Reconciling post-Scientology life with the fear of getting Declared

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Zoe, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. Zoe

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    I am looking for stories of people who are able to successfully maintain family relationships with those still in. For me, a pretty fundamental part of this is flying low and not getting declared, because it's pretty hard to stay in touch with someone who has disconnected from you. Yet, the more I read and listen, the more I want to be able to speak out and share my own story. My story isn't drastic, and that's why I feel like it's important, because it shows how the 2nd gen (and 3rd and so on) has an even harder time of it. I have been listening to the "Growing up in Scientology" YouTube series, as these stories are very relatable and have been getting some major TA! I am trying to reconcile the changes in viewpoint and belief I am going through with the knowledge that my beliefs must be kept absolutely secret if I hope to keep my family. I hate this, as I feel like it is preventing me from being honest and May slowly destroy my family relationships anyhow as I'll be living a lie.
  2. Enthetan

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    Over the long run, it may be better for your family and relationships to just stay "under the radar", and be there for when others of your family decide it's time to leave. Scientology appears to be on a final spiral.

    One CAN operate in a state where people know you have lost interest, but you aren't making an issue of it, and so the org leaves you alone rather than pushing the matter. Keep in mind that, from the org's viewpoint, they can't ever be sure that declaring you won't result in some of your family deciding to leave with you, rather than disconnecting.
  3. Knows

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    Scientology prevents people from being honest.

    You will always be living a lie if you are connected to Scientologists.

    Scientologist's - ALL of them...except for Slappy - live double lives.
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    There is a member of this board - user name "Intentionally Blank" - whose spouse was a scientologist while Intentionally Blank (Blanky) is a never-in.

    Blanky had to keep his/her membership of this board a secret and maintain good roads/good weather communication whenever the subject of scientology was mentioned at home.

    Look at this thread, posting number 130, to see a wonderful outcome:
  5. xenusdad

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    I have an ex SO brother (so you can imagine where he is in the Scientology scheme of things!) and we can talk about anything except the S word. :)