Ron Pollard was a friend of mine.

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  1. Feral

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    Ron Pollard was a friend of mine, we had a lot in common despite the difference in our vintage, Ron had sons my age who I never developed a real friendship with, but Ron and I shared a love of the land and agriculture that was unique to the two of us as OTs.

    I first went to his farm on “baby watch”. A public of AOSH ANZO had gone type three on OT III, the farm was at Young about six hours out of Sydney and an hour and a half past my parents farm which was the country I grew up in. I spent several weekends there nursing a particular lady through the night and relieving the SO that, in those days, still took some responsibility for the damage that the bridge did, even though it was a twisted version of the facts that they were operating from. OSA made a special point of revealing the victims PC folder data to the crew to show that it was not “standard tech” spun her in, but her own horrific out ethics. A product of that was once when I was in the AO between shifts the reg, Robbie Walker, said it would be better to push her under a bus. She was a serious inconvenience to them and their ideas about saving man kind and Robbie at least didn't mind saying. Her outcome was better than that though, she never returned to Scientology.

    On the last road to his place, the Old Forbes road, you had a great view of the Weddin Mountains where Ben Hall, a famous Australian Bush-ranger, used to hold up back in the mid 1800s with his gang. Something I’d notice because the last theft performed by the gang as they were hunted down was by Johnny Dunn who had just escaped an ambush set by the troopers (traps), he’d fled down a creek bed carrying a bullet wound and held up my Great great Grandmother for one of her husbands horses, he rode that horse as hard as he could into the Jugiong hills and when the poor beast went down he cut it’s throat and filled his billy can with the blood for later sustenance.

    Ron told me about the drought in in the early ‘60s in 1963, the year I was born, he put his wife in a caravan with their new born baby and with him on the hardest horse he could find drove all their sheep out on to the road looking for feed. They went for months and mile on end driving several thousand sheep, and in those days he had no money, in fact he used to walk into the hills with a rifle and shoot kangaroos for their skins. He told me about being in black soil country shooting one evening with a big load of skins over his shoulder, you make a small slit in the back leg and poke the ear through it so it lies over one shoulder with the main weight of the skin on the opposite hip. Well, it started raining and if you know black soil, you don’t want to be on it in the rain. Every time he lifted his foot there was an inch of mud on it, when he put his foot down to take each step another inch was added, he could only walk about ten steps before he had to scrape his boots and start again, and he was not leaving those skins behind!

    These and many more stories I shared with Ron who had red earth running in his veins and a love for the life he chose as well as it's rich history.

    He had a very large piggery, 1000 sows produced 22,000 baconers a year and he cropped 4000 acres providing their feed, it was a big show and a lot of industry occurred there to get the feed in and the shit out. He was also on the Pork Board and even where I am now nearly 700 kms away every one who’s ever had anything to do with pigs knew him and still remembers him kindly.

    After the first visit where we clicked we developed an on going friendship we ended up on OTVII together many years later which was no mean feat on his part. Ron had fallen into the hands of the psychs when he was younger and he’d had some fairly extensive treatment. To get onto OT levels he’d petitioned and trained and jumped through all of the hoops that had been lined up for him. He was dead set determined that he was going free. He was a trained BC grad and had audited thousands of hours to earn his ticket to freedom which came to an abrupt end when we were on the GAT line up.

    More to come...
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    Music to read your post by

    Sounds like an amazing story, a place I'd like to visit sometime, living outside the urban life. People are not meant to live in cities, people are meant to live in the country with a lifestyle that is both more rugged and yet far less stressful. But I couldn't resist tossing in this link.

  3. Purple Rain

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    Re: Ron Pollard.

    The only thing I ever knew about Ron Pollard was that he was on our CF files in Canberra, the poor man. Word had got around that he had money, so like a dog that once has a morsel fall from the table, we were always hoping that another would land. It didn't, but I guess he was telephoned for just about every event or every new book release. It was annoying and inconvenient that he was too advanced for our services which we couldn't deliver anyhow.

    Anyway, it's quite fascinating to hear your story so far, Feral. You write well.
  4. Feral

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    Re: Ron Pollard.

    In 1996 we were both on Solo Nots, I'd been on for three years and Ron had been on for more than fifteen I think.

    We paid, we did our FPRD elig and part A checksheet, they decided Ron wasn't clear enough so they cleared him again. Then we waited for our elig chits. Mine came, but not his. I was down at the restaurant with Ron's FSM, Ray Barton when Ron came in with his rejected elig, it was long and it was all program, he needed to redo his whole training line up and audit a whole new batch of raw meat, the ethics specialist course was there too, it just went on and on. The feeling I got was they were never going to let him back on, but keep him paying and jumping through hoops till the end of time. I was saddened beyond reason, even for then.

    We only kept in casual touch after about 2000 but when I bought my own place Ron was very interested and the contact picked up. We got caught in the drought as did he, it was the worst this century and we both knew the other was hurting, he just didn't like to whinge. He did send me a poem which he wrote and I've kept it.

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  5. Panda Termint

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    Re: Ron Pollard.

    Keep it coming, Kevin.
    Ron Pollard was one of my all-time favourite people in scientology.
    I audited him and in return he audited my wife.
    We'll always remember him with love and affection.
    He was an exceptional Human Being.
    RIP, Ron. :flowers:
  6. Happy Days

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    Re: Ron Pollard.

    Yes, Ron Pollard was an exceptional man.

    I too have very fond memories of Ron as a friend and work colleague.

    I often think of him and wonder whether if he is happy in his journey.

    He made a difference in my life and the life of others.

    RIP and God Bless :rose:
  7. FoTi

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    Re: Ron Pollard.

    Feral, you could write a song with the title..."Ron Pollard was a friend of mine".
  8. Feral

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    Around 2005 Ron and I were on the phone, talking about land and sheep and things. His nose started bleeding heavily and he had to end off. I didn't think much of it at the time because several people were spraying locusts and nos bleeds were a common thing that year among farmers.

    What it heralded was the worse news that could have come, Ron had an aggressive cancer growing on his face and he rejected the surgery that was offered because it was going to leave him unrecognisable.

    He pursued several alternative approaches and had full time Scientology carers, including an ex-SO cl ix but his condition deteriorated over time.

    In 2006 we were expecting a boy, and being still in that OT mindset I asked Ron if he'd like to live with our son, you know, pick up the baby. He was over the moon and yes, he was coming, just as soon as he dropped the body which he was planning to do soon.

    Well, long story short; Jack was born on the 6th of Feb 2007 in a thunder storm, I nearly didn't make it back home that night from Armidale hospital which was 130km away, the bridge over the Gwydir river, called "The Emu" was underwater, I poked across and eventually got to sleep thrilled at the birth of my son but dreading the call I was going to make to Ron. I did call him the next morning, I was apologetic and sad, I loved the idea of knowing who my boy was and watching him grow up in the environment of his choice, but it was not to be.

    That was the last time I spoke to Ron, bar one call to check he was OK. Within three months I was out of the cult and had requested a repayment. I heard around June that he was gone, but nothing more, I called his wife Faye, she was short, hostile and choppy, no doubt she'd heard I was out of the cult and had posted on ESMB, she blew me off in under two minutes. I felt like a thetan snatcher, it was surreal.

    I found out months later how Ron died, he was so sick of being a burden and not being able to go on his own terms that he got up on a freezing cold night and walked into the swimming pool, he was found dead in the morning.

    I was never able to write this, in all of the three years I've been on this board, I'm so sorry for my part in the charade that brought this end about and of course, I miss my friend.

    I hope to see you again old mate, sometime up the line, we can piss ourselves at how gullible we both were.
  9. This has come as a great shock to me. I only met Ron and Faye only a couple of times I think in the AO??? and I knew that they were from Young and had a farm and were "wealthy".

    I was driving through Young only a few months ago and it brought back memories of Ron and his family. I think I remember he had sons? I do remember him having to jump through those hoops to get anywhere on the bridge.

    What I remember of him is that he was a VERY nice man and he was certainly taken for a BIG ride to NOWHERE!!!!

    RIP Ron:heartflower:
  10. Free to shine

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    I didn't know Ron but he sounds like a lovely bloke. Thankyou Feral for honouring him.
    Honestly, we all did the best we could at the time, as you did, as he did.
  11. Cherished

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    Thanks, Kev. You've written beautifully of your friend, Ron.

    This guy isn't as famous as Slim Dusty, but this is a song that has stayed with me since I heard it first.

  12. Kookaburra

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    That is a story told from the heart.

    I am sorry for your loss, Kevin. I'm sure you will catch up with your friend up the line.
  13. Arthur Dent

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    What a bond to have had. These are the true riches.
    Gorgeous poem from Ron.
    Thank you for writing this story.
  14. Purple Rain

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    Oh, I so love that poem!!
  15. Kutta

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    Beautiful true life story. Thank you Feral.
  16. smartone

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    Thank you so much for sharing this story with us Feral. Ron's poem is very beautiful and gave me some insight of the person he was.

    I'm sorry for your loss and we have to remember that we all do the best we can at that point in time. I'm sure you'll bump into him up the line.
  17. olska

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    What a wonderful story. I didn't know Mr. Pollard, but being someone from the agricultural world (of the US, not Australia), i have had the good fortune to know many people of similar mettle, and can relate to those experiences of the ever challenging, but uniquely rewarding, life on the land. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Miss Pert

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    Beautiful story Kev, thank you for sharing it. I never knew Ron personally, though I knew of him, and never heard bad word spoken of him. I did meet Faye though as, unfortunately, she was working as Syd Day's LRH Comm when I left. It appears the cult has found a way to keep Pollard $$$$ within their grasp.
  19. scooter

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    Thanks, Kev.

    Ron was a bloody good bloke who'd help anyone if he could - a true gentleman.

    I remember him in the Academy when he first got in to the cult. He struck me then as a great being. We had several chats about "living on the land" as my folks had lived in a little town not far from his.

    I'm glad he's free of the cult's clutches now.
  20. Outethicsofficer

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    Thanks Kev,
    Ron was a friend of mine and of Liz too, whenever he came to Canberra he'd usually stay the night with us and it was always great, the story of droving his sheep is one Ron never told us. Thanks for relaying it mate, you obviously had a great friendship and knowing Ron he would've treasured it as much as you obviously do.

    Ron really took care of people, if he considered you a friend, you'd be one for life, but there was one troubling aspect to Ron, and I will relay it here, Ron had a special bond with Liz and he'd always buy her flowers, I used to dread it, for afterwards Liz would remind me "Ron buys me flowers, you don't"! That was trouble for me :)

    He loved his family and did everything in his not inconsiderable power to see they were well cared for.

    I miss him too.

    Thanks for posting your memories of him.