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    I'm looking for Objectives and book and bottle takes the cake or so they say.
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    Indeed it does.

    But that qualifies as a no-answer, PMD. You don't have to answer my question, but I just wanted you to know that I noted your response. :)

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    Paul's Robot Auditor: Basic R3X Released

    I have released the beta version of Paul's Robot Auditor: Basic R3X module.

    It is at

    Since it is one of my Robot applications, it has Rub & Yawn as a part of it, but R&Y isn't part of R3X. The 6-Direction process came from R3X, so that is obviously there, but there are no links to Rub & Yawn in the procedure apart from one for anaten ("shutting down"). I handled my dilemma by having an advice note that appears on many screens saying R&Y is an option if you wish. That way the purists can run R3X without doing R&Y and people who want to use it can. :)

    I tried to stick as close to the regular R3X procedure as I could.

    This Basic R3X version omits the pre-MEST shift handlings that will be available on the Full R3X module coming out in a week or so. There is no mention of whole track or past lives, although one can take the earlier-similars as early as one wishes.

    R3X includes locating an incident of ______, saying when it was, moving to it, spotting its duration, moving through it, saying what happened, running the 6-direction process on it, and repeating this until the incident is flat. One can take up earlier-similars if necessary.

    One can lock-scan, handling a series of incidents all at once if needed. The 6-dir process is what makes this lock-scanning doable.

    There is a shock moment handling, with run-through, 6-dir, and a multiple viewpoint handling of the shock moment, including the thetan/life-force/body/GE/whatever viewpoint and a pan-determined viewpoint of the incident.

    There is the special attention process, where a heavy incident can be addressed with the focus on "blank" aspects (suppressed, invisible etc. parts); efforts; emotions; thoughts; comm lines.

    At session end one scans out the session; then runs subjective havingness with mocking up eight anchor points, pushing them into the body, letting them remain where they are, or throwing them away; then objective havingness (spot an object etc., choice of 6 or 7 objective processes).

    This is all routine R3X stuff from Robert D--nothing special from me other than to Robotize it (and invent some obj hav processes).

    He never has any trouble with Clears running R3X.

    Me--I have never really been able to run Dianetics, right from the outset, and no, I wasn't some kind of bypassed Clear. I ran a few hundred hours of R3R in 1973-5, and I don't know if I ever ran one incident "properly", i.e. smoothly from beginning to end, like a movie. My attention would always jump around the incident in the most charged bits. I never bothered arguing with the auditor, and used to agreeably say yes, I had done the command, and they mostly erased OK. Personally I don't get anything out of the run-through part of R3X, but the 6-dir process comes right after that and I get lots of charge off on that. Especially if I use a bit of Rub & Yawn.... :whistling:

    Useful comments re this Robot R3X module pro and con welcomed.

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    The LovedOne module is now up and running at

    My intention is to make it easier for someone to communicate with a Loved One beyond the reach of simpler means like letters and phone calls.

    Maybe it's an old flame you've lost track of and can't find via Google. Maybe it's a dear friend or relative who died recently, or even not so recently.

    There's no guarantee it will work, but it will lend some kind of structure to attempts to communicate, and you never know, it might actually bear fruit for you.

    Similarly, although it is far less likely, it is not impossible that you could contact someone you were not really close to but know something of.

    There are three groups of commands: called excitingly A, B and C.

    Group A is about General Issues, a general clean-up; drills in sharing thoughts, emotions and "full images" (I didn't dare use 'holographic'); and a brief comment on telepathy and life after death.

    Group B involves cleaning up any charge with your Loved One: out-rudiments, disagreements, disappointments, incomplete communications etc.

    Group C are contact procedures, different ways you might be able to get in touch telepathically with the departed. The EP of the section and the module is the establishment of two-way contact, at which point you leave the module behind and are on your own.

    I mentioned these procedures briefly yesterday. This is from the "Notes on Running" on the Group C page:

    Comments are welcome, especially if after actually using this module.

    There is a 13.4 MB zip file of the module on the index page.

    This is my 1,000th post to ESMB. You get a possible way to talk with the dead, and I get a gold star. :)

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    I hope - when the time seems right - that you'll consider seeing a publisher about putting together a book - the old fashioned kind, sold in bookstores - but perhaps with CDs, etc., or even a new kind of "talking book"/portable 'Robot auditor' that people could carry around like a kind of I-pod.

    You'd need to write a 'Proposal', probably find an agent, and then try out various publishers, etc.

    Another more far out idea is a kind of 'Robot auditor'/I-pod-type/"chatty Cathy doll" - at an elementary level, of course. It might seem like a novelty, but would actually introduce people to certain beneficial, yet simple, ideas and actions.

    But no matter what, keep up the good work. It's inspiring and uplifting, and never boring.
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    Wow, the preload page just hosed IE7 it wanted to download and play all the clips in a looped fashion. I had to kill the session...
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    It is supposed to do that, so that the sound clips get loaded in your cache.

    They only play once each--they are not looped.

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    Can it be bypassed? It crashes both SeaMonkey and IE 7 on 2 of my machines?
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    Definitely warmer and softer than serpents' teeth.

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    In that case, I'm surprised you didn't hire some comely buxom wench with a sultry voice to deliver the commands, to get more punters in. :)
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    When I started with this I decided to just go ahead and get it online, and improve it in the future. Otherwise I would still be fussing with it.

    It would probably sell better with a sultry female voice, but....

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    .....well, you could always hold full costume auditions for the role and if you didn't decide to use any of them then too bad ............ :whistling:
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    Thank you very much for your support, Veda.

    I originally envisioned a genuine android-type Robot Auditor, but that would be for some long-distant future time of faultless speech recognition and even more sophisticated mechanical perception.

    I had thought about a doll-type application, but I couldn't think of how to accomplish anything useful. One additional barrier is the positioning: currently at least dolls are playthings, or items for entertainment, not sources of useful commands. :)

    A CD or downloadable series of tracks would be useful to some extent. It would be like the YouTube videos, which don't need to be video at all, as the information can be conveyed easily through audio alone. But a bit more adaptable, as you can program a CD player or mp3 player to play tracks in a different order, or repeat tracks as you choose. For an individual, it still wouldn't be as useful as clicking on links in the Robot Auditor application, but better than the one-size-fits-all of the videos. However, for playing to a group of 5 or 5,000 one needs a one-size-fits-all recording.

    I will release such in downloadable form before a CD. CD's aren't that expensive to produce, I mean properly with bar-code and jacket art etc., but the problem with a CD is that once it is done it is DONE. You can make another one, but it is a whole additional cycle, whereas a tweaked download becomes simply version 1.01 or whatever. And I want to do some tweaking based on extensive feedback before releasing a CD. But the downloadable thing is much more doable and I will produce one when I need it.

    I don't see how the book format as such is useful as an auditing tool. Web pages with hyperlinks, whether online or locally, work so much better than a book could, and with the penetration of computers into the world are not limited to the wealthy or technologically savvy.

    A book would be useful as a regular book, but it's really pretty boring to read about my stuff compared to doing it. :)

    If some reputable book publisher made me an offer that seemed to push in the direction of my overall goal, I wouldn't turn up my nose at it, but it is not top of my priorities right now.

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    (I just answered someone's question on an R3X list, and will repost it here in case anyone is interested. It includes some new aspects of one of my Robot modules that will be added fairly soon.)

    > For you who know more about this, would these incidents have come up
    > again or would the missed charge likely had continued to be overlooked
    > using R3R?

    I'll answer this slightly obliquely, and maybe offend some people along the way. :)

    I have various angles of address to topics in my "HeavyDuty" Robot Auditor module at

    These are different ways to focus on subjects while doing the 6-direction process. Some of them come from Robert's Special Attention Process. Apart from the general angle, which is just straight 6-dir on "your topic as it seems to you now", they are:

    1. Reach & Withdraw, for when the pc is overcharged and can't get near enough to the topic to run 6-dir on it;

    2. (General);

    3. Multiple copies, two or two million or whatever at the pc's choice, near or far, filling up a little of the space or infinite hemispherical space in that direction;

    4. Multiple viewpoints, the other viewpoints in the topic, singly or in combination, can include BTs etc. if the pc swings that way;

    5. Imaginary, whatever the pc can think of, to allow influences from past lives, spiritual beings from higher levels, other universes, whatever is on the fringes of the pc's consciousness and may be unreal in any other way;

    6. Confront, in its normal Scn use except here it is interwoven with 6-dir;

    7. Responsibility, in its normal Scn use except interwoven with 6-dir;

    8. Not-there, Robert's "Blank" SAP command renamed;

    9. Effort, basically the same as in Robert's SAP process, focusing on the 1st auric layer ("Etheric" in Barbara Brennan's terminology) aspects of the pc's topic;

    10. Emotion, same as SAP, focusing on the 2nd auric level, the "Emotional" Body aspects;

    11. Thought, same as SAP, 3rd level, The "Mental" Body aspects;

    12. Time-Shift, not from SAP, not done using 6-dir, shifting the time simultaneously in every incident in the topic incrementally forwards and backwards from nanoseconds up to the beginning and end of time and beyond if the pc wishes;

    *I haven't added the following ones yet to the online version but they will likely be there soon in this manner. Note that each level corresponds to a higher-level vibration than the one below it and so is harder to perceive and address. The "Rubbing" one does on these spiritual levels is sometimes more effective if done in a more gentle manner than normal, and can be as delicate as swaying the palms together and apart a few inches and feeling the interplay of the auric boundaries on the skin.*

    13. Spiritual (General), corresponding to the following four levels bundled together, useful if these levels are not too real to the pc;

    14. Spiritual 4, the 4th auric level, focusing on the "Astral" level aspects/beings of the topic, Spiritual love or connection to others, including a love for all humanity;

    15. Spiritual 5, the 5th auric level, focusing on the "Etheric Template" level (Divine will) aspects/beings of the topic;

    16. Spiritual 6, the 6th auric level, focusing on the "Celestial" level aspects/beings of the topic, Celestial love--love for all life and existence;

    17. Spiritual 7, the 7th auric level, focusing on the "Ketheric Template" level aspects/beings of the topic, being one with God or the All-That-Is.

    *There are a couple of cosmic levels above this which I may add in the future, but at the moment I don't know if they would address anything that would pertain to a pc's topic and so I am not including them with these spiritual levels which are relevant to topics if the pc's reality will include them.*


    I've found it possible to get charge off on all these aspects of a topic, as shown by a physical discharge while doing my "Rub & Yawn" procedure, charge that did not show up until that particular aspect was focused on. In other words, although some of the charge would come off from using the unadorned "general" form of the 6-dir process, some of it wouldn't until the specific aspect was zeroed in on. Just as in normal R3X some incident that had previously seemed flat would show up as still very live when addressed with the Special Attention Process.

    So, to finally address your question more directly, to the extent that these aspects (1-17) of incidents and topics are not addressed by R3R, they will not be discharged by R3R.

    Similarly, the underlying GPM aspects are not addressed by R3R, nor in my HeavyDuty Robot procedure, although of course they are (to some slight extent, anyway) in R3X.

    I hope this helps.

    And Merry Christmas to all. :)

    Caution: Just because it is possible to release charge from these aspects of a topic does not mean that it is desirable. It could be that addressing one of the more esoteric aspects of a topic--even though it will help with that specific topic--might bypass charge on the unaddressed similar aspects of all the other topics in a person's existence that have not had that aspect addressed. The Scn equivalent would be the idea of not running quad flows on a triples or singles pc without quadding up everything he has had run. I don't know if this is a problem or not. It doesn't seem to have been with me, but that is not exactly complete research. So I would suggest that it might be best to address these aspects of a topic to the extent that is needed to bring the desired level of relief and then leave that topic and address other ones, rather than try and see how deep it is possible to go on one particular topic. But it is all up to the individual, as usual. Do as you wish. :)

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    Some wins from an individual called "Robert" who's been using Paul's Robot Auditor for the past week and using the after-session form to send in feedback about each session. He has made additional comments, but these items in the "win" section of the form are the only bits I have automatic permission to publish. These are all from using the "HeavyDuty" comprehensive module at, apart from one from the LovedOne module.

    3/5 win: this was great! Thanks yawnguy!!

    3/5 win: quickly felt empowered

    6/5 win: went from overwhelmed to empowered in 4 minutes!

    6/5 win: started feeling upset, but now i feel very happy about what happened, no longer bothered by it.

    7/5 win: i really feel happy / every time i use the robot i feel more and more empowered and free

    7/5 win: realized the core reason for a long standing problem

    7/5 win: Accessed a bliss like state of laughter about something that used to be THE major problem in my life. Love it !!

    8/5 win: wow !! I realized and blew away layers to an issue that had troubling me for years. feel greatly freed up, and relaxed.

    8/5 win: took another longstanding negative thought form, and let go of many aspects of it that had actually acted like glue but I had never taken a look at before. it was extremely freeing. i feel very empowered that i never have to get stuck in that mind trap again ! AWESOME STUFF !!

    8/5 win: was able to go into session immediately when i needed one, and handle something that was upsetting me, and distracting me.

    8/5 win: feel much better!

    8/5 win: feel very happy and loving

    9/5 win: very profound session !! found a sense of personal peace present throughout my life.

    10/5 win: was doing on the topic of my wife, and I feel more in love with her than ever!!

    I still get a big kick from hearing about wins like this from people getting auditing from me while I'm sleeping or reading ESMB. :)

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    Very impressive!
    Nice one Paul! :thumbsup:
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    I just added another module, Dipoles:

    It is somewhat similar to NotTooShabbyPower, but allows one to take off charge from any pair of contrasting items, as chosen by the user. One can either use a pre-written pair or pairs, or generate a pair on the fly in session using a question designed to prompt a good pair to address at that moment. I have not supplied any list of pairs at all.

    There is no emphasis placed on an item or a pair being "the item": it is supposed to be more like listing Dianetic items than an L&N list, for obvious reasons.

    Having chosen a pair such as "be filthy rich/be miserably poor" or "be the best poker player in Chicago/lie at home and rot" (I told you it has user-chosen items :)) or whatever, one is instructed to "embrace the item" (the negative or positive item in the pair). This means get into the frame of mind of the item being a reality, feel the emotions that would go with that, as best you can without leaving the chair perform the bodily gestures that go with the item, and so on. While doing the usual Rub & Yawn procedure. When one has got off a yawn, then embrace the contrasting item in the pair until one gets off a yawn with that one. Then change again. Repeat till EP.

    I've found it quite good. If one tries to use items that don't discharge, say from some canned list from the very best of authorities :whistling:, then following the instructions one would rapidly dump that pair and try something else.

    It's a relatively small module, but there's a zip file linked from the index page as usual so it can be downloaded.

    Usual cost. :D