Scientology looking to infiltrate Israeli schools

Discussion in 'Scientology Infiltrates Society' started by Vittorio, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. Vittorio

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    From this news-article at the Haretz newspaper:

    It say's "Academy for Parents", introducing Scientology to your children's playschool.

    Do you want to introduce Scientology to your children's playschool? "Prosperity & security in the Middle East", you will be happy to do this for them, with the help of free "experts".

    I just listened to the lecture, this is for hyperactive children. He's asking them to define hyperactivity and asks them if it's good or bad, he describe's it as a child with "lots of life" and goes on to describe the problem as "too much information" and that we're trying to reduce them to the level of being miserable and dead and this can be done with drugs for hyperactivity. The religious lady with the head covering try's to question him about normal activity and excessive. He's trying to say that in today's society we are trying to pass off normal behavior as hyperactive which I think is a load of crock and I had to stop listening at that point. The guy's name is Dani Vidislavski. I think I should write to the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality to warn them about this "way to happiness scam".
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    Thanks for alerting us, and for your efforts to expose this, Vittorio. This infiltration crap makes me :angry:

    Thanks, Communicator IC, for getting it spread around.
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  6. guRl

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    Thank you Vittorio!

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time a Scientology infiltration to Israeli schools has been attempted. "The Way To Happiness" booklets were distributed in schools and kindergartens a few years ago, until a group of parents got up and shouted in objection. The then education minister withdrew those booklets, saying she had no idea this had something to do with Scientology.

    Nowadays, when it comes to "alternative education" in Israel - Scientology has "The Academy for Parents", "Tvuna" [Intelligence], and Pepe kindergarten which uses Study Tech and was in trouble some years back.
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    Just a slightly random thought.

    I did some (R&D) business in Israel and spent an extended time there and was provided with a personal escort by a Colonel in the Israeli army. In turn, I was introduced to a high-ranking and very famous world-renowned person who has gloriously served his country as a master special forces operative, spy, strategist, politician and intelligence expert.

    Some of the things we discussed 1-2 decades ago have now come into existence (not good stuff), but exactly per our predictive conversations. Think of him as Yoda by way of Jason Bourne with an Uzi, lol.

    Anyone who has lived or worked in Israel knows the ferocious security measures and readiness state that exists not only in the government & military--but in the citizenry themselves. Walk a busy street and notice young well-trained men & women carrying weapons as part of the citizen-militia on duty or call. And, the security screening systems that are in place (necessarily, lest they be terrorized and suicide-bombed to death) are considered worldwide to be state-of-the-art. Try flying on El Al airlines and when you arrive, the multiple interrogators/screeners that come out to greet you and guardedly ask you questions about your visit/work in Israel would make a Sea Org interrogator look like an amateur clown with a dorky lame toy lie detector.

    I say all this because, despite Israel (and every Western country) having a "left" wing that is ultra-liberal (to the point of submissively legislating their own demise by eviscerating homeland security in favor of wondrously effete theories of "tolerance"), has a brilliantly effective and courageous military mindset that can go on "high alert" in an instant. To wit, if Scn ever really starts to get traction in the culture or country of Israel, they will meet with something Scientology has never encountered before. A country that operates like a Seal Team 6 operation when threatened or attacked.

    Scientology's famous "always attack", along with their Fair Game terrorizing and intimidation are NOTHING compared to what Israel has faced for the past 70 years--and confronts every single day. What I am suggesting is that Scientology's essential system of survival (i.e. intimidating/overwhelming anyone who oppose their oppression, lies, black ops and fraud) is NOT GOING TO WORK.

    Add to that another factor. One that will likewise backfire in Scientology's quest to spread in Asia. Both Israel and Asian countries hold "the family" as a sacred value. When news of Hubbard's disconnection policies reaches critical mass in those places, the kick-back is going to be nothing short of ferocious and final. Try telling a Korean or Chinese person to disrespect their ancestors, grandparents or parents. Watch what happens. Try breaking up close-knit Israeli families with psychological terrorism in a country that daily handles violent military terrorism.

    Add to that that Scientology is partnered with one of the world's most notorious anti-semitic hate/terrorist groups--The Nation of Islam and their Hitleresque demagoguing fascist leader, Farrakhan. Does any Israeli Scientologist really think they can hide Scientology's endorsement and support of a terrorist cult like NOI? That may happen in other Western countries that have been beaten into obsequious submission by radical-left anarchists wielding rhetorical weapons of mass destruction (like the word "racist" or "Islamophobic", et al), but the core Israeli philosophy of "never again" will rise and snuff out Scientology like one of those Jihadi terrorists that thought they were so clever by trying to "tunnel in" to Israeli undetected.

    I had NO IDEA I was going to write more than a couple sentences on this post. I think my rant may have temporarily run it's course (for now, lol).

  8. WildKat

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    LOVE this rant HH! Good points, all well stated!

    Would love more details on the story about your conversations with the dude. Sounds like quite a story there.
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    FWIW, I am against ANY schemes by the cult to weasel its way into schools or any part of society. On the other hand, I don't disagree with the idea that too many kids are put on drugs, where they don't need to be.

    If the info helps keep kids from unnecessarily being put on drugs, I'm OK with that. But to the degree this program gets anybody hooked into the cult, I definitely have a problem with that. As usual, the cult cloaks itself in something positive in order to weasel its way into society and make itself appear acceptable and helpful.

    But since the end result is always a negative (a cult using "good works" to try to whitewash its image), the net effect is ultimately damage.
  10. guRl

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    HH, great analysis! I think you're onto something there.

    All the horror stories of Scientology, they can only happen to a lesser degree in Israel, which is small, extremely family oriented, and has strong military presence.
    Disconnection does happen in Israel, but not so many people leave the cult and/or get declared (family orientation plays on both sides here, me thinks). And when it comes to stalking and PI's and all that stuff, it's a lot harder to execute in such an environment.
    Another point worth mentioning- almost all young Israeli Scientologists (2nd and 3rd gen) join the IDF at age 18-19, as it's mandatory. So even those who were born into a completely secluded Scio bubble, are forced to face some portion of the wog world for at least a couple of years.

    Indeed, Scientology in Israel has its own uniqueness..
  11. Vittorio

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    No problem AnonMary, I was a little curious as to what they were up to in Israel, with the new building in Tel Aviv. It's a place where Scientology has done well and many Israeli's are in Org's around the world including at London, so I did some searching in Hebrew.

    I've discovered that it's ILLEGAL in Israel to promote these cult-like and religious philosophies in schools. In fact the Scientology school in Holon was forced out by local residents and tried to open up elsewhere:

    But according to this article they couldn't help themselves:

    So local residents are not attacking the school because they are Scientologists but because they are actively recruiting and/or practicing Scientology in the schools without being honest about it (or illegally). What Scientology doesn't get is that the majority of most secular or semi-traditional Israeli's do not want their children indoctrinated into a another faith. They've managed to recruit largely from the people looking for spirituality,

    I agree, this is also true of adults. I've had some lazy doctors that have insisted I take anti-depressants for a physical illness. A lot of doctor's don't have time for all their patients individually and often prescribe drugs for things that can be sorted in other way's. This guy however, is using this to coerce people into Scientology. He doesn't make sense either and luckily the lady in the crowd asking questions realizes this. Asking questions is core to Judaism as is debating and disagreeing, it would be much harder to win over an audience member like that.

    HH, thanks for you analysis and sharing your experiences. People are very family orientated here and to disconnection could be quite tough. Unfortunately. Scientology disconnects people from their families even when they're in good standing because no "in" person really sees or speaks to their family much anyway.