Scientology plan to shut road through its secretive ‘Int Base’ in California foiled again

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    Scientology plan to shut road through its secretive ‘Int Base’ in California foiled again

    Once again, the enterprising Erin Hodges Plumb of Hemet, California, was on the scene for a Scientology Watching adventure, and we have her report.

    Erin is the former middle school special-needs teacher who burst on the scene recently when she managed to get invited to a mixer at Scientology’s secretive “Int Base” [...]


    Once again,[.......]

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  2. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Oh, this is classic Scientology PR. I can understand them wanting to close off access for a number of reasons but I'm not even sure that this would increase property value if it was sold. A new owner may want easy access from both directions. But one of the main values in a road like this is as a detour if other routes are shut down due to natural disasters or accidents or to provide emergency ingress and egress for people in the area. It is an impossible request that could get people killed by creating delays to medical services. Still they push this agenda full knowing that it will unify the community in opposition against them and shine a light on their insanity in a new unit of time.

    Imagine the effort and resources put into this. It will start as a whim from the top. There will be a PR and legal risk assessment, surveys to get public opinion and buttons to be pushed, an elaborate program written up which will include ways to access and influence opinion leaders and decision makers - then the epic fail and the lower conditions assignments for the project and the poor people who were tagged for it and SP declares for those who opposed it.

    Now maybe if they bought the existing road and paid any offsets for the construction of a bypass it might stand a chance but Scientology doesn't think like that. They are the upstats, the only hope for mankind and saving the planet so it is only right that the tax payers should shut down the road for free and build the bypass on their dime and not expect the Church to pay any property tax as well. I'm assuming that the closed section would be purchased by the Church and this would probably increase their appraised value but again, they are tax exempt so there probably would be reduced or no benefit to the community from this.

    At 33:00 in "Leah Remini - Scientology and the Aftermath - S02E05 - The Rise of David Miscavige" Leah asks Gary "Jackson" Morehead how many people he brought back who tried to escape from Int Base and he says there were a few hundred.

    This is like a free country running a road through the center of a North Korean gulag - it's going to be very problematic for the commandant.

    OSAOPS Banned

    Agreements were made where Church would widen Gilman Road to 2 lanes in each direction, in exchange for Riverside County approval of re-zoning and building construction permits at Gold Base.

    The change in status from a State Highway back to a County Road did not affect those terms. The 100-foot right-of-way language remains upon documents recorded just a few years ago with Riverside County. That 100 feet is measured 50 feet from each side of the center-line of the historic location of the original century-old highway. Presently, the existing one-lane-in-each-direction road is far narrower than the 100-feet authorization, by tens of feet.

    Currently, fences and other apparatus erected by the Church now encroach on that legal right. That's the significance behind this vote.

    Legally Riverside County has the right to force the Church to honor its original agreemens, by moving its fences and paying for an extra lane plus modern up-to-code sidewalks to be added in each direction.

    If "safety" is a priority, a campaign by citizens, seeking to pressure local officials to act on existing agreements, will be required to get Gilman Road widened.
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  4. Helena Handbasket

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    Perhaps they could build an overpass, above the existing road, for the wogs and use the ground-level road for themselves. They could nickname it "the road to freedom".

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    OSAOPS Banned

    Have a look at part of what has already been surveyed and placed on the official record for Gilman Springs Road.

    See in the sample diagram how "skinny" the existing road looks, compared to the broader 100-foot right-of-way which was co-signed by Building Management Services itself.

    Someone needs to mention this to City and County officials and board members, and refer them to all the pages and maps of this County document 2008-0147442, so they can get started on enforcing this existing agreement.

    The Church needs to widen the existing road, upgrade the sidewalks on both sides, and provide two full lanes in each direction, all at their cost, in the name of safety!

    GoldBase01A.jpg GoldBase02A.jpg
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  6. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Any encroachment on an easement that would need to be disclosed, remedied or offset prior to sale could have a significant negative impact on a sale. That could explain why this is being brought up now but it still doesn't mean there aren't ulterior motives.

    I wonder, if there were an accident on that section of the road, if someone could sue the Church on the basis that it was unsafe because these improvements had not been made?