OC candidate Scientology member Clay Bock keeping mum about his anti-psych work

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    Garden Grove, California City Council candidate Scientology member Clay Bock [@jeweleryman] keeping mum about his anti-psych work.

    Tony Ortega: A Scientologist on the ballot: OC candidate keeping mum about his anti-psych work


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    In Garden Grove, for example, running in the 3rd District this election cycle is a man named Clay Bock.


    We sent an email to Clay yesterday asking him about his Facebook campaign page. Thanks to Bunker reader Intergalactic Walrus, we learned that Clay’s campaign page contains nothing about his years of extensive work for Scientology’s rabid anti-psychiatry front, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

    Clay’s a longtime Scientologist. The church’s own publications indicate that Clay went Clear as long ago as 1980, and that he was working his way through the OT levels a decade ago.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with a Scientologist running for office. Sonny Bono was a US Congressman, for example.

    But we figure the voters of Garden Grove’s Third District might want to know before casting their vote that Clay has been so active with CCHR, Scientology’s most unhinged front group.

    We haven’t heard back from Clay, but here’s a video he shot and posted just three months ago after attending a CCHR protest in Atlanta in May.


    [SNIP - Also nother video at link above.]

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    OC candidate Scientology member Clay Bock was President of OC Scientology CCHR

    At least as of 2/16/15, Clay Bock was president of the Orange County branch of the Scientology Citizens Commission on Human Rights. He still may be. He also opposed Laura's law.

    Orange County Register: Watchdog: A look back at Laura's Law in Orange County, which forced mentally ill people into treatment


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    Watchdog: A look back at Laura's Law in Orange County, which forced mentally ill people into treatment

    Feb. 16, 2015 Updated 6:40 a.m.



    The law is named for 19-year-old Laura Wilcox, who was working at a county mental health clinic during her winter break from college in 2001 when a man who had refused treatment stormed the clinic with a gun. Wilcox and two others were killed.

    When Orange County became the first big county to embrace Laura’s Law last year – empowering officials to order severely mentally ill people into treatment, even against their wishes – it was denounced as an attack on individual freedom by some, and praised as potential salvation by others.


    That doesn’t sit well with critics.

    “Even though they say they are not forcing people to take medications ... the whole point of the law is to intimidate the individual to comply with drugging themselves,” said Clay Bock of Garden Grove. “Our basic position is that forced drugging is a violation of a person’s human rights.

    “Also, all of the drugs psychiatrists prescribed have huge debilitating effects, such as causing violent behavior, so they are making these people on the streets more prone to violence, suicides, homicides, by forcing them on the drugs.”

    Bock is president of the Orange County branch of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The commission was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and professor of psychiatry emeritus Thomas Szasz, and maintains that psychiatry has no scientific basis for any of its treatments or methods. It also runs the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

    The commission has requested a governmental inquiry into the relationship between psychotropic drugs and violence, which should have been done before funding and implementing the law, Bock said.


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    Clay Bock is currently the Agent for Service of Process for Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Orange County.




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  5. arcxcauseblows

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    It's really disgusting to me that Scientology tries to stop psychiatry yet they have their illegal pc policy and exclusive pricing so they offer no solution to the problem

    Same with drug rehab, a rehab program that's $30k is useless to most addicts
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    VIDEO: City council candidate Clay Bock exposed as Scientology spy in public hearing

    VIDEO: City council candidate Clay Bock exposed as Scientology spy in live public hearing

    Tony Ortega - VIDEO: City council candidate Clay Bock exposed as Scientology spy in live public hearing


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    Two weeks ago, we reported that a Scientologist named Clay Bock was running for a city council seat in Garden Grove, California. We pointed out that there’s nothing keeping a Scientologist from running for office, but we figured voters might want to know that Bock had a long history helping out Scientology’s most unhinged front group, which agitates against psychiatry.

    Well, this week, Garden Grove’s city council found out a lot more about Clay Bock when a woman named Paulien Lombard addressed the council in a live meeting with a stunning allegation: Clay Bock was also a Scientology spy.

    Bock happened to be at the meeting, and he too addressed the council and admitted that he’d been with Lombard on a Scientology mission to confront a church protester at his home.

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    Karin Pouw, Scientology’s spokeswoman, told OC Weekly that Paulien had gone to Choquette’s house on her own initiative, and was not there on a church operation. But Paulien still has the commendation she received from OSA for her work that day. She says Clay received a similar one…


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    WATCH: California candidate Clay Bock stunned when he’s outed as Scientology spy

    WATCH: California candidate Clay Bock stunned when he’s outed as Scientology spy at City Council meeting

    Raw Story - WATCH: California candidate stunned when he’s outed as Scientology spy at City Council meeting


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    A former Scientologist confronted a City Council candidate at a California meeting, where she revealed they both had been sent as spies by the group to harass one of the church’s critics.

    Paulien Lombard, who has since left the church, addressed a City Council meeting in Garden Grove, describing how she and candidate Clay Bock had been sent by Scientology’s spy wing, the Office of Special Affairs, to intimidate a man who’d been protesting outside the group’s “Int Base,” reported Tony Ortega.

    Ortega, who served as Raw Story’s executive editor from 2013 to 2015, reported that Lombard had described the mission — which targeted Francois Choquette — to reporters and city officials before, but she had never revealed her accomplice.

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  8. strativarius

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    I suppose it would be too much to ask that Bock's response to Paulien Lombard's statement would be anything other than the standard scientology issue informal logical fallacy of argumentum ad hominem.
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  9. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    At 4:45 in his response, Bock suggests that people Google "Scientology".

    Funny, I don't seem to recall the Church implementing a "Google Scientology" campaign.

    If I were Bock, right about now I'd be wording a response to OSA in my head something along these lines:

    "Hey, we already know that everyone in the room and who watches this video is going to Google Scientology so by my suggesting that they Google Scientology I'm representing that we are on the up and up and have nothing to hide."
  10. Murray Luther

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    Ha ha! Google Scientology? Right. That'll set the record straight, won't it Clay?
  11. Anonycat

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    She was so to the point and presented herself as rational and forthcoming. Then, he was struggling with speaking, and came off as a total nutcase. Also, trying to get people to accept scientology is a losing game. The only way to enjoy his little blathering speech is to take a shot of whisky every time he says "um".
  12. Knows

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    Clay Bock - FLUNK! FLUNK! FLUNK!

    Go immediately to ETHICS!

    Do not move up in Status or collect any stats!

    Your only terminal is Mike "Too Fat to FLY" Ellis, IJC!!

    You obviously have an MU on

    "ATTACK never DEFEND"
  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Anyone interested in this thread should familiarize themselves with the Scientology policies and practices of "Safepointing" and the PR (Public Relations) Series:


    PR Series 19R - THE SAFE POINT1

    The most important action to undertake when going about making a safe point is to carefully and painstakingly find out who exactly are the top dogs in the area in financial and political circles, and their associates and connections, and to what each one is hostile.
    Most important are the groups who survey out to be the key, real powers in an area. These persons may or may not be those who occupy high political or social positions. They may or may not be the titular heads of large economic concerns. Research and survey alone can determine this.

    One must learn carefully his Ps and Qs with regard to these people and take care not to step on their toes. Otherwise one can get tromped on hard, and will. This data must be learned and USED.

    To maintain your safe point when you have started delivery, it is vital that you be able to detect the SP/PTS characters on your delivery lines and HANDLE him, be he high or low in station, and get him out of the road. One such person acting against you in the midst of your safe point can undermine it totally.

    The organization known as Scientology is well known for making unsubstantiated claims of success with their many programs including Narconon,CriminonandApplied Scholastics, which in the end are all simply recruiting fronts for this group. Florida politicians and officials are now frequently associating with Scientologists and seeming to promote these highly questionable and controversial programs and organizations.
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    Just outta curiosity, I am wondering if this is the same Clay Bock who was on Riverside Mission staff in the 1970s. :confused2:
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    OC GOP endorses outed Scientology Spy Clay Bock for Garden Grove District 3

    Republican Party of Orange County endorses outed Scientology Spy Clay Bock for Garden Grove District 3.
    Republican Party of Orange County endorses outed Scientology Spy Clay Bock for Garden Grove District 3.

    OC Political - Live from OC GOP Endorsements Committee: Round 3


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Next up is Garden Grove City Council, District 3.

    Clay Bock says he is running because Mayor Bao Nguyen has attempted to legalize marijuana dispensaries in the city. He speaks of organizing the grassroots to get a 3-2 vote from the City Council against an effort to put such a measure on the ballot. He is a former Garden Grove CRA Unit President. He says his district is 54% Asian, and his opponent is a Vietnamese Democrat.

    Night asks why Bock did not sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

    Bock signs it in front of the committee.

    Night asks about Bock supporting completing the incomplete Galleria project.

    Bock explains it is now moot because it was purchased by a developer after he submitted his questionnaire. The developer is going to build a senior center. He supports the project provided no city funds are used for it.

    Night asks about the homeless in Garden Grove and specifically an encampment.

    Bock explains Garden Grove Police offer services, but many refuse. Bock notes the encampment is on private property behind an abandoned supermarket. He would support fencing it off though. He speaks of a jobs program that a Republican mayor in New Mexio implemented for the homeless.

    Huang asks about Bock’s questionnaire mentioning a $3 million deficit.

    Bock says that has increased to $4 million since he submitted his questionnaire. He notes the Great Wolf Lodge now brings in millions of dollars in revenue. He notes other resorts. He is not opposed to using Transient Occupancy Tax because it is better that something be built to bring in revenue than nothing be built with no new revenue. Bock adds on that he wants to drive out the 20ish marijuana dispensaries in the city because they bring violence, like armed robberies.

    Night asks why there is a city deficit when there is a 17% TOT with many 4-star and 5-star hotels.

    Bock says city staff told him 75% of the city budget goes to police and fire.

    Night notes the hotels are generally full and charge high prices thanks to their proximity to Disneyland.

    Gordon moves and Matthews seconds recommending Bock for endorsement since he is one Republican running against one Democrat.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  17. CommunicatorIC

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    Clay Bock's association with Scientology source of Garden Grove election controversy

    Clay Bock's association with Scientology source of controversy in Garden Grove election.

    Voice of OC: Two Political Newbies Square Off in Garden Grove’s District 3 Council Race


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Two Political Newbies Square Off in Garden Grove’s District 3 Council Race

    By Thy Vo 8 hours ago

    (Editor’s note: This year’s election is a pivotal one in Orange County as city council members in Anaheim and Garden Grove will, for the first time, be elected on a district-by-district basis. With that in mind, we will be publishing profiles of each council race in those cities, plus Santa Ana.)

    In Garden Grove, two first-time candidates are vying for the newly constituted District 3 seat in next month’s election: Clay Bock, the owner of a custom jewelry business who wants to cleanse the city of pot shops; and Thu-Ha “Diedre” Nguyen, a research scientist who says the city needs to improve its outreach to residents.


    In many respects, the District 3 race embodies the central controversy surrounding the move to district-based-elections in Garden Grove, as Nguyen supported the district map that was ultimately approved despite objections from others who said it split up a core Garden Grove neighborhood. Many of those who opposed the current district boundaries are throwing their support behind Bock.


    Bock’s association with the church of Scientology — he is chair of the local chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which denounces modern psychiatry – has been a source of controversy, fueled by comments against Bock at a city council meeting by a former Scientologist, and recent critical coverage in the OC Weekly.

    Bock has characterized the criticism as coming from special interests outside of Garden Grove and said his religion “doesn’t come into play in my city council race.”


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  18. CommunicatorIC

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    OC Register endorses Clay Bock with NO mention of him having been a Scientology spy

    Orange County Register endorses Clay Bock with NO mention of him having been a Scientology spy.

    Orange County Register: Bock, Klopfenstein for Garden Grove City Council


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The elections for City Council should be interesting this year in Garden Grove, which is moving to elections by district, rather than at-large, for the first time.

    District 3 pits jewelry store owner Clay Bock against research scientist Thu-Ha Nguyen for a two-year term. With crime in the city up about 40 percent, public safety is a big issue for both candidates. Ms. Nguyen’s lack of knowledge on the public pension issue, which plagues many cities and is particularly costly for public safety employees, coupled with endorsements from the local police and fire unions, gave us pause, however.

    The candidates disagreed over the controversial topic of red light cameras. Garden Grove and Los Alamitos are the only cities in the county to continue operating the intersection cameras – down from at least nine cities a few years ago, according to a July Register report. Ms. Nguyen said that she was fine with the cameras, and that they are “there for a reason.”

    But Mr. Bock had a different take. “I am not sure it’s effective in helping with traffic accidents,” Mr. Bock told us, adding that most of the revenue collected goes to the contractor operating the cameras. And the steep fines are “outrageous” and constitute “harassment” of citizens, he said.

    And though we disagree with his zeal for eradicating marijuana dispensaries, we think Clay Bock would be best-suited to improving the city’s business climate and public safety while maintaining fiscal responsibility.


    The Editorial Board recommends votes for Clay Bock in District 3 and Stephanie Klopfenstein in District 5 on Nov. 8.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  19. CommunicatorIC

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    Scientology member Clay Bock decisively defeated in bid for Garden Grove City Council District 3 Seat.

    Voice of OC: Garden Grove Elects First Latina to City Council


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Meanwhile, in District 3, Democrat Thu-Ha Nguyen scored a decisive win over Republican Clay Bock. Nguyen, a research scientist, garnered 64.3 percent of the vote; while Bock, a Scientologist, finished with 35.7 percent.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


    CITY OF GARDEN GROVE Member, City Council, District 3, Short Term

    Completed Precincts: 13 of 13

    ------------------- Vote Count Percentage

    THU-HA NGUYEN 3,029 64.3%

    CLAY BOCK 1,685 35.7%
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