Scientology rehab Narconon Arrowhead in dire financial state

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    Scientology rehab Narconon Arrowhead in dire financial state.

    Tony Ortega: New Scientology financial disclosures reflect the dire state of its chief drug rehab

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    Narconon Arrowhead’s most recent 990 tax return, for 2014 (see below), paints a grim story.

    Gross receipts that year were $4,117,845, a combination of gifts ($2,034,017) and sales of services ($2,044,407).

    How did Narconon Arrowhead come up with $2 million in gifts? The answer is on another 990 tax form, the one submitted by Narconon’s Scientology umbrella organization, the Association for Better Living & Education (ABLE). In 2014, ABLE gave Arrowhead a “grant” of $1,879,286 for “general support.” Arrowhead’s remaining gift amount presumably came from other Scientology organizations. We can say that with some confidence based on precedent. In 2008, Scientology’s Social Betterment Properties International (SBPI) donated $180,000 to Narconon Arrowhead. Apparently, and for public relations reasons, David Miscavige cannot allow Narconon Arrowhead to become insolvent — it is, after all, the flagship of Narconon.

    Arrowhead’s losses (revenues less expenses) for the year were $310,714. But that’s misleading. The real number, once you take away what was “gifted” to Arrowhead by ABLE to keep it afloat, is a real annual loss of at least $2,190,000. In other words, Scientology’s other groups had to prop up Narconon Arrowhead with $2 million in gifts so it would only show an annual loss of $310,714 in 2014. Of course, it is possible to work the numbers in different ways, but I am using very basic accounting. I welcome comments and analysis from the real numbers people here at the Bunker.


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  2. scooter

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    This is a major blow to the cult - Arrowhead is THE NarCONon on the planet. And to have it down sooooo low is truly a thing of beauty and joy.:woohoo:

    Tick fucking tock, Wee Slappy - Your days as Leader of the World's Most Expandingest Kult are truly coming to a close.:yes:
  3. arcxcauseblows

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    Poor thetans can't make it go right

    They need some wog tech
  4. Knows

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    Yes - here is a little advice for Scientology that could go a long way:

    Don't LIE
  5. scooter

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    $cientologists NEVER lie !!!!:no:

    They just use "acceptable truths.":yes:

  6. The_Fixer

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    Hmm, sort of goes against the grain of the "No charity" concept the church likes to push, doesn't it?

    OTOH, there could be an onerous contract involved that won't be public knowledge.