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    Dex Gelfand Goes Cyborg

    In a PaulsRobot first, we now have a module voiced by someone other than myself and Lucy.

    dex2.jpg paul.jpg lucy2.jpg

    Ush2 (Unpleasant Sensation Handling 2.0) features Dexter Gelfand in his first RoboDex role. Dex is a well-known professional auditor, and has now branched out into the netherworld of Roboauditing.

    This latest module is live online, and also included in the latest zip file download linked in my signature.

    Who will be next?

  2. Dulloldfart

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    Now joined by American-accented Heather, voicing Antago, my latest addition to the PaulsRobot repertoire.

    This Antago module is aimed at discharging antagonistic items. These may include people, places or things, past and present. It is not a lick-and-a-promise approach, in that one heavy item might take a dozen hours or more to completely deal with. Or a very light item might take five minutes or less. In session, the procedure will allow you to choose an item to address first. You may then choose from two avenues to address that item:

    • Rizzo, comprising three procedures (Reach & Withdraw, 6-Direction process, Rog) most useful for heavy items, from which you may choose one or more to use
    • Mega, comprising 15 PaulsRobot modules (Core, Rog, HeavyDuty, Morph, BasicR3X, Dipoles, Psycho, Ruds, Int/Ext/Stay by Groups, FDS, Slate, Pono, Prez, Ush, Ush2) covering the widest possible range of approaches, out of which you may choose one or more to use.
    The idea is to bang away at the items one by one with as many approaches as it takes until you're not bothered by them any more. There is also an option of giving a now-discharged negative item a positive treatment.

    Antago is available online at, but for best results download the latest zip file (link in signature) and avoid internet latency, fancy words for delays in the audio.

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    Here's a new module, ID at That's ID as in identity, not Id as in Freud. It's based on a recently published 21-step program from Dexter Gelfand, who says he's been getting great results with it on his clients.

    It addresses "identities," which seem to be those enduring personally-created subtle-energy structures that are called "valences" in a certain cult-speak. There's always a language problem when trying to describe what's happening once we get down to a nitty-gritty level.

    It is voiced by my good friend Lucy, a tireless worker always on hand, who never complains and does what she's told most of the time. My voice is getting a bit shaky these days and anyway, it seems kinda appropriate to have her do the honours.

    For anyone who's curious, here's the Main Options page. It shows the commands for, and links to, most of the steps:

    Anyway, it's all free of charge and available 24/7 as usual. I've updated the download link for the overall zip file in my signature here.

    Enjoy. :)

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    This sounds really interesting.
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    I noticed upon clicking the link to the summary by Dex, that he mentions the term 'game sphere'. I recognize the term from Enid Vein.

    Dex has as one of the questions 'what process is stated identity running on others'. I've noticed on occasion that I get real real upset when I've been entrapped by another....stuck relationally playing opposite their needed drama.

    A common complaint heard voiced is "I don't wanna play any of your stupid games." People don't wanna play games which aren't of their personal choosing. Unfortunately, games that are impelled to be acted out, often require multiple players. But does one get conscripted against his personal inclinations? How is a person captive to a role or forced in to valence. I think FORCE is the word here. For instance you can 'make' someone wear the victim role by attacking hard enough. If you can envelop him into your games sphere that makes you the clobberer and him the clobberee. Yeaaay.. You can make yourself right by scorning and punishing someone. It's a relational dance. There are necessary valences in the game which is also a valence. Each aspect is unknowingly occupied by some life force. Why aren't we like Teflon when corraled into roles by antago forces. Why do we 'shift'. It's a manipulative dance I tell ya.

    A valence is an a game..... is a valence. A blade of grass is playing the game of being a blade of grass said the Zen master( Alan Watts). If I wan't to play lawnmower man...I need something in the role of the grass. No volunteers? Then I ' make' someone into that valence or identity by chicanery. Or I just project the 3D holographic all over the unsuspecting person. Whummmph. I have seen someone let fly....issue forth.... multiple beings upon a person in order to embed a character role because of a need to dramatize. Psychotics have the incredible energy to do this to wrong targets who remind them of....( And everybody reminds them of....) Each viewpoint can be a different character HELD within the bigger game valence. The erupted smattering of energies can hit and overwhelm the chosen target. Then you can go around feeling kinda not like yourself and in some vague bubble....a universe not quite of your own making. It feels slightly 'off'.

    It's good I think that the session has a person look for the common denominators which might place all the identities on one stage. I like that. I have felt huge rollercoasters when observing I was trapped 'inside' a valence or a construct. Being overwhelmed and inside is like the planet being locked into it's role within the solar system. Some of the game roles of the 'holders' which don't let anything escape the cog/ wheel relationships are noticeably 'heavy'. Here are found the distinct intentions....the causers and not the receivers amongst the identities.
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