Russian Students v Scientology protest (not anonymous)

Discussion in 'Chanology and Anonymous videos (Scientology-relate' started by rich, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. rich

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  2. klidov

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    I love Russians!!! I really, REALLY love Russians!
  3. Wisened One

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    I do too! I LOVE the Russians! Wow! :clap: If only Anon could do Protests like this, huh? That was impressive!! :happydance:

    Telling the head of the 'sect' to 'kill themselves' came off as a bit strong, but other than that, it was a great vid!
  4. Once bitten

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    God! That's amazing. Made our protest look like a church picnic!

    GTFO of Russia scifags. You're not welcome. Get it? :thumbsup:
  5. Operating DB

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    I think that maybe in translation they really didn't literally mean "kill themselves" but to get out of our lives and get the f*ck out!
  6. Iknowtoomuch

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    Geez, even more people being paid by the Psychs.

  7. Thrak

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    Poor sectarians. Must of really squished their anchor points. :bigcry:
  8. byte301

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    I want some flares now!

    Can you imagine what would happen if we protested like that in the US? They already think we're haters...this would just seal the deal!

    But that would be lulzy for sure.:D
  9. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Yeah, I figured that may be the case, wish they could find a better translator for the vid tho, it would make a big difference! :yes:

  10. They are protesting the fact that there are Scientology recruiters taking advantage of students under the stress of exams. Also, Bauman college is a high-tech institute and the speaker is saying he is afraid that Scientology will get students to revel military secrets. The Scientology table is on the grounds of a factory next to the school. The students are protesting to the management of the factory not to renew the contract with the Scientologist which expires on January 31st.
    While we might like that they are aginst Scientology, there are essentially aginst freedom of speech and religion. Keep that in mind. These are, after all, Russians.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  11. LoneWolf

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    I admire the Russians. I know from up close and personal they are strong warriors, which comes across in this video. I doubt this will happen in the US because America is becoming PC and soft.
  12. rich

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    When I originally posted this I thought it was real grassroots. Now, since studying impostors ,occupy,and "homeland" "security" excersices at Ed Chiarrini/Dallasgoldbug/Gentry's, I think it is a scripted excercise.

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