Patricia Krenik-Indie Scientology Podcast#44

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  1. Andy Nolch

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  2. Andy Nolch

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    I have a nice and long chat with Free Zone auditor and founding Scientologist Pat Krenick. She has met LRH and has been involved with Scientology since 1951!

    A way to contact Patricia Krenik:

    The Indie Scientology Podcast has mind blowing guest interviews, Free Zone success stories, secret briefings and much much more. Hosted by Andy Nolch the space cowboy. Available on most podcast apps & Youtube. Remember, what you thought was impossible, is possible!
  3. Dotey OT

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    Lately I judge bullshit by the number of exclamation points used in their promo pieces. This one has two, a rather low number but significant in that there is no enthusiasm generated that I can feel. You probably need more exclams!! Here, I'll show you how it works:

    I'll bet you think she's been hoodwinked since 1979. No. 1965? No again. 1955? Nope. Try 1951!!!!!!

    See how it makes your spine tingle!!!!!! Wait, I can't stop!!!! What's wrong?!?!?!!!! I can't get it to stop!!!!!!! I'll have to get back with you later!!!!!!!! Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what's this about blowing guests!!!!!!?!!!!! Damn!!!!
  4. phenomanon

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    Secret Briefings? Oh, Boy!!!
    Secret Briefings get me every time!:flasher:
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    Help me understand. Do you make $ for youtube views? Are you trying to pay that grafitti fine?
  6. lotus

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    Are we supposed to remain stoopid a whole lifetime???

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  7. lotus

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    I just set my you tube channel and Will have mind blowing ex-scientologists on the show!!!!!
    ( !!!!!!!!!!! This is for @Dotey OT !!!!!!)

    My channel will be the sexy space Cowgirl
    Stay tuned !!!!!!