Scientology lost its tax exempt status in Holland

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    Nope, you are the first but there is a lot about it on the net.

    The Dutch branch of the Church of Scientology has lost its status as a “public welfare institution” and the tax breaks that go with it after a court in The Hague ruled it is a commercial organisation. According to the ruling, therapeutic courses offered by the church are commercially priced, with a clear aim of making a profit, rendering the organisation ineligible for inclusion on the tax authority’s list of charities.

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    Tony has it covered as well.

    A Scientology spokesman denounced the ruling as religious discrimination, the Dutch newspaper Trouw reported Wednesday. It was not yet clear if the movement would appeal, added reporter Robin de Wever. But the ruling means that Scientologists there will not be able to claim tax breaks for payments to the organisation. After the tax laws were tightened, the Scientology church (‘kerk’ in Dutch) in Amsterdam, SKA, fought a series of court cases to retain the tax breaks accorded a public benefit organisation, or charity. When this particular court battle started, in 2007, 50 percent of an organisation’s activities needed to have a public benefit.
    The Supreme Court ruled last December that even if the Church of Scientology in Amsterdam, was a genuine church, it did not necessarily meet this criterion, and sent the case back to the lower courts for further consideration.
    Wednesday’s latest judgment noted that tax officials were not disputing what Scientology said about the religious nature of its auditing and training. What they were arguing was that Scientology served private interests rather than being in the public interest.