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  1. tessa

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    :happydance: Guys unbelievable staff on the southpark episode right now on T.V. Everything is in the open about scientology secrets. All about XENU staff .All about what is going on . hillarious jokes about Tom c, Jonh TR ,Kelly being all in the closet. Nicole coaxing Tom to come out of the closet.Also abour LRH reicarnated and does not like Tom's movies.Ha,Ha,Ha also tons of Anonymous demostrating outside of the church.... .Anonymous you are UNBELIEVABLE!I am rolling on the floor laughing my head off:dieslaughing: tessa
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  4. Boudicca

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    The South Park episode aired once on network TV, and then
    ** SURPRISE *** Co$ threatened to sue and they only showed it online after that.

    With all the stuff in the news lately, I guess they decided it was time to pull it out again. :happydance:
  5. Wisened One

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    I loved that ep...especially at the end everyone's name was John Smith and Jane Smith, lol.....

    Wisened One
  6. johnAnchovie

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    South Park

    I wonder if that means that ViaCom have decided to give TC the boot? He just is not a positive property anymore... LRH PR tech really works, for the enemy:thumbsup:
  7. Zinjifar

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    I doubt it means anything, since the 'trapped in the closet' episode has been in fairly regular rotation since soon after the first suppression. And, Tom's now gone from Paramount, although, I don't know what his distribution deals with Viacom are or whether he has any ties to them. That's tough to say in incestuous hollywood :)


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