scientologists are materialists with no sympathy

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by arcxcauseblows, May 14, 2017.

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  1. arcxcauseblows

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    love this post on rinders blog

    and if you watch the movie i am it focuses on sympathy too

    the main point in i am is, referencing darwin's less known theory that sympathy is what helped mankind rise to the top of the food chain, cooperation (helping another, sometimes sacrificing self, anti-materialism) more than survival of the fittest, competition (help ones self by harming another, aka materialism)

    in i am they also connect a biofeedback monitor (emeter) to yogurt then show humans reactions showing on the meter on questioning, to demonstrate life has sympathy, and all life is indirectly connected

    i saw scientologists, and they taught me to do the same against my own values, treat sick people, or poor people like crap (well, they treated anyone like crap unless they're a celebrity or rich person, and even those got sucked dry then treated like crap once their money ran out)

    and like brian points out, hubbard put sympathy below anger and hostility, there's also a no sympathy tone, but regardless, hubbard had no sympathy and his tech for the needy is basically to dispose of them quietly, or have them be slaves in an rpf or some other ethics condition, "making amends" his version of helping someone is force them to make money then give it to him (his organization) so he (his church) can be greedy, and what do they do with their money? buy buildings, buy printing factories to publish propaganda to lead to them getting more suckers to take their money, the needy are abused, labeled and individuated (rpf, fair game, disconnection, pts/sp, db, wog)

    scientology is a caste system, materialism, survival of the fittest, competitive, non sympathetic

    this goes against the laws of life, humans rose to the top because of ability to feel sympathy and work together not to work against each other and compete or live in a slavery caste system
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    The "Huh?" was just for the part I didn't understand....what part does the yogurt play in measuring human sympathy? They "measured" the yogurt? LOL
  3. guanoloco

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  4. arcxcauseblows

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    checking out spiritual materialism...

    to clarify the yogurt thing, it's easier if you watch the movie to see the demonstration

    so they have a biofeedback monitor, also known as a galvanic skin monitor, gms, or emeter,

    they connect the monitor probes to a culture of yogurt then ask tom shadyack questions, like about his lawyers, agents, wives, etc. and the meter needle reacts to them asking him questions even though it's connected to a culture of yogurt

    here's another demonstration of this on a myth busters episode you can watch without purchasing the i am movie, where they were testing if plants have emotions, they noticed the same phenomenon, they had a gsm meter on a plant, then they imagined harming the plant and the meter read

    around 4:14 here

    hubbard also noticed this, in a lecture he mentions meters react differently with different auditors, they can react from the auditor even though the pc is holding the cans, i think he has some correction lists to account for it as well, like "not your read?" or something

    anyhow, next in the movie i am they go on to describe some theories on all life being connected indirectly, sympathetic, and darwins later theory that humans rose to the top because of sympathy being more important than natural selection, or "survival of the fittest", competition, winning at the expense of others, the never ending drive toward individuation, having more than someone else, greed, materialism, no sympathy which gives someone happiness only briefly instead of permanently which you get from simply belonging to a family, group, society by only having what you were born with, a dependency and interdependence on and with others who are sympathetic not just as an infant but for life

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