Slimed by Scientology, Cierra Westerman says she’s still feeling good about coming forward

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    Slimed by Scientology, Cierra Westerman says she’s still feeling good about coming forward

    [Cierra Westerman]

    Before last night’s episode of Scientology and the Aftermath even aired, Cierra Westerman…

    — Was called a bigot by the Church of Scientology for wearing a Confederate Flag visor.

    — Was told by a former colleague that she was likely to be sued by a former employer.

    — Was told she could never [...]


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    I just watched "Spies like us" and it's easy to see the hellatious impact of Scientology upon the populace.
    I think it's their best show yet.
    They show how Scientology lay's the foundation for "how to harass anyone" and they do.

    The best part is the interview with Cierra Waterman, a PI for Scientology from 2008-2011 along with deushbag PI Dwayne Powell who recruited her out of agent training, and telling of how many ex's got real time tracking devices put of their cars tracking their every movement throughout each and every day. They are little black boxes that can be hard wired into your car's electrical harness or if they just use the battery option they have to keep coming back to change the battery. Usually they have to be positioned somewhere that they get a full signal no matter what direction the car is driving or the car's location will cut out for periods. Look for hidden cavities in your car that someone could access in the middle of the night in order to set it up properly, not hard at all. Inside is a cell phone card which makes it operate on a paid cell phone account that someone is paying ( traceable if you can find the unit and pull the card and show it to non Scientology law enforcement) and it transmits your location onto a Google Earth map where they can watch a little car on the map move around on each street with a MPH readout on every move you make, where you stop and how long you are there. I've seen them operate on a laptop a few times.
    Sounds like heavy class action time...
    Real time tracker
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