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Discussion in 'In Memory Of...' started by Smurf, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Smurf

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  2. AnonyMary

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    :omg: Maria.. beloved by many for her bravery and determination in exposing the truth about Scientology. Even in recent years she was being harassed by the church for her efforts. This is a very sad day for many critics of the cult.:bigcry:

    The internet is filled with so much about and by her.... here are some essentials
    Maria Pia Gardini - to OT VIII
    I, Maria Pia Gardini declare as follows:

    OT VIII, Class 9 Auditor Exposes Scientology ( includes Xenu-tv video interview)

    :rose: R.I.P. Maria. You did real good.
  3. Lurker5

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    Thank you, Maria. Rest in Peace. :rose:
  4. Purple Rain

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    She seemed like such a nice lady. It's sad that she threw so much of her life away on the cult.
  5. Sindy

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    I'm sorry to hear this news. I did not know Maria but my sense of her, from the periphery, was that she was still seeking justice from the cult regarding her experience with it personally.

    All I can say is Maria, you did much to exact that justice and we will continue. May you finally get some peace. Thank you for standing up to the beast well before I realized I had to.

  6. Krautfag

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    Oh damn! :(
  7. Claire Swazey

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    Oh no. I'm very sad about this. I'm glad she was out and speaking up about the cult before she passed away, though.

    Maria Pia Gardini will be missed.
  8. secretiveoldfag

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    So sad. First she lost her daughter, then Scientology, Inc. stole all her money, and then she realised she'd been conned. But then she did good.

  9. Karen#1

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    Maria Pia Gardini ~~ Freedom Fighter.
    She was horrible abused financially by the FSO – horribly.
    The reg Dave Foster actually slapped her across her face in a Reg cycle when she was a *Sea Org Member* for not coughing up more money. She was regged for $1 million dollars in one week, taking most of her inheritance and the last million including all her real estate and more.....

    BUT more horrifically she was denied the right to visit her daughter as she was dying. She did not complain and grow bitter at THAT point. She was on the ship doing OT VIII and she voiced that to others.


    Then Maria decided to write a book. Unlike American Authors like Nancy Many, Marc Headley, Amy Scobee and Jeff Hawkins, who have had no litigation, Maria Pia Gardini had attempts to shut her up by OSA and Scientology Inc. litigation

    Read more
    more quoting
    The Daughters of St. Paul in Italy are taking a courageous stand against the Church of Scientology. Their publishing house recently issued the second of two books by Italian Catholic Maria Pia Gardini, who is a former Scientologist.

    The publishing house has just published a second book by her exposing abuses within the Church of Scientology.

    The Church of Scientology in Italy has announced it has instigated legal proceedings for libel against Gardini and those who have assisted her.
    In bringing this lawsuit the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige risk the enmity of millions of Catholics around the world, particularly since the organization forces all women, both married and unmarried, working for their elite Sea Org management organization to abort their unborn children.

    Imagine the arrogance of the "Church of Scientology: filng a law suit in Rome, in the shadows of the Vatican on an Italian Cult survivor, and believing that an All Roman Catholic jury would rule in the Cult's favor !


    Rest in Peace Maria Pia Gardini, fly high
  10. MostlyLurker

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    Thank you for all you did Maria Pia.
    You will be remembered. With love.

  11. Idle Morgue

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    This is sad news. :bigcry: I did not know her but she had courage to speak out and deliver her blows. I am buying her books, in honor of a real lady with integrity!

    Debbie Cook - please send a sympathy card - hopefully you have some now that you are out of the Cult! If you were paid off to shut up - you are using her money. I wish you would speak up and do the right thing! Bring the cult down!

    I understand that they audit it out in Scientology - but it does come back after one is out - normal human reactions and emotions!
  12. Stat

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    Thank you for the links, AnonyMary.
    My wife and I just learned more about the fraud called OT levels.

    Maria is gone, but her experience is still here for everyone to learn from.

    Thank you Dear Maria and Rest In Peace. :rose:
  13. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    "Deh, quando tu sarai tornato al mondo,
    e riposato della lunga via,'
    seguito il terzo spirito al secondo
    'ricoditi di me che son la Pia:
    Siena mi fe; disfecemi Maremma:

    "I pray thee, when thou art returned
    and rested from the long way',
    the third spirit followed on the second
    'do thou remember me, who am la Pia.
    Siena gave life to me, Maremma undid me'."

    Dante Alighieri 1308

    In loving memory of Maria 'la Pia' Gardini

    Good bye, dear Maria. Ci manchi.
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  14. dianaclass8

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    Maria was a brave soul who meant well and got ripped off. But she will not be forgotten, we will carry her fight.

    May she rest in peace, she is with her beloved daughter now.
  15. Reasonable

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    In declaration #2 Maria details a monumental “reg cycle” in which she was coerced into turning over a million dollars for a project to bring Italian auditors to Flag to train to Class 8, only to find that not one Italian Class 8 was ever made with the money she had donated. Yet the Commanding Officer of the Flag Service Organization, Debbie Cook, bought a new $40,000 car with the commission she made from Maria’s coerced donation

    Shouldn't Debbie Cook be returning this money now that she is an ethical independent Scientologist following LRH's true goals and intentions?:confused2:
  16. AnonSunshine

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    My dear Maria:
    You are now with your beloved daughter and your experience in this Cult said it all.
    Rest in peace now.
    :rose: :rose: :missyou:

  17. Ann O'Nymous

    Ann O'Nymous New Member

    Maria Pia fought against illness the way she fought against scientology: with a passion.

    During this period, she managed to publish two books: one about a love novel based on a true story in her region and one about magicians abusing people in Italy.

    She gave scientology millions and earned them perhaps as much as a top auditor in flag.

    A great lady, really.
  18. HSSC

    HSSC Patron

    Sorry I came late on this thread.

    I knew Maria way before Scientology,when she was a movie producer. I was a dear friend of her daughter as well.

    The period I was FSO staff she took care of me like a mother would,she would give me extra cash to buy socks or get some food.She would listen to me,like a good friend does,without betraying me.

    few years ago she asked me if she could write a book about my scientology/SO experience and my love story within this period. I agreed only because it was Maria Pia to write it and because I knew it would help others not to make my mistakes.

    She gave much more than she received. Always. She worked hard and relentlessy. After she exposed the scam about Flag and the Freewinds she has been harassed by OSA for years, even physically.

    Like someone wrote earlier she was a fighter, she really cared for others. Maria Pia earned no money from the books she wrote,furthermore she spent of her own traveling around Italy exposing the truth. Her only income source was a little retirement fund.

    I don't think she will actually rest in peace,she'll be up there helping us fighting against suppression.

    You are missed,everyday.

  19. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    God Bless And May she rest in Peace. I remember her story (youtube video) about running into Miscavage and the other leaders gambling and drinking at a casino

    "You will read about Maria’s incredible journey up the so-called Bridge to Total Freedom, and you will also learn that the night she attested to OT8 she went into a gambling casino in Nassau, where the Freewinds was in port, and found David Miscavige, Guillaume Lesevre and Ray Mithoff all gambling, despite the fact that Scientologists are forbidden to do this."

    Thanks for putting up a good fight. :sorrow:

    Here is her ex sci forumin dutch(?) that she linked to
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