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Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by AnonKat, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. AnonKat

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  2. Blue Spirit

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    A Good Video

    Nothing new here, but it is the best video I've seen to really give one

    the degraded side of Hubbard's personality. Shocking but true.
  3. AnonKat

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    For some its new. I went trhough all posted vids to find that the cut up clips posted of this where removed so I did a repost for the intrested. I refrain from cometary on it.

    Remember some will not have had opurtunity to ever have seen this.
  4. skollie

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    Does anybody know what happened to the little 4 year old "Derek Green" who was banished to the chain locker? :bigcry:
  5. AnonKat

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    No but I found this. Is this for real ?:confused2:
  6. Zinjifar

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    H ello, my name is Derek Green, and here is a little bit about myself:

    I go to school on weekdays and stay with my dad on the weekend. I like pizza, riding my bicycle, and playing games on the computer. My sister’s name is Emily. My stepdad’s name is Gary and my mom’s name is Joanne. My mom signed me up on course.[End]

  7. Dulloldfart

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    If it's the same guy he'll be about 45 now, maybe 35 when that cookie-cutter site was put together.


  8. AnonKat

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    It is top of the list when you google: Derek Green Scientology

    Scientology's attempt to burry DATA about the Derek Green that was locked in a chain locker
  9. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Banned

    well, I'm not sure when the chain locker incident happened. I was giving it, say, '76 as latest possible and the page would have been from '98/'99 earliest, which would make him in his low 20s lowest.

    So, the bits don't make much sense, chronologically. But, possibly a son?

    Weird in any case.

  10. AnonKat

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    Paul havent you seen how slick and proffesional that "kids"page looks LOL

    I think David M personnaly supervised project "Derek Green"
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  11. Zinjifar

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    slick and professional is an odd thing to call it :)

    The Scientologist Online cookie cutter pages were all the same, except for some 'personalized' content.

  12. AnonKat

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    I ment it in the most negative sense. Those pages remind me of the decorum miscavige surrounds himself with on "Events"
  13. Sharone Stainforth

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    L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion, once wrote:
    “Children are not dogs. They can't be trained like dogs are trained. They are not controllable items. They are, and let's not overlook the point, men and women. A child is not a special species of animal distinct from man.”

    L.Ron Hubbard forgot to practise what he preached.

    Founder of Scientology - L. Ron Hubbard - ordered lockup of deaf-mute girl
    From the book "Messiah or Madman" by Bent Corydon

    Hubbard had ordered a little girl who was a deafmute down into the chain locker sometime in 1968. Hubbard was going to cure her deaf-ness by shoving her down there! This came to my attention after she'd been there for about a week because the Master at Arms at the time, a beautiful girl, came to me and said, "John, I've got to have you come and see what's going on."

    From the book "Religion Inc.: the Church of Scientology" by Stewart Lamont

    McMaster remembers once being asked by the Master at Arms to come and help her, He pulled up the wedge from the chain-locker, a dank and unhealthy part of the ship into which offenders were flung without food as a punishment. Out crawled a little girl who turned out to be a deaf-mute who had been unable to write her name and had incurred the Commodore's wrath.

    Life aboard Scientology's ship 'The Apollo' in 1968
    Posting of Steve Manning 8 Mar 2000

    I was twelve years old and witnessed children younger than myself being thrown into the chain locker (a room for storing the anchor while at sea) for days on end until they persuaded the ethics officer that they were not enemies. Physical abuse of children was rife.

    Sister page: Children and teens and Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)

    According to Scientology "Any law which applies to the behavior of men and women applies to children" and "A child is a man or a woman who has not attained full growth." On the basis of these direct quotes of the founder of Scientology and Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, it is no surprise that the harsh forced labour and self-confessions on the RPF program with its social isolation and a maximum of 6 hours of sleep per night, is also applied to children.

    Interview with David Mayo (auf Deutsch)

    The length of time for children would vary, but no one was there less than a day. The average was a week or two. Three weeks was about the maximum. Age didn't matter. The youngest kids were 5, 6 or 7. Old, young, men, women, big, little; it wouldn't matter because to Scientologists the being is ageless so you don't think in terms of how young or old someone is.

    "Save the child, and you save the nation." L. Ron Hubbard once said.It's a shame he didn't repeat it in his affirmations.
  14. Blue Spirit

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    Thank You

    AnonKat, Thank You. I do recall now that the one that comes up most

    is only 25 minutes long, so your contribution here is valuable. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  15. SuperPowers

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    Good post! Ought to be sticky.

    I've seen this more than once.
    It is a versatile, interesting movie about a most peculiar man.
    A must see for any Scientologist, X or not. :yes:
  16. Miss Pert

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    Just out of curiosity, when I went to that link, I thought I'd have a look and see if I'm still on it, being an SP an all. Yep, sure am, along with the Pandas, Mr & Mrs Feral and other assorted Aussie SPs. Guess they gotta keep their stats up somehow. :whistling:
  17. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    I was looking everywhere for this vid! Someone was asking for it on another thread, but the last link I had didn't work anymore.

    Thanks so much, Anonkat. These vids you've been posting are terrific. :thumbsup:

    Sharone, great job getting the Elron quotes together on children with examples. I'll use this in my next speech, if that's okay with you?
  18. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Go ahead Gottabrain.

    They are not my quotes, but I did wittness some of these incidents, first hand.
  19. freethinker

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    I clicked on the link and through that found "Scientologists Online". I clicked on N. America and then my state. There was a list of names. I went through the list and clicked on a few names. It came up with a site just like Derek Green's. This is what I will report:

    There are names on the list of people I know are dead.

    There are names on the list of people who left Scientology years before I did.

    There are names on the list that have not lived in the state for 10 years.

    None of the sites will show you a picture of the person.

    Conclusion: That probably is the Derek Green from back then but he didn't post it. The twisted church took his name off a list and gave him a website. I doubt if any of the people on the list made those sites themselves. This is a DM statistic and PR tech application.

    Thanks Anonkat, I had not seen that video before and I have seen a gazillion of em.
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  20. AnonKat

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    thank you for the follow up information and you are welcome.

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