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Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by Anonymous Scientologist, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Are there any oldtimers or researchers out there that have any information on Peggy Conway, a South African entertainer who became an auditor in the 1950s and was a "longtime friend" of Hubbard. She died in 1957 and Hubbard talked about her in the tape "Individuation", using her death as an example of what can happen to a person who's withholds are not cleaned up. He also wrote a poem, "Eulogy for a Friend" which has been published in the Ron the Poet/Lyricist mag.
    I would also like to find out if there are any pictures from the early days of Dianetics where she is included and identified. Thanks!
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    LRH named his 7th and last child, born on June 6th, 1958, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard.
  3. So far as I know Peggy Conway was from the USA. At the end of 1956 (I think December) I was on what we were told was the "trial" for the communication training drills, which were then called "Dummy Auditing Drills" at the London HASI. Mary Sue Hubbard and Peggy Conway were on the course. Rosina Mann ran it, and we understood she conferred with Ron everyday. I understood that Mary Sue and Peggy were close friends.

    All best wishes, Ant
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    Apparently her name was Lavinia (Peggy) Conway

    Whatever is on the net under "Peggy Conway" can be found here

    "Peggy Conway" scientology"Peggy+Conway"+scientology

    and here:
    "Lavinia Conway" scientology"Lavinia+Conway"++scientology

    Good luck!
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    What happens to a person whose withholds are not cleaned up? Wow - there is hope for Captain Black Heart David Miscavige to exteriorize into something!! LOL:yes: He is withholding a whole shit load of stuff!:omg: Everytime he walks in his John Lobb Loafers that some member donated $5,000 and went without a car for a year - the World is restimulating Miscavige's withhold. When he eats food - he gets restimulated - his team mates are eating slop.

    Wow - the withholds are bloody and messy. Hurry Slappy - exteriorize please?

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