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Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Daisy, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Well duh! :duh: I guess they thought iscientology. org was more user friendly to scientologists and didn't know .com should have been obtained as a priority. :laugh:

  4. Infinite

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    Heh! They've got their own "say Xenu" test . . .

    . . . apparently, ". . . someone in OSA that admits DM is a psychopath will probably be sent to the RPF or worse. So, knowing this, it makes it a little easier for me to bother to read something (negative or positive) about Scientology or Scientologists . . . "

    Knowing how to know, in action. Classic.
  5. OperatingSP

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    The following comment was posted in response to the blog post on Marty's website. As of this writing, it awaits moderation.
  6. Sindy

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    Excellent comment.

    It's funny how he talks about Miscavige being overwhelming as I see much of the Indie communication to be quite overwhelming at times.

    In regards to the rating system, I truly wonder how "real" and free they are willing to be with that.

    What if someone off the street ends up getting service from an Indie and writes a lackluster review. Will that go through? Will it be justified? Will the person be considered a "flat ball bearing", "trouble", "DB", "Open-Minded", "SP"?

    Built into the "system" of Scientology are myriad excuses why the tech didn't work, none of which involves the tech not working!

    I'll be curious to see how that goes. Can it really be done without censorship or is Steve writing this piece with the presupposition that all services from an Indie will be inherently great and in no need of criticism?
  7. Anonycat

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  8. Anonycat

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    Well thought ahead. I guess this goes on the list of possible calamity or schadenfreude events coming soon.

    - SP and various other declares or tone assignments.

    - Squirreling accusations or "most pure" deathmatch between rival tribes.

    - Refunds.

    - Skype.

    - List of guaranteed results.
  9. Sindy

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    Right. So, how much of a review is it, really? He's certainly not talking allowing for Scientology Yelp Reviews. :biggrin:
  10. Lermanet_com

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    That is a great question:

    “The leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, is (a) a social personality or (b) a sociopath (suppressive person).”


    To me
    he will always be
    the asthmatic dwarf.*(note)

    * the phrase asthmatic dwarf is (c) Suzette Hubbard
  11. Bill

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    I read this and simply shook my head in disbelief. He talks about having a review/rating system that should have the appearance of "reality" while also talking about how any and all negative reviews and bad ratings must be carefully suppressed.

    So, Steve and Marty, how are you going to fake that appearance of reality while carefully suppressing that very reality? You think you can fool enough people to drag Scientology back from all the negative facts that are already well known?

    Unbelievable. They know what's wrong: Lies, failed promises, abuses and just plain cult behavior and without changing any of that, they want to get the public to "accept and want Scientology". :duh:

    Oooh! Tricky!

    But they have Hubbard's magnificent PR series to tell them how!!

  12. Smilla

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    I wonder how long it will take for Steve Hall and Marty to go for each others throats.
  13. Anonycat

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    So much for my account.
  14. OperatingSP

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    Interestingly, and to give credit where credit is due, a moderator on Marty's blog approved the comment, and the comment has been posted:

  15. Anonycat

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    I know, REALITY? That? One does not simply mix scientology and reality. What, and promise willful control over MEST, exteriorization with full blah blah, perfect memory to incident one or four quadrillion years ago -- hold it, partner. Scientology don't roll like that no more.

    You will be assured improved:

    Walking on air (metaphor this time folks)
    Communication like never before
    Changing weather and remote viewing, separately or simultaneously
    Best prices on e-meters
  16. Smilla

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    There should be given a section where people can review themselves. It would be most exciting to read Michael A. Hobson Independent Scientologist Indie 500 #99's self-review, for example.

  17. Sindy

    Sindy Crusader

    Hey, salvation of this sector of the gah-laxie is a rough go without a good rating system and, frankly, I think it will bring the kind of clarity the Loyal Officers have been begging for, for years.
  18. WildKat

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    Bingo! That's what I see coming too. But if they do have a falling out, they will probably take care to keep it under wraps. They are both marketing and PR "experts", so appearances are more important than truth.

    One stat that will be interesting to watch is if Steve's website starts getting more hits than Marty's. :no:
  19. OperatingSP

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    At this point, Steve "Thoughtfull" Hall and one other person have responded to the above concerns:
  20. OperatingSP

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    And a reply now awaiting moderation.

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