Seattle emails leaked

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    Like how a good fart can clear the room?
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    Could this Ruth Bowen be the one that was married to business man Bill Bowen?

    Bill and Ruth Bowen ran one of those Real Estate Title Re-Conveyance Companies in LA back in the 90’s that made lots of money from Banks and Mortage Loan Servicing Companies.

    100% Scientology staff... Donated loads of $ to the Cult. In arbitration via Wise with another Company that said they had stolen their idea?

    Anyway.... I heard that Bill had died.

    Their daughter was married to that obnoxious FSM that does all the Freewinds get togethers .... can’t remember his name. But he dumped her...?
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    i was thinking of Brooke Bowen as Cindy's sister, not ruth.