Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin - Passes Away

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by tr8theta, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. tr8theta

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    Every once in awhile we hear about the passing away of some legend be they a singer, actor, sports figure even Scientologist whom we knew and perhaps even admired. This got me sadly thinking about how all of us who got into SCN and/or the Sea Org with great heartfelt enthusiasm, expectations and high hopes for contributing to a better world...and then at some point decide to leave or if you were a staff member route out, blow or worse have to "escape" from horrific circumstances experienced during the interim.
    It really is a shame things had to turn out this way.
    It's like when you found out as a little kid that there is no Santa Claus but to the 10th magnitude on steroids
    (crappy analogy, sorry)
    I don't know exactly what awaits us in the next phase of our existence after we drop the body in this earthly world...but I just want to say that I sure hope it's better "there" and I wish everybody here the best in their current life experiences. Just feeling a bit melancholy today. TR