Scientology's Dirty Little Secret

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by WildKat, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well, it's just one of the Dirty Little Secrets, there are actually many of them. I ran across this link on the Tony Ortega website which was posted sometime awhile back, and I missed it because it is in one of the Updates at the bottom of the link. It has some profound observations by Jeff Hawkins, who is one of my fave Exes. I'll just post part of it here, highlighting in bold what I think sums up the whole Scn trauma really well.

    (From Jeff Hawkins Updates at bottom of page)

    "....Scientologists endure it (the Purif) because they’ve been promised that it will flush all those nasty drugs and toxins out of their body and they will be bright and aware and squeaky clean. The “end phenomenon,” of course, is highly subjective (as are all Scientology end phenomena): “freedom from the harmful lasting effects of drugs and toxins.” Well, who says they are free? There are no physical tests to see if there are any toxins left in the body, so it’s up to the individual to decide when he “feels” free from their effects. And so the person will jump on their first feeling of euphoria (often out of desperation) and declare that they now feel “free from drugs and toxins.” Of course, it’s easy to convince the person later, when the euphoria fades, that they “never really made it" and have to do it over again.

    Scientology’s dirty little secret is that nobody “makes it.” They are convinced, during a moment of temporary euphoria, that they have achieved some glorious “end phenomenon.” But that moment of euphoria fades and they are right back where they started from. No Scientologist wants to admit this, even to themselves. But it’s easy, then, to convince Scientologists that they “never really made it,” that there was something wrong with the way the service was delivered, that it was not “100% On-Source” and so on. And a C/S can always find some imperfection in the delivery, particularly with the Purif, which has so many complex procedures.

    But a “technical imperfection” can be found in any Scientology delivery which “explains” why they never really achieved the End Phenomenon.
    And so they can be convinced to redo their Purif, redo their Grades, redo Clear, redo OT Levels and on and on and on. As Chris points out, that is their current business model, as they have NO new public coming in and they have run out of new “Upper Level” materials to release.

    Their only option is to recycle their existing public through the same services again and again and again. Hopefully on the 3rd or 4th time through they will realize that nobody is “making it” because there is nothing there to achieve except fleeting moments of euphoria and a big dose of “future hope.”
  2. FormerScn

    FormerScn Patron

    No one here would believe what I have personally been through regarding this.

    I'm going to save the details, but this simple explanation is so clearly correct that this whole nightmare is coming back to me now.

    I'm going to go take a walk now. I need some space. . .

    I have family coming home soon and I must keep from blowing my stack.
  3. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for your touching reply. I see you are new to ESMB. I actually posted this material for people like you, and for the many lurkers, because it really zeros in on one of the major issues with Scn.

    I would like anyone who is lurking and struggling to make sense of what they've been through, to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It's not "just you" that isn't getting all the glorious results you were promised.

    Yes, it's a tough pill to swallow. But things CAN get better.
  4. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus BT-free since 2003!

    I would have much to add to this myself if I wasn't being toyed with at the moment, as it is an area of expertise (if you can call it that). But I've been making myself scarce lately, but I'm still lurking. :thumbsup:

    Glad to see this post however. Very cool.

    I'll come back around when the posers shove off.
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Scientology's Dirty Little SEDUCTIONS

    :clapping::clapping::clapping: OUTSTANDING! :clapping::clapping::clapping:

    It is always such a great pleasure to read the brilliant & balanced insights of Jeff Hawkins.

    Ahhhh, blessed CLARITY!

    So, I see that once again you have rollercoastered
    and want to blow Scientology and get a refund!

    This time is really it! I'm done. I'm a half-million
    dollars in debt and I didn't get ANY of the supposed
    supernatural powers or miracles Hubbard promised.
    I lost 40 years of my life. Just give me back my
    fuckin' money and I'm outta here!

    Sure, but first I need to give you an r-factor. . .

    Not that again! Don't even bother with your bullshit!

    No, wait, really--this is something totally new that
    is going to blow your mind. I need to brief you. . .

    I'm not falling for that shit again. I don't care what
    TR-L, shore-story, acceptable truth delusional lies
    you come up with, so save your breath And don't even
    try that "you're going to lose your eternity"
    diabolically coercive shit again--

    that's a joke!

    Okay, okay, okay. I really got that. But, please, just
    allow me to at least give you the data before you
    leave today. After 40 years, don't you at least owe
    it to yourself to give it 40 more seconds?!

    Man, you people just don't give up! Yeah, whatever,
    give me your best bullshit before I blow. You've got 40
    seconds, Mr. Ethics Officer, go ahead say whatever
    you need to say so I can look you in the eyes without
    blinking one last time and say "fuck off!" before I
    laugh and leave this stupid criminal cult!

    Thank you! Okay, start of Briefing. A full eval was
    done why 98% of all OTs, like yourself, ended up
    blowing Scientology. The why was that they
    have previously undetected By-Passed-Charge
    which prevented them from going full exterior
    and attaining all those miraculous supernatural
    powers that Ron promised. But unlike all the
    previous 17 evals and whys that all failed to
    handle the same situation, this time is totally
    different--this time it's not YOUR fault!

    Yeah, whatever. Are you done?

    Hang on, this is really different! This
    time it wasn't your out ethics that caused
    the tech to not work. There was a scientific
    reason that the tech didn't work. It was just
    discovered that the e-meter cans being used
    in the orgs since late 1960s were totally
    squirrel! Ron stated in early bulletins
    that Campbell's soup cans were to
    be used, which were produced with
    authentic tin. But, someone sabotaged
    Ron's can technology and began allowing
    the use of tin-plated steel cans! And it
    gets worse, then they started using
    aluminum! So, the meter reads were
    alter-ised and heavily charged parts
    of the PCs case did not read at all,
    thus they were left unhandled.
    This, don't you see, is why nobody
    since 1967 made it to OT. So
    it's not your fault!!!

    Whuttttt? Not my fault? Nobody ever said
    that to me in Scientology before!

    That's right, it's not your fault! It's
    a scientific fact and now all that
    can be handled very easily and
    you can attain full OT with exterior
    and levitation powers and the ability
    to postulate anything you want
    and get it instantly!!!

    Jeez, I swore I wan't going to
    get sucked back into this
    shit again....I don't know,
    how can I believe you
    this time?

    I promise you, this time it's totally
    different. This is science! We can
    get you started on handling all
    your BPC right now and you
    can become an immortal
    God in just a few weeks!

    I mean, it all sounds so good, how
    do I know this isn't just another
    cruel trick to get me to buy more
    auditing intensives?

    You're forgetting--this time it's science!
    Science the way Ron intended it!

    Yeah, but aren't you going to try to make
    me borrow more money and do lower
    conditions and all that?

    Absolutely not! As a show of good
    faith, this time we are willing
    to let you go right back into
    session without any arbitraries!
    Plus, since you are being recovered
    by the Ethics Department, you won't
    have an FSM--which means we can even
    get you an additional 10% discount on
    the normal rates for intensives! But wait,
    there's more! This time we will let you
    pay for the auditing and go directly into
    session without first having to work through
    a lower conditions assignment. That's right,
    we are recognizing that your 40 years on
    the Bridge makes you an upstat and that
    means ethics protection, my friend!

    I mean...I can't believe I would be allowed
    to get back on my Bridge and not have to
    do lowers conditions and submit a huge
    amends project and making up the damage
    I caused with massive donations! Okay, but if
    I do this, are you willing to throw in that
    I also don't have to do O/W writeups?

    Done! Deal!

    OMG, this is amazing!
    I love science of Scientology so much!

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  6. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    My initial thought in response to the OP was …that people have always been willing to pay top dollar or even sacrifice their lives and the lives of others for high quality woo.

    That is what we are talking about here isn’t it? At least with a college education, sure everything being purchased is basically subjective and intangible, but it still has marketable value - at least it is supposed to. Dianetics gets people excited about the idea that they can co-audit, you can do it for money, it can be an independent way of life, a natural self-improvement activity. But as soon as you go into a Church establishment they lay on all these restrictions until it is effectively a monopoly. Just try to go au naturel or freelance and see what happens. There is no secondary market.

    Not including real world (read: wog) products like hotel and food services, the use of which may also be mandated at Flag, Scientology’s business model is basically selling the ethereal for the tangible. But where Scientology is insane is it’s expectation that it’s customers also accept the ethereal as a rational for it’s business client relationship. This was LRH’s genius - getting people to agree that everything including relationships that have very real world consequences can be understood and agreed upon based purely on subjectivity. Scientology is absolved of all responsibility because of this.

    As a thetan you have the potential to be at total cause. If you do not exercise your full potential, then whatever goes wrong is on you. As soon as you try to shift the blame onto something or someone else you tacitly assign them cause over your condition so what can you expect? If you have a public that willingly perceives all causation in this and any other universe to be infinitely untraceable to some undefinable butterfly effect, then where is the necessity to actually provide a real product?

    All of Scientology is built on the premise that it’s true “Goal”, the top level of the “Admin Scale”, is unknown to everyone except LRH and therefore he can say whatever the hell he thinks is most expedient. If the real Goal is to make lots of money and amass real estate without being put in prison, then Clearing the Planet is really just a lower level “Purpose”. In fact, it isn’t even a purpose. It is just a lowly target in a PR program.

    So here you have all these people madly trying to assimilate all this technology about how to recognize causation and they can’t even tell what the causation is behind the technology itself. This translates into everything they do. Their evaluations, programs, mission orders and targets are all operating on the wrong most senior goal there is. Scientologists study so hard to identify the “Why”, it’s always the “Why”, but what if the Why is “Everything you have been taught about finding a Why is just a very elaborate con”? You will always be “Wrong Target”.

    Wait, if I just used Scientology to correctly identify the Why in Scientology does that mean everything I just said is wrong? I get confused.
  7. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Goldenrod SP

    They didn't convince me that I'd got gains from the Purif. I protested that I didn't need to do it but I was made to do it anyway.

    After 21 days in the sauna and nothing happening despite being on the maximum level of niacin I refused to attest because it had been a complete waste of time and money. They threatened me with Ethics so I attested with a "success story" saying I "feel cleaner" or something like that.
  8. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron with Honors

    You learned quickly. I had to repeat my first course because I said "the course was nice, but I don't have anything to say in a success story". I never made that mistake again....
  9. Demented Hubbatd

    Demented Hubbatd Patron with Honors

    I bought Purif for $ 500. which was a huge discount. In my success story I wrote that I have saved $ 2000. They liked it even though I didn't write anything else.
  10. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    I think this is a good place to post this Jason Beghe video interview. I watched this when it first came out in 2008, and the whole thing is great. But it's 2 hours long, so if you don't have time now, at least watch from the :58 minute mark, for about ten minutes.

    Basically, Jason who is/was a celebrity actor, powerhouse, he was given the full celebrity attention, the "best" handling, best auditors, personal attention from top execs (and DM) from the start. And he goes into detail about how he had some wins early on, but that the last 8 years of his involvement, he basically paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for abuse, with attempts to fix it, followed by screw-ups and more abuse (all of which he had to pay for) until he couldn't handle it anymore.

    He said he was in 10-11 years, with the last 8 years of it pure hell.

    I experienced the same and I know numerous others did too.

    Lurkers might want to watch the whole thing. He really nails what goes on with the glorious "tech".

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