Scientologist Reaction to the DC Ideal Org Raid

Discussion in 'North America Pickets and Protests' started by DCAnon, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. DCAnon

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    Washington DC Event
    I went to the DC event to see COB speak. I wanted to hear his plans, see if he had anything worthwhile to say. I wasn't surprised when he had little more to say than the same empty promises and lies. But the setting was more important than the speech. The new DC Ideal Org looks great! But the way the ceremony was done was not. I have literature claiming there would be 5000 Scientologists there. I came to help make that number. There was not near that many. Certainly fewer than 1000. But we were still numerous enough we should have had an open ceremony to show the world who we are and what we are and that we still have strength. But COB chose instead to hide us behind ugly white tarps surrounding the event. What a farce! And all because a handful of masked idiots outside.

    COB gives his speech while he and the rest of us cower behind a crudely erected wall! What kind of message does that send? Anyone coming by from outside would see this enormous wall around the building and it would only highlight the masked idiots outside. Instead of seeing their pitiful small band of suppressives next to a throng of Scientologists, the world saw a group of suppressives keeping us penned in a makeshift barrier. What a joke we must look like to the world. This is why COB must GO! This is why David Miscavige, yes I will use his name, needs to step down or be pulled down. LRH would not have had us cowering behind sheets because of a few SPs. This is why I am writing this blog.

    As for the so called Anonymous, they came closer than should have been allowed and made enough noise to be heard at times over the crowd. Their jeers became increasingly loud after the speech by COB. I just wanted to go out there and turn a hose pipe on them.

    In my next article, I will explain how I would deal with Anonymous and I also will be announcing I have found others of the same mind as myself. I am not the only one who wants COB removed and new leadership installed. More later.
  2. anon2487

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    Interesting find.

    The cracks appear to be getting bigger every day. :)
  3. anon2487

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    I don't know if you've read it, but her write up on Anonymous is VERY interesting:

  4. Pooks


    What a dipshit.
  5. OliviaZero

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    QFT ^^
  6. Wisened One

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    Jeeez. Sure shows how awesome and powerful scn tech is, huh? :lol: And they blame it all on DM and think when DM is gone, they'll be big, bad and powerful again! :eyeroll:
  7. Yep David Miscavige is the reason that Hubbard's Tech has not even remotely come close to ever producing a single OT, I can't wait to hear the next excuse for the failure of Hubbard's Tech after the dwaft blows with all the suckers' money.
  8. Blue Spirit

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    The point he referred to occurred in 1983 following DM's illegal (many crimes)

    hostile takeover done with violence as needed. So he is 26 years late.
  9. Feral

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  10. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Dear pissed off scientologist

    Around 1973 I wrote Ron and asked him why he was not out in the public venue.

    He never even answered that question.

    and you say "LRH would not have had us cowering behind sheets because of a few SPs. This is why I am writing this blog." But he had the courage to direct his staff to lock up a child in on a ship? Boy that is brave.

    I say Ron's tech certainly was more than hiding,, it was running to the high seas and secretly onto ranches. Did you get that far in your research?
  11. degraded being

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    When I watched the vids. my main impression was the impotency of all the scientologists -many OTs - against a few detractors. They could not do anything. They had to keep their mouths shut. "Communication can handle any problem" - but for liars communication makes more problems.
  12. Zinjifar

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    Be fair! What would they have to 'communicate'??

    The Lies are transparent and the truth would be disastrous.

  13. Wisened One

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    I can't wait, either! WHAT excuse are they gonna use THEN?! Huh? 'Oh well, the tech is not being applied right'....or....:eyeroll:
  14. Voltaire's Child

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    For an organization that's supposedly all about communication, they sure suck at it.
  15. FinallyMe

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    I would be interested to know how many current CofS Scientologists agree with the blogger's viewpoint -- because, from his/her statements, Anonymous then is only having the desired effect on non-Scientologists. According to the blogger, name-calling, shouting, ridiculing, etc. is not the way to gain the favorable attention of current Scientologists. I would guess that, if they really want to convince current CofS Scientologists to leave, they'd need to quit belittling them. But, as the blogger suspects, the "unpaid" protesters are only demonstrating for the purpose of demonstrating -- for the "lulz" as it were.
  16. It's actually pretty mind blowing just how fragile the Church of Scientology is when it come to open communication. Having to hide their grand opening event from the public behind curtains, flat out pathetic doesn't even begin to describe it
  17. The majority of protesters know that the average active Scientologist would love to see harm come to them and are not concerned with what they think. They are interested in taking down the criminal management of the cult and cutting off their supply of unsuspecting victims to prey upon.
  18. Voltaire's Child

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  19. uniquemand

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    What I find interesting is the assumption that the people outside (who are calling for an end to David Miscavige and cult control) are considered suppressives, while the people inside calling for an end to David Miscavige (and what they don't term cult control) are not considered so. They claim to be a scientologist, but they are asking management to try to cut these people's comm lines. Srsly. Meanwhile, why haven't they gone out to get the facts? It's DM and his crew who are terming the Anons suppressives, so why is this blogger believing DM on that, but wanting him out? Why aren't they investigating for themselves?

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