Rosanne Barr: MK ULtra Rules in Hollywood

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by Lermanet_com, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    "Hollywood is the one that keeps all of this power structure. They perpetuate the culture of racism, sexism, classism, genderism and keep it all in place. They continue to feed it, and they make a lot of money doing it. They do it at the behest of their masters, who run everything.

    I speak on behalf of Hollywood. I go to parties, Oscar parties and things like that and big stars pull me aside, take my arm and whisper: “I just want to thank you for the things you say.” And it blows my mind, but that’s the culture, it’s a culture of fear.

    It’s a big culture of mind control, MK Ultra rules in Hollywood"

  2. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    The possible Hubbard, direct connection, to MK-Ultra LINK

    Repost from ESMB link above due to relevance to this thread:

  3. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Yes I'm sure that there's CIA involvement in the entertainment industry, but there's others too. There is a propaganda war going on. People only see the world through the media, and only the image they want us to see.

    They financed tours of Jackson Pollock and the other modernist artists who produced 'cutting edge' art with nothing to say and paraded them in front of Russians and Eastern Europeans to show how free the west was. Free to not make any political statements. Free to splash paint, just not free to question the starched white plastic American consumer dream.
  4. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    ahhh, you actually read that book I recommended! Good Job! Thank you!

    Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters


    That book really opened my eyes to the subject.

    Anyone recall "How to live though an executive?" by Richard DeMille? he was a cousin or nephew of Cecil B. DeMille, the book was sold by Scientology when I was involved in the 70's. Richard was a young man with Hubbard in early days.. Richard DeMille's name showed up 20 years later, on the CIA's own FOIA pages as a CIA contract worker in the 60's.

    Richard DeMille also published not one but TWO books demonizing Carlos Castenada. More on him this evening I need to review and edit some research notes.
  5. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    I have to admit that I didn't, but Ive read similar books and articles on my fine art degree, the CIA involvement in the arts is well known in British academia.
  6. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Then there is the more fringe stuff.


    One has to wonder WHY the movie was never released or the rights sold. From Amazon about The CIA's Control of Candy Jones:

    "In the 26 years since The Control of Candy Jones was first published, the controversy surrounding this wrenching tale of how one of America's most famous models was used by the CIA as a human guinea pig in its infamous mind control experiments, has never completely vanished. It has remained a "cult book," fueling the cause of critics of the CIA, and further defining the now proven (and accepted) thesis that the minds of certain people can be manipulated and controlled, in this instance, for evil purposes.

    20th Century Fox paid significant money for it as a film vehicle for Jane Fonda, yet never produced the movie despite attempts at screenplays by three of Hollywood's best, and has refused to sell the rights to the many producers who've expressed interest in making the film. Why? The CIA attempted to suppress the book, as did one of the doctors, a physician to the stars, who spearheaded the intelligence agency's mind control experimentation. This edition, with a new foreword by the author, presents another opportunity for every concerned citizen to share the compelling tragedy suffered by Candy Jones during that dark, tumultuous period in our history known as the "Cold War."

    And, if you really want to venture out there read:


    A reviewer had this to say:

    "A century ago a book such as this would have been a call to the barricades. Today with the state as powerful as it is, this book simply makes you want to leave the United States and let it rot.

    For those who haven't read the book, O'Brien's story is one of a survivor of a CIA-sponsored program called MK Ultra, which aimed to explore the limits of human "suggestibility." The program began following World War II, when numerous top Nazi scientists resettled in the United States, at the invitation of the CIA, to continue their research into mind control. The project was based upon the research finding that if a person is severely traumatized, he or she will "split" off a "multiple personality" as a defense mechanism. It was those "multiples" that CIA scientists sought (successfully) to "program." Today thousand of people exist as mind-controlled slaves whose "programs" for various activities, such as performance in pornography films, prostitution, message carrying, and drug "muling," can be "accessed" by their "controllers" by cryptic keywords.

    A reader curious about O'Brien's book should be forewarned of the exceptionally bizarre nature of its revelations. In fact, at least in my view, the revelations are so bizarre, it would probably be a bad move to read this book without first reading something that "builds" up to it. A good primer on the subject would be John Decamp's, The Franklin Cover-Up.

    Those who do read the book and are of sufficient independent thought to see through the haze of disinformation put forward every day by the state-influenced newspapers and magazines and see the truth in O'Brien's book are placed in a difficult position. They're in possession of extremely rare knowledge, and, furthermore, extremely bleak knowledge. For the picture painted by O'Brien, unfortunately, is nearly without hope."

    Note: I had to finally stop reading and thinking about this sort of this stuff, because sadly, while probably largely true, there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. Hubbard was right when he said that a person is less suppressed to the degree he or she can do something about it. What can anyone really do about the direction of this world? :confused2:

    If you want to see a really interesting movie, see Five Fingers with Laurence Fishburne and Ryan Phillippe. I can understand why some folks end up as anarchists and terrorists who have the view that the ONLY solution is to bring worldwide capitalism to its knees . . . . and then rebuild something different and better from the ashes. I am too old for that, but I understand. :ohmy:

  7. TG1

    TG1 Angelic Poster

    I am amused by people who are all up in arms because "the world is going to the dogs" or "powerful forces have destroyed our way of life" or "the gubmint is really controlled by people who control our elected officials."

    To all those outraged souls, I say: You just discovered this now?!

    Tremendous power in human society has always been consolidated in the hands of a few. If you're just now realizing this, you are a n00b and should be highly embarrassed.

    Power always has been and will be controlled by a few people and their organizations: the viziers of Ancient Egypt; the Medicis; investment banks and hedge funds, etc.

    Throughout the ages, this basic fact of life has not stopped most people from enjoying their lives. What does stop people from enjoying their lives is their inability to create their lives despite the immutable fact that our species spawns alpha types who will do anything to preserve their power.

    You might as well rail against the moon. This is the species you were born into.

    tl;dr growup

  8. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    That's a very good point and largely true. The problem though at this point in time is that the stakes have never been higher. Today's elites have the technology to really put the hurt on us. They can track us and control us in ways that the elites of old would've loved. To them we are the herd and they now have the tools to corral us like never before.

    I am not motivated any longer to "wake people up" though. I used to "do my part". Lol....what a joke. The simple fact of the matter is that human beings don't change or wake up until there is horrendous pain and/or suffering. It's the best motivator. That's just how we're wired. But as I said the stakes have never been higher. By the time the masses start experiencing the pain of the loss of their freedom it will probably be too late. Then this will indeed become a "Prison Planet". Not the Hubbardian fantasy kind either. There might be a few places to escape the worst of it, but not many. First up on the calendar of events is another even worse economic collapse, and then a World War brought to you mostly by the idiot American politicians, and the Middle Eastern whackos.....which our Intelligence services have been creating for decades btw, starting with that Sir Lawrence of Arabia asswipe.

    In short, I don't have much, if any, hope for humanity's future. Plus when you add in the severe degradation of the ecosystems to the mix, well, I personally wouldn't be surprised if mankind's population is less than ten percent of what it is now in a hundred years. I won't be around then to be surprised or not though.

    Yep....I'm a confirmed Pessimist.
  9. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Roseanne has been talking about this for years... she's nutty. but not afraid to speak her mind..



    Here she talks about her study of Kaballah & the meaning of JILFS..

  10. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    Randy Quaid being targeted...

  11. freethinker

    freethinker Crusader

    Right there at the end, the "proof" "Do you realize how paranoid and delusional your client sounds?"

    This is their method, plant the seed with the "Everybody thinks" phrase. The media always reports the opinion of "everyone". It also brings the lawyers sanity to question in one shot.
  12. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    I believed his situation in relation to Rosanne Barr's presentation, would be suitable for this crowd on ESMB, which have been exposed to that sort of dead agenting from $cientology operatives.

    Boris Sidis, Ph.D.
    © 1898. New York, D. Appleton and Company. LINK

    Boris Sidis describes a whole series of tests they did to determine what was the most memorable, and the most important factor in any presentation, and it was the last thing that you see or hear...

    This is why when arguing with operatives they will always reply, to have the last word. I know you know what I mean....

    I heard that at the end of the video and thought, okay, here is an opportunity to teach a lesson ..

    Because the only way to prevent having what you believe to be true controlled by another... is to become familiar with the techniques being used upon you..

    Arnie Lerma

    And here is another I posted in another thread which Ill repost here:

    Page 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

    "Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person's mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the "golden mean" between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. "
  13. freethinker

    freethinker Crusader

    I have endured the Reverse Blockade here, I can see what is happening while it is happening. It runs in line with my ability to fix things.:coolwink:
  14. Stephanie

    Stephanie Patron with Honors

    Society needs structure, people need religion, rules, ethics, morals, etc... having standards aren't bad. Having lawlessness leads to failed states as in most of Africa, not to mention the tribes that continue to live in caves in LATAM.

    Everything doesn't have to be destroyed.
  15. freethinker

    freethinker Crusader

    So, unless you have Society, you have lawlessness?
  16. uniquemand

    uniquemand Unbeliever

    MK Ultra is a favorite topic of mine. Nothing hits so many different major elements of our society as MK Ultra. The following movie was made by a relative of a person who survived that program. The material is rather dark. Put your game face on, get your TRs in, or don't watch. Luckily, the music is by Sigur Ros, which is why I watch it over and over, despite the content being already known.
  17. BunnySkull

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    Oh come on. While I'm willing to concede the US Govt (and others) has always taken a strong interest in using the media to control perceptions and have been aces at propaganda, using Rand Quaid as an example as someone "targeted" by some US govt plot is looney as all hell.

    Quaids wife has a long history of mental illness and drug use. She managed to bankrupt the guy with her enormous luxury spending. Randy, sadly has been very dominated by her since they began their relationship.

    If the US govt was really out to control and manipulate Hollywood stars I think they could do a damn site better than spending so much energy on a actor who"s biggest roles are Cousin Eddie in the Vacation series and Ishmael in Kingpin.

    Seriously? If the US govt was really out to get Randy and his wife it would be a piece of cake since thy've been living in their car on the streets of Canada on and off for the past year. Before that knocking them off in jail in the US would have also been easy, since they were in and out of the system for bouncing checks, ripping off hotels and basically acting mad as hatters in Texas.

    Randy's career was already in big trouble due to his mental illness - he was working in city theatre production in Seattle a few years ago and became very abusive to his fellow actors. they testified to his behavior and abuse at SAG hearings - its not pretty.

    I don't think you know much about Randy if you truly put any credence in his claim he's being pursued by "Star whackers." it's a sad situation but anyone who buys into his delusions and paranoia is as bad off as he is. If there was truly a sinister govt plot pursuing him and his wife - they would have been dead a long time ago with little fanfare - not holding batshit "press conferences" about the conspiracy and screaming about "star whackers."
  18. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    No I didnt know all that, thank you, the headline caught my eye, however

    "Quaids wife has a long history of mental illness and drug use. She managed to bankrupt the guy with her enormous luxury spending."

    now that sounds like my ex...who seemed to do everything in her power to keep me off the internet and was successful for a while. Added: I wont go into details, ever...just this tidbit, my divorce went final on Mar 5th... on March 6th a bailbondsman knocked on my door, looking for his 20 grand.... seems she skipped bail in a neighboring county after being busted for cocaine... I looked at the bailbondsmen face as he read the divorce decree and said: "We have a great deal in common, you know, we both got f***ed by the same woman" (We hugged)

    If Mr Quaid is enduring anything like what *I* had to deal with, then I have nothing but compassion for the man, and he is lucky he is still alive at all.
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  19. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    OK people need structure in a society, it is not a society without structure, cultures that have lasted hundreds of thousands of years with little change do have structure and rules. It was the interference of Western culture, together with the western greed for profits from gun selling god fearing folk that have made many parts of Africa uncomfortable places to be because they and the missionaries together with the Christian and Muslim slave traders destroyed the structure that worked so well for so long. Lawless people kidnapping and killing, raping and shooting may well be highly religious. Sorry but people do not need religion.

    In South America what tribes live in caves?
  20. Enthetan

    Enthetan Mutant

    The problem with that is, once you have created anarchy, then you guarantee that the ones who gain control afterwards are the ones ruthless enough to impose their version of order regardless of how many they have to kill in order to achieve it.

    Alternately, you just stay in a Somalia-like state where anarchy persists.

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