Scientology advertising on gay dating apps

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  2. Terril park

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    Some years ago they had a forum for gays etc. As far as I know
    not extant.

    However the pink pound would be attractive to CO$ with the added advantage of no kids.
  3. La La Lou Lou

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    They really are unbelievable creeps.
  4. lotus

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    That'll make some fresh ''1.1 perverted being'' meat to occupy

    - ethics line
    - HGC confessionals
    - Sec checks

    and get more $$$$

    The ''gay'' market is a very profitable one to exploit as they are considered to having higher income and buy a lot of goods and services.

    Unless a gay is masochist, he\she shall avoid $cientology who consider them as perverts to be treated with enforced cherch justice and mind manipulation techniques.
    He\she must know he\she will be coerced to reveal the details of sexual practices on a permanent basis...and anyone will read it when they wish...

    fun :happydance:

    note: I personnaly have known several people engaged in gay relationship, try to help a few, because the CO$ drove them in despair and suicidal thoughts for making them a non-valuable degraded being . We all , as exes, know LRH\$cientology carry such disregard to them and considered they are either insane or sick.

    Their only way to recover their sanity was the way out of $cientology.

    Scientolopgy is a good one-way ticket to deep depression and despair for those people whom their intimacy is none of a cult\sect business.
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  5. Reasonable

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    Maybe they are looking for a new wife for TC?
  6. oneonewasaracecar

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    :rofl: That is just nice.
  7. Gizmo

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    Just like many you, back in the day auditing in various HGC's I has gay PC's that were audited as long as their money held out - once out of money they were shuffled to an 'ethics partial'.

    And, as many of you, I've pretty much seems to have some gay people that I do business with. My gay friends are ethical & honest and although I still know some people involved in the church I'd not a one of those friends - as so one so aptly said " count my money".

    Honesty, integrity & all sorts of good values seem to evident in my gay friends but, uh, not so much among the remaining culties.

    Oh, if I could ask a person 1,000 questions about themselves to get to know them better their sexual orientation wouldn't be on the list.

    Why has the cherch of scientology always been so deeply interested in other peoples sex life ?
  8. Reasonable

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    The Co$ needs to find a problem and they like to find problems in areas that involve emotions, unknowns, things that people keep secret. The Co$ likes to put rules and "certainty" into areas that seem uncertain. Sex, the afterlife, happiness.

    It is easy to "ruin" a person about his sex life.

    ruin in proportional to control
  9. Northern Shewolf

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    $ciloonery is a confessional cult. As far as I know, so far, the sex lives of members is the very best grounds to plow for tid-bits to have for probable later use in blackmail ops., and I have read testimonies on this very site about the harrassement so generously applied to all 'so--called' transgressors heteros as well as gays and lesbians, no one is immune.:no:
    It is a vampiric, merciless con that squeezes the spirit out of its victims, leaving behind a trail of misery and shame...I feel such sorrow for the human husks in RPFs, for Shelly, for all the innocent kids whose irresponsible culties parents bring to the Ogres.....
    I hard wish every day for a monster shit-storm of Katrina proportion to confront and shatter the Demon Miscarage. :storm:
  10. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    I had the same questions for years

    While reading this board two answers came to my mind
    My opinion is it's

    1) because the founder, LRH, had fixed ideas about sex and was a pervert
    2) because the cherch is not a's mainly an organisation collecting datas about individuals in order to blackmail them , as a mean to expand $$$ and power
    (LRH wrote policies about that)

    It's not a specific CO$ practice, it's binded in the tehhhk..sec checks, confessionals, OW's write up and pulling.

    We as exes know, how those confidentials datas are used, per $cientology the cult and in the freezone for manipulation purposes.

    Gays are good targets especially when their orientation is not disclosed and could harm their personnal life or career.

    To make it short, the $cientology tek is collecting datas and blackmail people with those, while enslaving them; As it has always been intented and will remain to be such
  11. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Any docs of manipulation via confidential data in the FZ?
  12. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    read the whole forum here and you'll find some confidential datas violations reported\happening in the freezone (back channels....)
  13. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    An example here:

    Another one here:

    1st paragraph - 6th line

    It was my understanding you were aware of those events Terril :confused2:

    My point is the tehhhhk, wether applied in the cherch or out, is to collect confidential datas which can be used to manipulate, harass, threat people...that's about it, wether you like it or not , there is no less confidentiality than with $cientology
    and I want gays to be aware of it.

    ''Priest\penitent privilege''

    What a sinister comedy show... :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
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  14. Gizmo

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    Truth from those in that FZ thing is about on par with the 'real' church - it doesn't matter. What does matter is ruining peoples lives.
    Whatever it takes to lure a person in & mess 'em up, that is the goal. Just read what they post ( even here on ESMB !).

    Protected " Freedom of speech " & all that, ya know ?
  15. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    The Cherch is happy with gay people as long as it can use their sexuality as a manipulation tool. Happy adjusted out gay people frighten the cherch. You want to avoid a reg or recruiter show them pictures of your same sex wedding with all the family there, they'll freak!
  16. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    With regard to the Frreezone Survivors link its an OSA website and
    they are complaining someone is requesting they take some pages
    down or something. I don't know anything else about it.

    Re the quote from ESMB Their was no confidential data
    exposed by anyone. Although Aida Thomas has at times
    cited she used Pierre Ethier as her C/S she probably never did
    and certainly didn't in this example. See below from WWP and
    copied from my post originally to here.

    Pierre's nutcase wife Ekaterina did try to blackmail Emma and
    her husband [ Emma copied the mails doing so on this thread]
    and also tried to take down ESMB. Ekaterina is not a scientologist.

    "Victoria has just told me that she gave Tansey a D of P and attempted to fax to Pierre but the fax machine broke down. Tansey was then audited by Aida and Victoria has told me that Aida was not using a C/S. So Pierre in fact was never given data from Tansey's PC files, however one can well understand why he would have thought so."
  17. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    More infos for gay lurkers

    The practitionners of $cientology mind torturepseudo-$cientific religious cloag tehhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkk mainly consist of using a lie detector to pull out out of you
    specific answers

    What is expected from a gay, is he\she realize, admit and get cure of his perversion to become a valuable being , in putting his\her ethics in (change of behavior) and being submitted to poligraph lie detector (confessionals - seck checks).

    source: Wikipedia:

    Hubbard homophobic cliché of homosexuals

    It is interesting to take note that hubbard's son - Quentin - who was known to be homosexual and lovely being - was found death in his car - and this was considered to be a suicide....

    source: Wikipedia

    My take is never a $cientologist would falsely claim to be gay...knowing all the security polygraghs checks and forced confessional it would involved and the torment it would create as being considered, labelled, ostracized, as a pervert ill degraded being.

    Hopefully, one gay being kept away of this mindfuck would compensate for my verbal labelling of a gay young man as being a 1,1 person, per ''source'' and per my stupid cult indoctrinated brainwashing.
    This guy had his eyes watered, , he was deeply hurt, and I always had deep regrets as he would have never expected this from me when he ask why he was considered such a bad person in this homophobic cult:unsure:
    He was tormented with handling about pseudo-anal sex he swared he wasn't practicing.... :no:
    All Case supervisors, auditors, ethics handlers, in or out of the corporate pseudo-cherch, would be expected to do such handling and make the gay change behavior.
    Otherwise, they would be labelled as squirrel and out-tech...

    This is pretty much what there is to know about gay handling with $cientology tehhhhhhhhk ...
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