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  1. Cat's Squirrel

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    Are you claiming certainly on matters to do with the spiritual world? If so, how would you prove that was the case. to your own satisfaction?

    The world's full of people who believe they're certain about things, and a lot of them contradict one another.
  2. Cat's Squirrel

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    Further on this; I believe from my own experience that the Tech works, at least some of the time. There are people here, such as Ladybird, who have stated that Scientology does not and cannot ever work.

    Yet, on the evidence of her posts here, both of us would say we're certain about our beliefs regarding Scn.
  3. Free to shine

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    Veda said "We are not all anything."

    Makes perfect sense to me, pointing out a 'generality'.
  4. Cat's Squirrel

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    But if I'm saying none of us have certainty about a given area, and Veda contradicts me, then logically he or she is claiming that some people do have that certainty?:confused2:
  5. Royal Prince Xenu

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    The only shot I've taken at Paul's Robot Auditor is the idea of doing TR0 in fromt of a YouTube freeze-frame.

    As far as Chakras are concerned, I willingly back the existence of these significant energy points in the body. Medicine doesn't know everything about the body (probably not even 5%).

    If you are working on getting the energy flows right when it comes to your Chakras, you start with the Red for the Rude bites,
    Work a nice round Orange on those nicely rounded hips,
    Yellow approximately near your diaphragm (breathing, not contraceptive),
    Green through that jealous heart,
    Blue for the neck,
    Lavendar, purple, whatever for the third eye,
    and Finally WHITE light from the copy of the cranium.

    It is important to do these in the right order. Always start from the bottom (red) and work your way up (white). As for the "higher" colors quoted elsewhere on this thread, I cannot comment because I have not encountered them in my materials. I've experienced chakra work to undo a problem that would have required significant and painful surgery if it had continued. It still bothers me, but it's never been anywhere near as bad as it was prior to the "treatment".
  6. Mark A. Baker

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    Logically you are correct. However, most people do not routinely argue from a foundation of logic. Much more common is argument from a foundation of opinion and what appears to an individual as being "reasonable". Strict logic rarely intrudes.

    If more could argue strictly on the basis of logic there would be a good deal less "math phobia" in the world, as math is, to a large extent, simply the application of formal logic to symbolic systems.

    Mark A. Baker
  7. Dulloldfart

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    The TR-0 I have on there is basically a long Flash video. The longest is 10 minutes so far (still on lower levels, I haven't finished the whole thing yet). Somewhere in that time period, or actually three somewheres, there is a 1/10 second blip, a simple short word, different each time. If you blink, or have your attention stray for a moment, you could miss it. Let's say the three words are "pink", "red", "two". You then enter ".../pink_red_two.htm" in your browser and if you got it right you get a pass and if you got it wrong you get a flunk. It's quite effective as you really have to be paying attention to catch them all.

  8. Veda

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    You walked into a Scentology Org, sampled a tiny (non-representative) fraction of the subject of Scientology and became "a Scientologist for life."

    Does that sound logical?
  9. Dulloldfart

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    RAW4 is now online at Just over 300 files, about 10 MB, zip file available as usual.

    The "RAW" is for Reach and Withdraw, a familiarization process, which should be fairly familiar and I'm not going to go into it much.

    RAW4 is designed to make it easier for someone to become aware of the different parts of their body and their being. Some of the parts may be unfamiliar, and some may not even exist! However, the author does believe this module to be accurate. Decide for yourself. The "4" in the name refers to the four different "dimensions" covered here: the physical body; the auric bodies; the hara level; and the core star. As before, this is based on data from Barbara Brennan.

    I've described the aura bodies before. The hara level contains (supposedly!) three points: the tan tien, already familiar to martial arts exponents; the soul seat, also familiar to many under the erroneous name of "high heart chakra"; and the ID (individuation) point, known to very few. This haric level is the deep intentional level of the being, with the ID point being an energy vortex to the godhead and representing one's separation from the godhead for this current incarnation, containing one's life purpose. The soul seat contains one's deep longing to follow this life purpose; and the tan tien the will to put it into effect as well as the main intention behind putting the auric energy bodies and the physical body there. There is a line that ideally connects as one laser-straight line these three points and goes deep into the molten core of the Earth, but this line is often broken and the points not connected. In such cases one feels purposeless, adrift, cut off from something basic but usually one knows not what. There will be a drill to align these points in the next module--the Reach & Withdraw is an undercut to that drill.

    The core star is the deepest level of one's being, one's divine essence. By bringing one's consciousness to this area all sorts of good things can happen. Again, next module for procedures other than Reach and Withdraw.



    P.S. These R&W actions should have benefit by themselves and not simply be considered as some boring "set-up" action without inherent value. It is not like the waiting-in-line for hours before the show starts! I've audited about five hours total of these so far and think they are wonderful. The EP of a RAW4 session is not the usual "no more charge off and feeling calm/peaceful etc." The calm and expansive feeling of being exterior common to many of these Robot modules is pretty much a starting point in a RAW4 session, not an ending point.
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  10. Veda

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    This is most interesting.

    Sometimes I find that, when doing an exercise that involves - in some way - the less tangible or etheric aspects of life, it's useful - if it becomes necessary to restore wavering mental alertness - to observe, or permeate, or with imagination extend one's being (however one wishes to describe it) to a wider area, in the below examples that wider area being on the physical plane.

    One's immediate physical environment is an obvious possibility, and then one could become more adventurous, and explore some additional "auras":

    The thin film of atmosphere on Earth is a kind of aura, and a protective enclosure.

    The solar Heliosheath - which includes all the Sun's planets - is another aura, and also a protective enclosure. At dawn or dusk, if one looks at the sky, planets, that are less bright than some stars, are visible while the stars are not. This seems odd, until it's realized that the planets are within the Solar aura.

    The solar system in the Galaxy:
  11. Dulloldfart

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    My latest Paul's Robot module, SpotAnAngel, is up at

    It is about 400 files, almost all of them new, and in addition to being available online is also available for download there in a zip file of 40MB. It was supposed to be a slight detour from what I was working on a few weeks back, but ended up being much larger than I had first anticipated. There are many pretty pictures, but none of them are new so I am not showing any with this announcement.

    I find the procedure a lot of fun. It helps to have done some of the RAW4 module first, otherwise it is a bit too unreal. This way it is only moderately unreal. It is designed to improve one's ability to perceive what is in various realms not considered part of the everyday physical world, some of which contain spiritual beings who intermingle with us in our everyday life. Er, reportedly. And finally to exchange greetings with such beings once you have worked up the nerve. :)

    As I say, I like it and find it valuable. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  12. Terl

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    Excited to give it a whirl, Paul! I've been meaning to do something with the robot auditor but always put it off.
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow. *Determined*
  13. Pixie

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    Yes, me too, I'd be curious to spot angels being a Pixie and all that.. but indeed... one's fear as a result of the cult could have one run for the hills just as easily... must fight back.. must fight back...
  14. Dulloldfart

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    Er, great....

    This SpotAnAngel stuff is NOT entry-level, Terl. To get anywhere at all with it, which basically means perceiving someone or something that you think might not be imaginary after all, you pretty much have to be exterior, keyed-out, in an expanded state of consciousness, and all that good stuff, near the start of the session. The module itself isn't really going to put you in that state unless you are very close to it anyway.

    Start with the core version, and preferably the YouTube video to get familiar with the basic procedure and have some wins at it. Even if you're OTVIII. :). Try some other modules too if you have attention on anything to do with everyday life to discharge whatever you need to from those topics.

    Good luck. :)

  15. Terl

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    yeah, I wasn't planning on doing this right away. :) I just meant I was going to start on the auditor tomorrow. You suggested I do the reach and withdraw session, right? That's my plan.
    I actually did do the basic stuff on youtube, I just forgot because I was thinking about the sessions on your website as opposed to youtube.
  16. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    The ColorBreathing, ChakraCare, RAW4, and SpotAnAngel modules all deal with things not in the everyday world--they address aura levels, chakras, and esoteric things like that. They don't address day-to-day stresses, upsets, problems, failed marriages, how to communicate to your parents, etc. etc. Those regular things are covered by the Core, HeavyDuty, and R3X modules. Deeper things like dichotomies are covered by NotTooShabbyPower and Dipoles. Then there's LovedOne, which is designed to facilitate communications to people who've died, or are similarly out of touch.

    Reach and Withdraw is part of the HeavyDuty module, where one uses it on a topic that is too heavy to address with any other procedure, and the idea is one cools off the topic enough so that one can approach it with variations of the usual creative-processing type Rub & Yawn procedure.

    Reach and Withdraw is also the only process used in RAW4, but it is used to address not a topic but parts of the physical body or other three dimensions (aura layers etc.).

    If you are in pretty good shape case-wise, and have a lot of free attention and don't need to address issues from everyday life, yes, go ahead and get familiar with things using RAW4.

  17. Terril park

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    OK So you're a " standard tech" Squirrel extrordinaire. :)
  18. Dulloldfart

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    Of course. If you want to assemble an IKEA flat pack into the piece of furniture it's meant to be you follow the instructions exactly as written. If you don't, who knows what will happen? When you know enough about the subject to design and build your own furniture, you can start with an IKEA flat pack, toss out the bits you don't want, add in some bits you do, modify other bits at will, and still end up with a usable bit of furniture.

    Similarly with Paul's Robot and the Rub&Yawn modules--when you're very familiar with how they work, and you have a good grounding in the techs they are based on, then feel free to experiment. But to open up the first one you've ever seen, toss out part of the procedure because it looks weird, and maybe substitute something else, is just plain silly.

    That's my standard tech. Follow the damn instructions!

  19. nexus100

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    I tried the "Rub and Yawn" and it worked without question. It also provided a visceral idea of the relationship of body to spirit, valuable to me both spiritually and artistically. Yay, Paul!
  20. Dulloldfart

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    Great! Yes, I found it interesting how the "mental/spiritual" stuff discharges so visibly with the yawning etc.

    "Visceral" is an apt word. One of the Higher Sense Perceptions drilled in that SpotAnAngel module is the one using the solar plexus chakra, which gives one a vague intuition about the item, a gut feeling. Appropriate term. :)