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    Sure, you can quote me. :yes:
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    I've done Rog now.

    Guess I should put that name in italics. :)

    Computer-voiced Rog starts here: It is included in the latest zip file.

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    I just got a shock when a PaulsRobot3 page started talking on my iPad. Apple must have turned on the HTML5 background sound in iOS 6.0 as it didn't work before. There is a delay of a second or so, but it is an improvement.

  4. Spirit

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    Just did some Rising Scale Processing on version 3 and am rather BLOWN OUT! Hell yea!!! :thumbsup:
  5. Dulloldfart

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    There's a new zip file download on the downloads page at It's dated 2013-08-01 (today). Refresh/reload your browser if an older one shows up.

    New items not in the previous download are the rest of Expanded Grade 0 and three ACW modules: Ush (Alan's Unpleasant Sensation Handling, as revised by Roger Boswarva and Dexter Gelfand), Win (based on Alan's Celebration of Regained Abilities, States and Wins), and Win2 (his Future Alignment Process to be done on wins, regained abilities etc.). The audio is that cute computer-generated female voice and not the usual me.

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    I checked a few days ago and the sound in Safari doesn't work again, not in the desktop version and not on the iPad. Maybe the next version will work, maybe not. Who knows? I'm not going to keep track of it and send out notifications of the Safari changes, so we'll just leave it as a crap shoot. Apple takes your money and you takes your chance, or something. :biggrin:

  7. Indiescio

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    What an interesting and finely put together website! Approachable and practical to the non-Scio and blown alike. Very well done!

    I'm not sessionable atm but plan to try it out tomorrow. Going to approach the modules on a gradient scale and start out nice and easy, although I just finished reading some material from ACW and his "Clean Slate" processing so I may start there.

    I'll let you know how it goes after I give it my first go round. Would this be a good place to post my experience or should it go elsewhere?

    I do have another question about R3X. I get that it's best off of Standard Dianetics R3R (circa Dianetics Today) but where does the 6-direction process come from? I'm reading the material about handling charge and running incidents with it and I'm unfamiliar with it's origin. Is it more alike to Rub & Yawn or is it based on LRH Tech? I notice you use it in a lot of modules and I think, if my recall is serving me well :p, that you briefly discussed your wins using it (on another thread perhaps?).
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    My Success story from this morning's session:

    I enjoyed using the Rub & Yawn + 6-Dir process this morning. I had an upset with my 2nd dynamic and I feel like using PaulsRobot3 helped me blow off the charge on the issue. Before I started I was upset, annoyed, anxious, and sad about my topic (the upset incident). As I went through the procedure I recalled various parts of what had happened, how I felt, then while rubbing or stretching I visualised and telepathically put that data in the 6-dir per the commands. I started out by sighing and by having some realizations about my responsibility in the upset. Then I really got into mocking up the pictures and the associated feelings and by that time I was rubbing and yawning. After several minutes of some pretty good release I had a cognition about how whenever I dramatize the victim in one of these upsets I have very self sabotaging thoughts. I realized that I am my own biggest obstacle to being happy sometimes and cognited about how I am going to not cause these upsets anymore. They're not a fun game to play with my 2nd dynamic!

    I feel very good right now, I'm uptone and GIs. Before I started I would have rated the topic as 4/10 on a distressing scale. Now it's a zero. It doesn't bother me at all.

    Thanks Paul! I'll be coming back for more sessions very soon!

    ***I should note though that I am not able to submit an end of session report though. Using Chrome - could that be a glitch on my end or possibly an issue with the website?
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    Thank you. Glad you like it. Tell your friends. :biggrin:

    Sure, here's fine.

    The 6-direction procedure was developed by Robert D for use in R3X (his development). He derived it from Hubbard's work.

    Rub & Yawn is not native to R3X (or Robert, or Hubbard) at all. I developed it all on my lonesome. However, I find R3X and many other procedures work much better with Rub & Yawn liberally (= lots) added. I recently realized that sex is a natural Rub & Yawn activity too: the rubbing is obvious, and the energy discharge (orgasm etc) is pretty obvious too; hopefully the energy exchange results in post-coital calmness etc.

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    Thanks for the success story. I just checked the after-session form, using Chrome. It works if using the online session pages; it works if using the pages downloaded to one's computer *provided that* you are connected to the internet when you press SUBMIT; it doesn't work if you press the form SUBMIT when you are not connected to the internet. Browser choice shouldn't affect these three results.

    I see you already figured it out and submitted a form. Thanks for that. I'm always happy to add to my sample session worksheets (at if you're feeling brave. If you do that, please be honest (not suggesting that you wouldn't be but this isn't the cult. :)). I don't have any session worksheets for Psycho, which is a really juicy module. Or several others.

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    On this first try I didn't keep session notes. But if I do in the future than I'll happily submit them.

    Funny enough I was with a friend today, and he was talking about anxiety & nervousness on the subject of being in school again now that the semester is starting up. I sat him in front of his laptop, briefly explained a bit to him (sharing my own win), and had him run the R&Y 6-dir process on that feeling. After about 45 minutes he discharged all the negative mental energy on those feelings he was having. He cognited that he could handle his course work if he didn't waste any time or attention on limiting beliefs.
    He said it was a new experience for him although a bit unconventional. He was GIs and up on the tone scale - saying his anxiety had gone from a 6.5 to a zero!

    Thanks for the wins with your program, Paul!

    Which of your processes do you think could be run solo on an auto meter? I have a Theta Meter and it's fully digital and automatic. Hands free metering. Now obviously Rub & Yawn isn't feasible because there would be too many body reads (even with solo cans). Although admittedly I am more interested in watching the Tone Arm and seeing what the TAA is at the end of session. That sort of thing. Just thinking aloud.
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    Good stuff.

    Hmmm. All my stuff is intended to be used without a meter. That is not a "second best" decision. I think it works better without a meter, even a thetameter (I have one, as well as a C-meter). Let's look at why. The meter is intended to be used for:

    1. Determining by instant read (or tone arm motion) if a subject is charged, and which of alternative items is the most charged.
    2. Determining when to stop a process that has been running well, by flattened TA action, and "cog F/N VGIs" etc.
    3. Measuring the amount of "case gain" by TAA recorded.

    If you look at some of the e-meter threads on ESMB, you'll see some of the troubles over meter use. Some examples are taking the meter data in preference to pc data; misreading the meter (missing actual reads and taking up improper reads); throwing away TAA recorded during periods of high gain because of the "body motion" that naturally accompanies such moments! (laughter, moving around, yawning etc); getting interiorized into the meter and not having attention on what you are auditing; and much more.

    Cog F/N VGIs isn't an EP of any of my procedures. They mostly depend on locating a charged topic by interest and physical indicators (yawning etc); then running it until there are no more such yawns, sighs etc; then stopping with that topic. Then either end session or go onto another topic as appropriate. I don't use cogs as an indicator of when to end off. Here's my general "Realization" page:

    This is a video of me doing a (mental) Reach & Withdraw session, first without Rub & Yawn and then with. I'm hooked up to a meter using finger electrodes but I can't see the meter needle/dial while auditing. You might say but seeing the meter is the whole point! But remember that I'm just curious to see what would show in a session, not using the readings as an indicator of what to do next in session.

    And here's a "metered" NotTooShabbyPower session, again where I can't see the meter during the session:

    The PaulsRobot version in use there has been discontinued. PaulsRobot3 is better.


    My real answer to your question is that you can use any of the modules/procedures in their proper form while on a meter as long as it is not visible to you during the session! As soon as you start using needle/TA manifestations as an indication of what to do next in session you are no longer doing one of my procedures but doing something else. I can't stop someone from screwing around with my procedures and in fact suspect that very few people can manage to follow the instructions as written. I wouldn't mind if someone experimented with something different after following the instructions exactly as written for a good while first, but it seems that it tends to just be slop and know-best, and so the person never finds out what the actual module does when one follows the instructions as written. Shame.

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    New download!

    A couple of hours ago someone emailed me to say that the audio didn't work in the PaulsRobot3 RAWRogers module. So I checked and discovered that 22 audio files were missing. Ahem. It wasn't that someone stole them: I had simply omitted to put them there in the first place. So I fixed it. I copied/pasted in the required audio files into the online version, and also updated the zip file for the download version.

    I've tweaked a few other pages since 1 August, but I haven't changed the name of the current download file at all. If you haven't updated your download version lately, now is a good time. The link in my signature still works, and it now points to the zip file I uploaded a few minutes ago.


    Oh, someone explained to me why the audio won't work with Firefox and Opera. That is because they require HTML5 pages like mine to use ogg vorbis audio files and not mp3s. I tried one of my pages after converting the mp3 to an ogg file and it worked fine in Firefox, Opera and Chrome (still), but not Safari or IE. But I am not going to make up an entire 320 MB version of PaulsRobot3 that works on Firefox: if someone can't be bothered to spend a couple of minutes downloading and installing Chrome, well, so be it.

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    I support this
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    One advantage of having an online-only PaulsRobot, as I had with the now-discontinued PaulsRobot2 for a couple of years, is that one can easily see how many people make use of it and for how long. Which was interesting and at times disheartening.

    With PaulsRobot3 I pretty easily get to tell how many times it has been downloaded, but I cannot tell how much it gets used once downloaded. And I can't be bothered to try and decipher the complex web analytics provided by my hosting provider to see how much online use it gets for sessions.

    Just for the record, here are approximate download numbers for the past year of the 300 MB zip file:

    Jan 2014...18
    Dec 2013...60

  18. Alle G

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    Don’t be disheartened, Paul.

    I think lots of people use your work without going on your website, for example rub and yawn. Non-scientologists are not used to obeying commands at all times, so they don’t take verbal commands that seriously.

    It would be amazing if instead of a meter some physiological measurements were taken before and after the session, I don’t know – some hormones, cortisol, serotonin, dopamine, maybe even insulin. Are there some easy measurement like saliva and litmus paper?

    I also think it can have a module designed for weight loss, it would be funny if it works, anyway it should (IMHO) be superior to say Gabriel’s Method, which apparently works.
  19. Dulloldfart

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    I wouldn't be at all surprised about sessions affecting endorphin levels, but I wouldn't be too interested in experiments to quantify same. In my opinion, the "feeling good" that accompanies discharging something is a mere byproduct of the important action, although it is often a reliable indicator that the important stuff has occurred. It's certainly not the main goal of the session, at least, it shouldn't be. (Although if someone NEVER feels good, never never never never never, then it could be a valuable end in itself.)


    Weight loss? Hell no. :). Apart from the risks inherent in stepping over the hallowed "medical diagnosis and treatment" line, I don't see that it would be that effective.

    Now, one possibly excellent weight loss product is electronic food, created for next to nothing using my mucho cheapo "food replicator." In brief, one transfers the electronic essence (so to speak) of food into water, using a device one can create for a couple of bucks, and it takes maybe ten minutes to effect the transfer. A few drops of this electronic food acts on the body to some extent like having taken the food. At least, it did with me. So instead of eating a cheese omelette for lunch, you have the electronic version and don't feel hungry all afternoon. It's unlikely that one gets the same nutritional benefit, but it's a relatively painless way of eating less.

  20. Dulloldfart

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    I've just uploaded a new PaulsRobot3 zip file dated 2014-02-02, link in my signature. There are no major changes, no new modules, but some more typo corrections and updates.