Scientology allegedly made 12-year-old victim of child abuse apologize to attacker for seducing him

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  1. CommunicatorIC

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    Scientology allegedly made 12-year-old victim of child abuse apologize to her attacker for seducing him.

    At 12:30 of the video, she alleges that during a Chaplain's cycle the Church of Scientology made her apologize to her attacker for seducing him. She allegedly had to do her own O/W (overt and withhold) write-ups. She was 12 years old at the time.

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    There is a special place in hell for some people... Hope the heat is turned up good & high.
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    Hey! That’s me! Thanks for spreading the word xx
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  4. CommunicatorIC

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  5. lotus

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    So disgusting!

    The Church of $cientology has no limit to abuse, exploit, destroy, manipulate, and shame kids for what they were submitted to ,with adult complicity.

    It has been, it still is, and will still continue....till adults are prosecuted, personnaly, and as an abusive cult member, for those children abuses.
    All adults, those guilty of committing such acts, those who hide it, those who know (knew) and remain(ed) silent, those who fail(ed) to protect kids, those who fail(ed) to report such crimes to authorities, and those who punish(ed) them for having been abused, molested, neglected and denied basis needs must shall be held responsible.
    Unfortunately, in our societies, the penal and criminal sanctions that are very quickly applied with people who abuse and neglect animals...drop to nothing when it's about kids...So we can conclude that children are not (at least) as valuable than pets....
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    This perfectly captures the insanity of Scientology.

    At 18:30 they're discussing the enantiodromia of Scientology. By the focus of "protecting the church" Scientology has completely destroyed its self-image by contributing to abuse...where-as if Scientology had done the right thing and provided help as help it would have a sterling image today.
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  9. CommunicatorIC

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    Thank you. I followed you. :)
  10. CommunicatorIC

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    Victoria Locke [@rooneybee on Twitter] has now created her own YouTube channel to discuss her time in Scientology, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and mental health issues. The introductory video is below.

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  11. Type4_PTS

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    Hi Victoria! Thank-you for speaking out! And....

  12. Aerial

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    What a lovely young lady. ❤️ I wish her well. I think her voice will be very important in exposing Scientology.
  13. CommunicatorIC

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    OMG, may I just say seeing this post here -- I haven't even watched the vlog yet! -- has created something deeply inspired in me. "Inspired" is such an understatement. This is something I feel so strongly about, I can't sit on my hands any longer and I am going to DO something about it! I have been going insane over the last few/couple years (let alone many years before that) just WAITING to speak out. I watch these brave women walk ahead, stand up, and make their voices heard while I wait and wait and wait FOR NO REAL GOOD REASON! I applaud you Victoria. I honor you! You bring tears to my eyes and you are stirring something, maybe no longer groundbreaking for me to blaze any trails, but still powerful and important in me to push the clock up, change my stupid schedule, and join this dialogue that I've been so desperately wanting to be a part of. I will explain all the reasons why I've waited very soon. For now, I just want to thank you.

    Thank you!

    I too am a person who represents the mental health community, who deals with C-PTSD and DID. I also have bipolar, but I've also suffered a ton of trauma. I too am a rape survivor, 20 years in Scientology. I told my "overts" of being raped at 12 and 13 in sec checks, then I was raped again in my 20s by an OT V and had to protect HIM and not say shit. Yes, LET'S BE FRIENDS! I'm tired of being ALONE!

    You've inspired me to pen a major shit-stirring post on my blog tomorrow morning. I am going to connect with you after it's up. :heartflower:
  15. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Please note Victoria has a new Twitter ID: @aberratedhippie. It used to be @rooneybee.