Paul Haggis suspects Church of Scientology is behind sexual misconduct claims

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    Not only does Paul Haggis suspect that but when I was looking into the comment sections of a number of stories it was obvious that most of the commenters suspect that as well. Many hundreds of them!

    Here's a sample of some of the comments on Yahoo News:

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    Deborah Rennard Defends Ex-Husband Paul Haggis Against Rape Allegations

    EXCLUSIVE: In the wake of several women coming forward with sexual assault allegations against Crash director Paul Haggis — charges he has denied — the filmmaker’s ex-wife asked Deadline to add her voice to the narrative, in support of her ex-husband. Deborah Rennard, a former actress perhaps best known for playing JR Ewing’s loyal secretary on Dallas, was married 12 years to Haggis and they have a son together. She grew up in the Church of Scientology and privately left the faith around the time of his highly contentious exit from the church. She said the end of their marriage happened for other reasons, unrelated to the church exit. They still work together: she reads scripts submitted to him and they co-produce some projects. Rennard said the family has been reeling since Haleigh Breest filed a civil suit last month accusing the Oscar-winning filmmaker of rape, and two other women have come forward with misconduct claims. Rennard said that because that civil lawsuit will take at least a year to play out in court, Haggis has told her he cannot speak for himself. Rennard said that given the times she saw Haggis stand up for others, she could not live with herself if she did not say something. In this slippery slope where men in Hollywood are being defined by media reports as opposed to criminal and civil trials, it is impossible for any journalistic outlet to assign guilt or innocence. But it seems fair to allow voices from both sides to be heard. Here is Rennard’s statement.

    See Full Statement:
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    That is my sense of the man, as his ex says. I suspect a frame. The co$ has done this before - Paulette Cooper, anyone . . .
    This may be the biggest :footbullet: ever fired by co$/o$a.

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