Now it's in the Mainstream Media - Leah Remini dumps Scientology - NY Post

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    I am sooooooo happy Leah Remini could SEE years ago that something was not quite right about the Cult of Scientology and it's dictator David Miscavige. I was really pissed at her and would not watch her shows...little did I know she was one hell of an OAT TEA and could see the bullshit occuring and tried to do something about it. She got the same response we all get - turn the microscope on her to see what crimes she is committing. That does some damage to one and unless she gets all the way out - she will be suffering a lot.

    She is bold and brazen and I hope she speaks publicly about her experience to help save others from the destruction of the cult.

    It amazes me that Tom Cruise and other sell-ebbs could not see the "outpoints". Just shows you how well ARC works. If Slappy Miscavige likes you and pours our hard earned donations into making sure you like him - Scientology works. :whistling:

    I sure hope other sell-ebbs wake up and get out. The cult of Scientology is a dwindling spiral down to total smash!

    The church denies all allegations? :whistling:Leah Remini is a bitter, defrocked SP. :no:

    Poor Leah Remini - when she wakes up and finds out L Ron Hubbard was a con man and Scientology is a fraud! - she is going to be really, really pissed! That gal can do some serious damage to this Cult and I hope she does. She could save many lives from further annihilation!

    Go Leah Remini GO!! :happydance::happydance: All media will be pouncing on this! I wonder what Tom Cruise is thinking about now - so many defectors and no growth! Hmmmmm Wake up Tom Cruise - get out now before you really have egg on your face when Slappy Miscavige takes down the cult for good. I would hate to be a clam when all doors are shut and Slappy is in jail! That would really suck!
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    I have a friend who is a college history professor. He was telling me that he'd mentioned a Tom Cruise movie (specifically Born on the Fourth of July) in a class. I think he was giving examples of movies about Vietnam / Hippies that he thought had educational value. The students completely turned on him - booing, heckling, etc. - for even MENTIONING Tom Cruise or that a particular movie with him in it could be good.

    That's TC's credibility with the under 30's.
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    The story's now featured on The Huffington Post, with approx. 160 comments (mostly supportive of Ms. Remini) as of 11:38 a.m. EST. Here's the link: (scroll down to read/add comments.)

    Also, as linked above by WildKat, the NY Post article features a curious denial by Co$ -- here's the quote:

    Unnamed Co$ rep? Hmmm.
    Co$ denied "all allegations"? Does that mean the NY Post really asked Co$ about Shelly Miscavige's whereabouts, too?

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    That IS kinda weird isn't it??
    Maybe DM set up an automaton PR Spokesthing that says only "We deny any and all allegations!"

    But seriously, maybe this will prompt some investigation into "Where's Shelley?"
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    Great job on leaving, Leah! If you're out there reading...
    Tom Cruise could use an intervention, don't ya think?
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    Her leaving has not been confirmed yet by she or her reps.... but I doubt she will confirm it publicly. Very much like Lisa Marie Presley's predicament. I hope it's true...
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    I hope it's true! There are 20 or so media outlets running this story, and not a peep from her office, so it sounds solid.

    Exclusive: Actress Leah Remini quits Scientology after years of 'interrogations'
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    An excellent point to raise, AnonyMary, that confirmation has yet to arrive from Team Remini. That said, her advisors must surely see how the story has grown since just after midnight.

    Reddit, The Hollywood Reporter, most of the best-known celebrity gossip sites, The Atlantic, and dozens of smaller blogs/sites have all put the story out within the last 6-10 hours -- most linking back to the NY Post's report, but a fair number providing links to Mr. Ortega's site, too. The majority of the sites featuring the unconfirmed reports of Ms. Remini leaving Co$ have comment sections -- and I must say, there are a LOT of people who support the idea of Ms. Remini 'breaking free'.

    If she truly decided to sever ties with Co$ but had NOT intended for such information to be released, to see such supportive comments might 'lessen the sting' of the unplanned/unwanted leak. A short statement confirming she's indeed opted to disavow membership in Co$ which doesn't provide details would be well-received and she could 'own' the pace of the story for some time.

    If she releases a statement which embraces Co$ now and labels the story false in its entirety? She'll face a bit of backlash at this point.

    Surely, given the amount of coverage to this unconfirmed report of a celeb leaving Co$, all other scientology-related celebrities and/or their teams of advisors are reading and paying attention to see how this all plays out with the public-at-large.

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    I read these articles as well and I dont see where its actually confirmed she is out. It looks like a duck though....
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    Well so far no lawyer has screamed to take these articles down either -- so that's always good. I agree that the duck is quacking loudly.
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    I think at this point, Herpes is viewed more favorably than scientology.
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    Its rather lovely too that David Miscavige seems to be a component in the PR shitpiles these days too. What with that OT Drug House Queen just happening to be his twin sister, and now Leah who just happens to have a link to DM and Shelly in her leaving story.
    I guess DM is straight up and vertical and out through the roof right now. So glad I don't have to go on post anywhere near him today. Is this going to affect the Thursday stat today, or next week....or both of those......and the week after that.....and...

    TC and JT look crappier too, every time something like this happens...