Ron, the humanitarian.

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  1. GreyWolf

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    Testimony of Mrs. Hartwell.

    I also, the last month I was there, was following Hubbard's orders, and I read this one that - I don't know how many times I had to read it before it could really sink in - was that Elaine Wright was going to commit suicide. And Hubbard -- this is what the order said, "I don't care if Elaine Wright is going to commit suicide or not, but get her off of my land before she does."
  2. Lurker5

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    Great that this kind of stuff on LRH is getting out, exposed.

    What a f()kf@ce that man was.
  3. Kathy (ImOut)

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  4. Rene Descartes

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    From that website...

    "And one girl would follow him with a chair. If he sat down, that chair had to be right where he was going to sit. One girl missed by a few inches; he about fell off of it, and she was put in the RPF."

    I can only envision what Saturday Night Live could do with this one.

  5. Lohan2008

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    Elaine Wright

    what year was this?

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