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  1. Re-Oriented

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    Hi everyone...

    Larry Anderson here of "Orientation" fame (or perhaps more aptly, "infamy"). It is a rare thing for me to post on Scientology-related blogs or forums, but I felt compelled to reach out to the "Ex" community and share an urgent message about a remarkable experience I had last night.

    I had the great privilege of attending the final "preview performance" of a truly brilliant and razor-edged work of theatre penned by former Church-member, Allen Barton. The play is called "Disconnection" and it's officially opening tonight (1/24) at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and runs Fri, Sat, and Sun evenings through March 1st. Run... don't walk... to get tickets to this play. Or better yet, go here:

    You have only 14 opportunities (performances) to experience this extraordinary work which is why I rushed home to get this notice out without delay.

    I won't spend time here providing details about plot, setting, or even the fascinating story of what motivated Allen to indict the CO$ so audaciously in this piece. For that, please check out these posts on Rindersblog: and the Underground Bunker:

    Instead, I will just state that throughout two mesmerizing hours of theater, performed by six extraordinary actors under the guidance of their skillful director, Joel Polis, Allen Barton leaves no stone unturned and deftly exposes everything from Church recruitment tactics, LRH's falsified history, stalking and harassment of defectors, Gerry Armstrong, the Hole, staff beatings by the "Chairman", the RPF, the relentless money grab to sell lectures, meters and services, declaring people SPs, the outright perversion of "the greatest good for the greatest number", the journey from finding one's ruin to the creation of a full-blown mind-controlled robot, and of course – Disconnection (the main thread that affects each character in the play) including an astonishing monologue from The Founder himself.

    Allen Barton has accomplished something truly extraordinary with his brazen indictment of Scientology and its corrupt Management. He has successfully pared the Scientologese and cult esoterica to a minimum and found (for the most part) the "wog" means of expressing these concepts. Regardless of the make-up of the audience, the experience is an altogether disturbing, thought-provoking, fascinating, and frightening one (speckled throughout with wonderful moments of humor and irony), that can be enjoyed equally by those with first-hand experience in the sect and those with only fleeting awareness of the subject.

    If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, or were planning a visit sometime in the future, or, if you have the freedom and the wherewithal to just pick up and go, make every effort to get here in the coming month to see this play. It's an experience you will not forget. As an ex-Scientologist, "Disconnection" struck me at my very core and moved me to tears.

    Larry Anderson

    TR Film.jpg
    Allen – also a fine actor – starred in the cult Tech Film "Auditor Beingness", circa 1998. Here he is with Jason Beghe, myself, and Jeff Pomerantz, playing supporting roles as Church execs.
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  2. AnonyMary

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    Larry Anderson Review of Allen Barton's "Disconnection:

    Hi Larry! Good to see you popping in to ESMB!

    Thanks so much for posting your review of Disconnection and lending such encouragement that others attend these limited performances. I wish I could see it but I am on the East Coast and not able to get out there for this. I am hoping there will eventually be a video of the show, like Roslyn Cohn made for her "diffiCULT to leave" performance which Allen was very supportive of.

    Like I did with Roz's show, I will do what I can to help promote Allen's show and this terrific review of yours.

    We also have a running thread here called Allen Barton's play "Disconnection opening in L.A., so I also will post a link to your review over there.

    Again, thanks and do drop in now and again. You have lots of fan's here, myself included. :)

    Mary McConnell
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    Will it be filmed Larry?

  4. Cherished

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    Larry Anderson - Allen Barton's "Disconnection" "struck me at my very core"

    Larry Anderson just sent an email with the following message:

  5. Re-Oriented

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    No idea - that's a call to be made by Allen and The Beverly Hills Playhouse. But that can be a complicated matter due to having to get the actors to sign off on it as there is no pay involved and they agree to have their work presented in the venue of the Playhouse only. Any recording of the work brings in issues of fair remuneration for their talent and time. The Playhouse would require a sponsor to pick up the cost of that no doubt, if it were ever to find itself on tape or film for public exhibition.

    In the case of Roz Cohn I believe she was the only performer and of course she can do whatever she please with her recording. Although I believe she had a music collaborator who would have to sign off on it.
  6. Little David

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    Was the premier being on the anniversary of LRH's death coincidence?

    I've cross posted Larry Anderson's review onto DBZ, OCMB and WWP.
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  7. Sindy

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    What an incredible review. If I could fly to LA right now, I would. I'm sorry I will not get to see this show. You've really piqued my interest and I'll be sure to tell all the people I can -- who are close enough -- to go see this now!
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