Scientology: The No Responsibility Case

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    Scientology: The No Responsibility Case

    L. Ron Hubbard talks a LOT about responsibility in his scientology writings, and often laments the sad state of those who cannot be responsible for their actions. His derogatory term for this type of person is “a no responsibility case.” This is a famous, and oft-used quote taken from Hubbard’s Advanced Procedures and Axioms book:[.......]

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    You can always count on DM to issue footbullets. Sorry you don't like the mirror that Aftermath is placing before your face Davey. You've pulled it in -- suggest you sign that N/C invoice for 100 intensives of FPRD that you've been C/S'd for and been avoiding for 30+ years.
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    I think Hubbard used the KRC Triangle to great effect. The idea is that if you lift or lower any one corner you lift or lower the other two. Increase Knowledge and you increase Responsibility and Control, etc. Of course the implication is that Scientology is knowledge and by virtue of increased knowledge it becomes incumbent upon Scientologists to assume responsibility for the problems that they are now aware of, which are defined to be in the best interests of Scientology, and the solutions Scientology provides. If you don't assume this responsibility in order to control the things for which you are now aware then that becomes an overt of omission.

    You get this? By virtue of not acting on what they teach you you become inherently guilty.

    A "No Responsibility Case" is to be despised because it is someone for whom this leverage does not work and they are useless to Scientology because Scientology is 90% guilt.

    I do think at some point if we go deep enough into the Scientology onion that it becomes obvious that this principle is not expected to be applied to Scientology itself. All the policy can be summarized as a No Responsibility Case. The FBI raids in 1977 were probably the most historically important event that shaped what Hubbard would do thereafter and what Scientology would become. In briefings to the crew at the time we were told by Heber it was because of a trumped up charge over "stolen" copy paper. They didn't lay out all of Hubbard's decisions and orders leading up to the burglarizing of government offices in the Snow White Program or the framing of Paulette Cooper in Operation Freakout which was revealed in the raid. Wouldn't that be what Hubbard meant by a soldier tracing back his personal responsibility to the original postulate(s) that got him where he is?

    That this was always so one sided in Scientology should tell us that to Hubbard "Responsibility" was just another mechanism for manipulating people and we need to rethink whatever we learned about responsibility from Hubbard.