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  1. So, all the great anti-scientology stuff in the press these last couple months has inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. The big dogs on TV are doing great at outing all the evils of the church, but what I would like to do (and am working on) are all the kooky little things! [​IMG]:D
    Basically, my videos will focus on all those questions non-scientologists would love to ask us over a beer.
    So, what questions have you guys been asked that you think would be worthy of exploration for this? Any advice for me as the content creator?
    I am in pre-production using the legwork I have done already and I don't have a solid date for when videos will start going live, but feel free to subscribe in advance if you would like to receive notifications when they do.
  2. Dulloldfart

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    How about an unscripted video of you asking random people on the street what they would like to know? Obviously you would need their ok to use their bit, and you'd have to edit out the uninteresting "Huh? Dunno" responses.

    But that would be more interesting that the usual talking head videos one sees.

  3. Helena Handbasket

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    I'll tell you on Thursday, at 2:00.

  4. Helena Handbasket

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    Inside joke. Thursday at 2:00 PM is one of those kooky little Scientology things.

    Scientology has this thing called statistics. What you've accomplished over the week is measured, and if it is not more than what you've accomplished over the previous week, you are punished. Auditors must deliver more paid auditing hours than before, registrars must sell more than before, and so on. These statistics are due each Thursday at 2 P.M, making same a source of dread to many who work there. (I was never on staff but I'm sure many people here can share their personal stories.)

    Welcome to the rabbit hole.

  5. Jump

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    They are called 'Stats' and should not be confused with the rational mathematical topic of 'statistics'.

    Scientology stats are used to manipulate and control are are simply counting the occurrence of an arbitrarily chosen criteria and plotting it on a weekly graph. Often the frequency of occurrence is out of the control of the staffer who owns the stat.
  6. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Something like Watter's World maybe?

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