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  1. Hatshepsut

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    Jeepers, this British mom was an auditor and a C/S and was informed she would be classified as an illegal pc AFTER she had made advance payments for her upper levels. So in order to not get declared she was supposed to walk away.. give up her dream of going up the Bridge, but let them KEEP all of her advanced payments or only use them for training? Is that correct?
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    It's Alex, I hope to see you tomorrow!
  3. Iknowtoomuch

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    The longer they keep this stuff up, the worse it looks.

    Nice work!
  4. scooter

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    My thoughts exactly - they appear as soul-less, heartless robots who are totally emotionally crippled and just cannot respond in the way any normal human would.

    Just like any other corporate goons-for-hire really.

    The more they "handle" with Scientology, the more they lose.

    Nice, eh?
  5. Kookaburra

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    Holy shit! They tailor made a law just for the Sea Org! :whistling:

    With this they could find SO management guilty of human trafficking for almost every SO member. :yes:
  6. Somehow I feel this is going to go absolutely nowhere - just my suspicion...
  7. AnonOrange

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    The police / county sheriff MUST do a welfare check for the individual. That will be done THIS weekend, with all the press around.

    This will be the start of very embarrassing moments for scientology.
  8. Alanzo

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    This is the perfect public test of their behavior.

    Let the whole world see them as they really are.
  9. AnonLover

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  10. AnonOrange

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  11. AnonOrange

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    Important update from Graham

    On WWP:

    I have just head from the sobbing ladies at the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division. The daughter was taken over to the Watch Commander by Scientology. He met with her alone. She told him that she did not want see her mother, she just wanted her mother and the protesters to go away, and that this is all very embarrassing to her. The Watch Commander concluded she was acting voluntarily and therefore would not force a meeting with the mother.

    Fellow lawyers, any one heard of a kind of civil habeas corpus type proceeding?
  12. AnonOrange

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    I bet she was wearing a wire and told exactly what to say. She was given the list of punishments (RPF, etc) if she didn't comply.

    I would demand that a psychologist/psychiatrist be able to see her.

    Let's hope that this commotion at HGB has cause others to wonder about their own situation.

    I presume that the latest law was not shown to the police officer as suggested by another poster:

    Penal Code §236.2, new on Jan 1 2009
    Law enforcement agencies shall use due diligence to identify all victims of human trafficking, regardless of the citizenship of the person. When a peace officer comes into contact with a person who has been deprived of his or her personal liberty, a person suspected of violating subdivision (a) or (b) of Section 647, or a victim of a crime of domestic violence or rape, the peace officer shall consider whether the following indicators of human trafficking are present:
    (a) Signs of trauma, fatigue, injury, or other evidence of poor care.
    (b) The person is withdrawn, afraid to talk, or his or her communication is censored by another person.
    (c) The person does not have freedom of movement.
    (d) The person lives and works in one place.
    (e) The person owes a debt to his or her employer.
    (f) Security measures are used to control who has contact with the person.
    (g) The person does not have control over his or her own
    government-issued identification or over his or her worker immigration
  13. Iknowtoomuch

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    The real issue here is she doesn't have a choice or she will also be declared. She can't remain a Scientologist if she connects back up with her mom.

    Is it her choice? Yes, but because that's what Scientology says she must do...or else!
  14. Lohan2008

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    FBI LA

    If you have information which you believe constitutes a violation of federal law which is investigated by the FBI and requires an immediate response. DO NOT SEND AN E-MAIL.
    Instead, call local law enforcement or the FBI Los Angeles Field Office at (310) 477-6565.
  15. Free to shine

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    This is all too typical and disgusting. Nothing straightforward like actually allowing a meeting for a family member, as would happen in the normal world! No, it has to be a secret, rushed trip behind her mum's back to the police, supposedly to head off any investigation or help from them. It will backfire...if not now, then at some point in the future.

    Also as has been noted on WWP, if daughter Mandy becomes too much of a PR problem, the cult may just 'spit her out'. That would be extremely hard on Mandy, yet in the long run may save her life.

    Suz, we have you in our thoughts. Good luck today. :hug:
  16. Voltaire's Child

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    She might have been pushed or coerced by CofS but what if she really didn't want to see her mother?

    That's not impossible, you know.
  17. Zinjifar

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    As we all know, Disconnection, even enforced Disconnection is completely voluntary. Even giving your wallet to a mugger is voluntary, as is 'voluntarily' taking an Auschwitz Shower.

    Only in about 2% of cases of enforced Disconnection is the Disconnector actually chained, locked in a room or forced to Disconnect with an arm twisted behind his back.

  18. Telepathetic

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    Keep up the pressure and the 'church' will eject her. Sooner or later,they will get rid of her.

  19. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Oh come on...do you not think a decade of brainwashing would have something to do with it? Being cut off from normal contact and having it 'indicated' that contact with your mother would affect your "survival" for long enough that it becomes your truth? Of course she bloody well doesn't want to see her mother right now, she has been trained not to! And I know what I am talking about in this situation. :grouch:
  20. Human Again

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    :faceslap: This makes it look to me like you are still brainwashed.

    I was in the same position as this girl many years ago. I too had rung my Mum once when things were really hard and cried on the phone. A few days later the pressure came off whatever had been the catalyst for the call and I was given a PTS handling - basically I was told my connection to my mother was why I was having trouble. I disconnected from Mum and did not see her again until I left the SO almost a decade later. After I left the SO I found out the devestating effect my disconnection had on my family. At the time their needs were completely unreal - it never occoured to me that it might be painful for her. This daughter is brainwashed, Fluffy - you're aserting her "rights" shows you don't get it. It makes me really mad. If the daughter really was OK and really fine, she could talk to her Mum and show her that she wanted to stay. In fcat OSA would prefer that handling, but the daughter cannot be trusted not to break down in the presence of her Mum. The COS cannot take the chance that the girl might want to leave. Is it really so unclear to you?

    I wish there were some way forme to help. I can't change my past but if I could help another Mum not go through what I put my Mum through...
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