Scientology cult targets university.

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    Yep, thats the way ... they are cultic stand up comedians and we owe it to them to laugh and heckle them now and again.

  4. degraded being

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    Yeah that is very spot on innit?
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    From the article:


    Thanks for finding and posting this most excellent article! :thumbsup:
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    Great little write-up there indeed! :clap:
    It doesn't come as much of a surprize that CoS continues to try and recruit in institutes of higher learning, after all, if a student can afford to get an education in a university or college then gee-wiz, surely a potential resource of milk-cows eh! (thinkin' back to the 80's when the cult encouraged Fla. victims to apply for gov't student grants etc.):grouch:
    In my heart of hearts I hope that the students and admins are on this like flies on stink, armed with some decent research and enough good questions to drive the charlatans back out onto the streets and off the campus'. (hm, a nice big group of students standing around pointing and laughing and handing out protest fliers highlighting the stupid behind things like the 'stress test' & OCA, could be quite effective me thinkin') :guyfawkes::protest: :scnsucks:

    Bottom line~ mocking the cult aids inoculation of the vunerable masses.:yes:
  8. olska

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    At any rate, it sure would be fun! :yes:
  9. Ogsonofgroo

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    Absolutely! Also a learning curve on critical skeptisism imho, a skill that I think should be taught at a young age, along with respect, life skills (like cooking, sewing, budgeting, basic hygene and social interaction etc.), and how to research.

    Onward and upward!

    Checking back on the comments section of the OP's article is purty interstin', one sad, inane apologist in the first 16, some obviously informed anons and a couple of ex's, it'd be nice to see more input from the students and staff~ :drama:

    Quick update, apologist Amberly R. Gahagan gets her sorry ass-hattery handed back on a platter~ :roflmao:
    Great comments! :clap:


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