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    after posting here a somebody emailed me and I wrote a long answer telling some of my history in the sea org...I'll paste it here and tidy it up a bit, so I can link to it instead of writing it again...there are already so many keystrokes without repetition...

    those that KNOW the pattern have an ethical obligation to inform the public what they are dealing with..

    I lived a relatively pampered life in the sea org because I had technical skills no one else had..that's why my story inside is not there..

    I joined up in San Francisco, on the Bolivar in the harbor, there was a song ""Ride Capt'n Ride". the author denies its about that voyage, but Capt Scott Mayer claims that he and Capt Bob Young and the crew partied in a San Francisco bar with that band after hours till sunrise.

    Heres picture of Captain Scott Mayer, the year was 1970, after he got out, he lived here for a year, with me. He passed away sitting at his desk of a heart attack a few years ago.

    The First two years - I was chosen out of a lineup of new recruits on the Bolivar and boom.. I was an FBO.. Whats that? Oh, counts money. I can do that. Pat Broeker worked in my office. We were pals. Went out on the weekends. This was before the FBO office turned into the "Finance Police"

    Pat was FBO PubsUS (Now new era) and I took over from him. There was a child as CO Pubs US who was too young for the job so I ran it. I wrote checks payable to L Ron Hubbard for royalties which would clear thru Societe' Anonoyme in Luxembourg or Lichtenstein. I fought the guardians office, and got canned, and sent to DPF (before there was an RPF) The RPF completion policies did not come down lines until the day I left the Deck Project Force on the Bolivar.. Yeah I had to scoop up some of that cold, and filled with sharp metal turnings from the main engine bearings,
    bilge slime..Very exciting stuff - not.

    My most pleasant moment was being the Chief Electrician on the Bolivar, a 174 ft Twin Screw Motor Yacht - an ex navy subchaser, which, incidentally had been procured, as Hubbard's PAC Area Get-away-vehicle... - Get this, it was not a training vessel, it was the get away car for the scam of scientology! "Training vessel" was the 'Shore story"... anyway, one time we went out to Catalina, and were racing some of the old navy guys in the chris craft...there were these two huge engines, 2000 Hp at 800 RPM.. what would happen is because of direction of the boat and the current, the load on the engines would be different, and one would turn at a different speed than the other, this made this amazing
    8-20 hz deep baritone vibration that went straight through my whole body. It induced a deep trance and was extremely pleasant and pain free
    to hang out down there when that was happening... 25 years later I experienced the same pleasant state courtesy of Robert Monroe's
    meditation tapes..

    There was a wonderful friend who rode motorcycle, Ed Brewer.. a tough guy, and a gentleman who too no rubbish from anyone, after I left, and years later, I found out he had an accident on his motorcycle and was bleeding badly.. the panty-waist Sea Org buffoons argued about the publicity problems and whether to call an ambulance, they called the ship first, for 20 minutes meanwhile my old pal lay on the pavement and bled to death.

    I was a reg to the stars in hollywood and I was NOT a very good reg. FSC WUS, I never understood why I stayed there so long for years...
    I was bait.. on public FSC WUS it never dawned on me why they put me, with some skin color, with a jewish kid with a terrific sense of humor, named Hy Levy in the front window hallspace of the Hollywood Inn, on the boulevard.. and no curtains. We were intended to make scientology look like something other than a neo-fascist group of all white boys at the time.

    I got sent to the RPF in 74 and told them to (curse words deleted) I called up the Chief reg at ASHO and told her I'd gotten RPF'd and she
    said she had been also, we told the execs to (curse words deleted), and we got into Pat Broekers old van and drove to FOLOEUS, walked in and
    said PAC has gone mad, got work? Did liability formulas ! HAH! we really had no idea what a bleedin rat-hole FOLO EUS was.. and made the best of it.

    Staff looked starved, everyone was lank and thin. except the CO Lt Cmdr Al Bornstein... who after leaving scientology had a sex change.

    The food was so poor, I lost the ability to digest meat, I already wrote this somewhere.and when I bought a nice steak one day, I ended up in the hospital, the doctors eventually decided that I did not make enough stomach acid. And if you don't digest it, you don't absorb it, and if you don't absorb it it rots and poisons you.

    To keep from starving I started making metal sculpture and selling on the streets of New York, I used to workcaddy corner from the Village Vanguard, under the awning of the San Marco Cafe.

    I spent 2 years as OTC's new york buyer "Flag Logistics NYC I/C" Imagine, I'm in the sea org, get up when I want..I went out when I want, I don't tell anyone where I'm going "shopping for OTC" and I make them give me money and I went shopping for Ron's fancies...bumming around
    new york city for years..spent a lot of time in a certain beatnick coffee shop in the village..and I have no idea what my 'stats' were...
    but they were ordering all this electronic stuff, and many gallons of 100% ethyl alcohol non-denatured (drinkable) 200 proof, supposedly for cleaning tape deck heads? But I had to locate cases of this stuff and ship it to the Apollo...I wondered what all that booze was for...
    and I went out to buy it. Lots of weird electronics parts nobody else even knew what this stuff was..let alone have the nerve to ask me
    to count them..on thursday..

    Those were the last two years..

    One day one of the external comm guys told me that Suzette wanted me to call her. I said, huh? what? He said, yeah, she's over at RONY.. which was RELAY OFFICE NEW YORK, across the inlet from Manhattan.. Hubbard was there for a bit hiding out in disguise and Suzette was there for some reason at a different time.. Anyway, I called her up on the number I was given...

    She answered the telephone and explained that when she was at Flag she was the SO1 I/C and that they had recived a letter from me, and they had no idea what I was talking about. I hestitate to describe it...but it was a drawing of a device I saw in my dreams that would have peculiar effects upon space-time. Anyway, she was curious and wanted to meet with me and explain it to her. So we agreed to meet.

    She took the train into manhattan and met me at a coffee shop like "Three Brothers" on the corner, you know the kind...Good, simple food. And sitting there I explained the letter to her and why I sent it to her dad. Something else happenned during that meeting. She had the most incredible green eyes. And like a cat, I was mesmerized...and aparantly, so was she... and we began dating. I suppose when the powers that be found out, they shipped her back to Flag.

    It was shortly after she was shipped out of town and we cupld no longer see each other, that I got sick and hospitalized. I took a "medical leave" and rented an apartment down the street from FOLOEUS over NY Org at that time.. and did my metal sculpture full time, when Suzette suggested that I come down to visit her at Flag.

    So got a ticket to Tampa. Showed up at Tampa airport, found one of those white vans, and told the driver who I was and that I was on a medical leave and wanted to visit.. So, now I was a visiting Sea Org Officer from Folo EUS and got assigned to a petty officers dorm at Flag... (Geeze, I was not impressed with the Mecca of Technical Perfection's Petty Officer dorm..) And we carried on our relationship. Meetings in plan where to meet later that day...

    After a few days there at Flag, Suzette and I had gotten our blood tests and marriage license... and now had to wait 48 hours under Florida law to get married. During this time, she spilled the beans during rudiments. God bless her, she provided the 'shock therapy' that allowed me to leave that madhouse...sometimes I think she did it (she gave up the w/h in her daily auditing that we had gotten blood tests and license to marry in) because she loved me. LINK

    During the ten years being out, i never thought much about scientology, and tried to package up all that rubbish into a gunny sack and held in at the end of a long pole over my shoulder so I would not see it. But there was some pain.

    and after being out for ten years or so, I thought I was strong enough to help expose the simple fact that there are no OTs in Scientology, just a dwarf.


    Do any of you recall my voice back in 2000 saying that (in clearwater)

    No matter what thy told you about us, we were taking extreme risks financially and personally to try and let you know that life is far better outside of Ron's dream world of lies.

    CPO Arnie Lerma
    FBO Pubs US
    Flag Missionaire
    Flag Logistics IC NYC

    and now
    Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family
    to get them out of scientology
    before they end up here:

    Please check back, this is UNDERCONSTRUCTION..
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  2. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Thankyou for this, I look forward to reading more. :thumbsup:

    There are so many stories of the early days that need to be told and retold to show that the insanity is not something new and has always been part of the whole structure of Scientology.

    On the other hand the catchall of "it's not like that anymore" needs to shown to be untrue as well!

    Thankyou for all you have done, it certainly helped me. :)
  3. Alan Prost

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    This human is false

    Unfortunately it is not possible to read past the false claim that you
    have "Technical Skills" that no one else has, and whilst living in a body at that, so I did not do so.
    There is only one being in all the universes that could stake this claim, and he did not. Try the confusion formula, then work one's way up the conditions
    standardly, then post one's claims to others, without the confusion!
  4. Zinjifar

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    You apparently have problems not only with reading further, but with reading what you did read.

    What Arnie said was that 'I lived a relatively pampered life in the sea org because I had technical skills no one else had.'

    Technical in this sense being *real* technical, not Hubbtech, and, it's quite simple to imagine some advanced and even intermediate skill in electronics being a skil set not easily replaced within the Sea Org.

    Now, of course, that doesn't mean there wouldn't be super-OT types who couldn't just make electronics 'work' by sheer postulate, but, maybe they didn't want to... You know, the whole 'If we show it, we'll get killed by the CIA...'

  5. Lermanet_com

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    Thanks zinj, that was entertaining..

    Yeah, I had taken a job as a electronic technician at the #1 hifi store in washington dc, Meyer-Emco (emco = Ed Meyer's Company) after a year and ten raises, I was service manager making 10,000 a year, which was a boatload in 1969/70 at 19 years of age. I used to read the Allied and Lafayette electronics catalogs for fun, in bed, when...I had a shortwave radio, (My first station I tuned in with extreme excitement was Radio Australia with a 65 foot long wire running up the airshaft of the tenament..) build receivers for fun and fixed everything..When I was 11 I fixed my first TV and replaced an entire tube socket that has fallen apart on our 12" B&W in a huge box RCA. When I was at Pubs, I did a flag mission to Delta Meters to debug the production line.. of MArk V;'s Serial numbers #2800 thru 3500 may have been touched by my hands. The backlog at Delta was fixed... After I left, scientology, I went back to to college for electronics.. and learned more theory.. I'd be the last one to show up for the labs and the first one to leave after ten minutes.. with the professor begging me to stay and help him get the children through the lab...after 7 years at 10 $ a week, I told the professor, sorry, you are getting paid.. and I'm paying to be here, good bye..2 of my professors at NVCC told me I needed to goto a better school. I still fix tube and discrete transistor equipment, keyboards, Ampeg Heads etc and troubleshoot to the component. When my business was booming in the roaring 80's I hired and then fired a couple of Masters of Electrical Engineering.. who evidently knew how to take tests but could not fix anything. I was a factory trained by what became Ampro / Gretag Display systems to fix and align their $45,000 projectors.. (1990 dollars) Past clients included Dalghren Naval Surface Weapons Facility, SAIC, BDM, Loral Federal Systems, IBM Federal Systems, Institute for Defense Analysis, and the residence of the Crown Prince of Iran, and a few other local celebrities in Washington DC suburbs who have asked I not name them because of Scientology...and one of my custom design installations that included a designed and built by me video switcher, a sound system and video display that won placement in the Top Ten Video Clubs in America in Video Magazine in I believe 1984 or 5. And in that top ten category, my system was the least dollars spent...My firm also suggested the final name for that club - Poseurs, in Georgetown, the man was going to call it Greystones..yuck,,,and it was the hottest new wave and first video club in Washington DC..copied by all...

    And I might suggest for Mr Prost, that you learn the The Confusion Technique and perhaps give my history another not be so quick to sit in judgment, that isn't our job either. It took me a long time to recover from Scientology where you were expected to be perfect in every way... in the real world, as long as each of us does the best we are capable of doing, there can be no guilt or shame... if you did your best, that is all that is necessary in this world...shall we begin again?

    "Begin at the beginning--and go on till you come to the end: then stop " (c) Lewis Carol, author of Alice in Wonderland
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  6. Headend

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    Arnie fascinating. You also write with an easy style, I'm enjoying the story.

    A love interest for the hero always makes things more interesting. Did you ever lament the lose of Suzette?

  7. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    The phrase "we don''t do that anymore"
    is doublespeak

    what they mean is "We don't do that any less"

    and yer welcome, pass it on...

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  8. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    I packaged it all up into a sack with scientology
    you could not speak to me of spirit, god, or anything that was not
    solid based physical reality..
    where it stayed until 1992...
    All I wanted was the house, the cat, the car, the kid and a lawn to mow.
    and after I got all those things, other than the kid, they had no meaning to me
    they were junk I had to care for...
    And then..
    when what would be considered
    supernatural occurances, forced me to reevaluate
    my spirituality in the face if impossible serendipity.
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  9. Magoo

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    Great story! I was on the Bolivar, too, in the early '70's!
    You said:
    How *that* is news to me! I learn something EVERY single day--but this
    one is entirely new. Thanks.

    Also, To... is it "Ron P"? (The dude re "you need to do the confusion formula")
    I was on that ship---and there really were not that many people who were
    trained in electronics, etc. It was a mini nightmare, frankly---so no, your
    indication is wrong. Did you honestly mean Hubbard when you referred to the "One person"? Now *that* is funny! You've got some reading to do, kiddo.

    Thanks for the photo, too, Arnie! I *Love* that photo, and those days.
    We did Kick some SERIOUS ASS :happydance:

    My best to you,

  10. Snuffy

    Snuffy Patron Meritorious

    Ride Captain Ride by The Blues Image. Great tune.

    "73 men sailed up from that San Francisco Bay ..."

    Thanks for your story.
  11. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    At Pubs (now called Bridge Pubs) I managed E-meter production for the US Mark V's.. the blue faced "Delta" meters with "Murcom" movements.


    This is from 1972, from an ASHO promo mailing at the time
    it is amazing how long 35 years is..
  12. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    I posted the following onto the Bolivar's Captian, Bob Young's facebook page:

    {edits in}


    Bob young replied on my Facebook wall..

    Bob Young HI Arnie
    Yes it is true what Scott said about the bar in San Francisco Called The Pillory just up from Fisherman's Warf. I took Scott in for awhile tried to get him clean however he wasn't at that point where he really wanted to make the effort. Had to kick him out. I considered Scott a very good friend. Wasn't an easy... thing to do when you see someone you care for destroying themselves. Such a waste. Scott told about some of the things you were up to.

    1984 is here only 26 years later

    What you up too? Bob

    Arnaldo Lerma
    I have been getting grief for years... every time Id tell that story, people would say "hell no" unbelievable, you are making it up...!! May I use your words for a web page n it? Maybe Ill put it n Scotty's memorial page on

    Bob Young
    Go ahead use it.I'm trying to remember who else was aboard at the time. I have someone in mind if he's still somewhat lucid.
    Let me see who I can dig up hopefully not literally
    Catch you later.
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  13. GreyWolf

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    Thanks for the story Arnie. I look forward to more.

  14. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey Arnie,

    Great story:thumbsup: Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  15. Blue Spirit

    Blue Spirit Silver Meritorious Patron

    Interesting Life

    Very interesting story. (few I read anymore, but yours is different)

    Jealous re Suzette. She was quite sexy.

    BTW, I made a few jumps at Pelicanland. I recall Mike ....... who ran the place.
  16. rom661

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    Scientology company?

    Hi Arnie

    This is obviously going way back but I used to work at a place very near (walking distance) to the LA Org. The owners were Thom and Jae Page (spelling?) Jae was a beautiful redhead, both nice people. We made the Mark V meters in rosewood boxes that we made on the premises. I remember engraving serial #'s each Wednesday night before we delivered our weekly production.

    This was after I had blown from the Sea Org but returned to the scene of the crime. A little more laid back then, plus I was obviously not important enough to make the enemies list. I sent an email to Tory, asking basically the same question. Ah, to be young, skinny, auburn haired, and stupid again. OK, the stupid has held up pretty well...

  17. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    Re: Scientology company?

    Yes that was Delta Meters, thanks for thom and Jae Page - the names, I did not recall their names.

    Because, prior to Sea Org I was a bench technician at Meyer Emco HiFi on Connecticut Ave in Washington DC, - I had seen an advert for bench tech in the Wash Post classified, (there was no internet then) and went in for the interview, Ed Meyer the owner was doing the interviews, he asked me a few questions and then said, "Young man, you don't know that much about electronics, I need a qualified bench tech" I replied, "Mr Meyer, hire me at minimum wage and in two weeks fire me or give me a raise" He blinked and said OK. Two weeks later I called out to him while he was on the salesfloor, Mr Meyer, am I fired? He replied, Arnie see the bookkeeper. That was the first of 5 raises I got in that year. I could fix anything and what I did not know was explained to me by the senior tech Don Hurst. I was making 10,000 a year in 1969, per the inflation calculator "What cost $10000 in 1969 would cost $60493.57 in 2011. "

    I was 18 years old, living in a apartment over a shop on Wisconsin avenue in the Nightclub district (Georgetown) with two nurses who worked at Georgetown University Hospital, having the time of my life (including going to Woodstock in 69, getting tear gassed in 68 at the Pentagon protesting the Vietnam War, and then there were the beautiful ladies) and then I join the Sea Org?


    In that Video, I'm in that scene, to the right of the sound tower toward the back

    Anyway, the fact of prior experience in electronics got me assigned on FBO Mission orders to deal with the E-meter backlog that existed at the time This was around the time of Serial number 3100 in the Blue Delta Meter Mark V series.

    I went in and worked each production stage to get the feel of what was going on, I went to meet with the owner of a company on Rosecrans Blvd, called Murcom Meters, who made the E-meter movement, which had rather peculiar specifications, which are outlined on some black-on-white CONFIDENTIAL Board Technical Bulletins, which I recall seeing but not specifically what they said other than there was a spec for the meter movement that stated that when you power up a movement with a current to bring it to the set point the needle would overshoot and then swing back and forth certain number of times, and then be still after a certain number of seconds 3 seconds I believe it was)... This spec was what the problem was - the movement manufacturer did not 'get it' at this was not what every other customer in the world desired - which was a meter that moved from zero to the specific input current position without overshoot and without oscillations..
  18. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    Re: Chased by Rampart Pd

    After the E-meter Mission, I spent some time in training... at the FBO Continental Office, present at the time were Gary Lowe, whom I had met at FCDC, when I was called in because there was an ex-marine who nobody could break up on TR-0 bullbait. I don't recall specifically what the silly routine I did was, though I recall A rather effective silly routine that talked about, suggestively, the benefits of Spanish Paprika...
    Gary I and a friend of his, the one who owned a Ford Econoline Van, which was "tricked out" 1969 style, with baby moon hubcaps and beauty rings..., a skylight, shag carpet, a bed, cooler, and Corvair bucket seats up front and it was shiny yellow... Gary and I drove cross country in late august, early September, to join the Sea Org in San Francisco, on the Bolivar...

    Our trip took us from Martha's Vinyard, to St Louis, to SanFrancisco. Being 19 -22 year olds, we chose to live off the land, driving from college to college, bumming meal tickets from good looking ladies to eat in the cafeteria, everyone was "new" at the beginning of the year so we fit in just fine. Probably the best time we had on the trip was at Washington University in St Louis... but that will take a whole X rated chapter to describe.

    Our favorite driving music on the 8 track cassette was a Canadian group named Spirit. Here is our favorite driving song - to join the Sea Org...


    Also in the FBO Office was Mike Goldstien, (he posted here and we are still pals, see IDENICS Thread) Pat Broeker and Frannie Broeker, we all worked for FBO W/O Mike Smith and his wife - dang... I forgot her name, also Chris Rutkowski was FBO CCLA, David and Holly Judd, there was an FBO at LA Org... forgot his name, and a Canadian, Ross Anderson who was FBO AOLA.

    Ross Anderson used to have a one lung motocycle, a BSA Victor 441, I was told, years later, that $50,000 cash was found missing from the safe at AOLA, and that Ross was last seen driving away on his BSA Victor never to be seen again.

    Charlie Hodge - that was his name, the FBO at LA Org, he had a 1958 Volvo, it looked much like a 40's ford coupe, LINK to an image, a PV544 - he sold it to me for $100, as I had taken over Pat Broker's job at Pubs US, when Pat went to Continental to be Org Officer Continental (I think).. And as part of our duties we had to be able to take the money to the bank, which was Sumitomo Bank down on Grand Street in downtown LA so I had to have a car and I still had some money left.

    One time driving from ASHO Pubs US office, on West Temple, across the street from the Rampart Police Station, I had a close encounter with the police. I was driving south on Rampart going back to Continental Offices that were at 811 Beacon street for dinner at the mess hall in the back of 811. Perhaps I did not quite make it through the yellow light at Wilshire Blvd, and a police car gave chase, turning on its lights and siren...

    Well, being a good, upstat, Sea Org member, and determined to MAKE IT GO RIGHT (per Hubbard's Supreme test HCOB) I floored the old (160,000 miles) 1958 Volvo, I knew I could not out run a police car, but I also knew the Volvo was famous for having extraordinary suspension, and long trailing arms holding the rear axle, so I turned left into an alley, paved in bricks, lumpy and rolling, and went like hell... bounding and bouncing through the alley ways and on occasion not checking for cross traffic...stayed in the ally until I got to Beacon Street...I made it into the dirt driveway of the US Continental FBO Office, which was across the street from USLO at 811 Beacon. I skidded to a stop, jumped out of my car, and there was a crowd of Sea Org in uniform, standing at the back having a smoke before dinner, and I joined them and whipped out a cig... The policecar then pulled into the dirt driveway. They saw the Volvo, and a cloud of dust in the air, with no one in it and then saw the group of 8 Sea Org members there, including yours truly, all in blue Sea Org officer's uniforms, and didn't get out of their car.

    I was very lucky.

    I never said much about this while I was "in"....and never got in any trouble for it.

  19. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    Re: Continental FBO Office wearing Dirty Grey Rags

    I dont recall the date, but this was in 72/3 or there abouts, and income was down, and the office was assigned Liability. Lt Cmdr Mike Smith and his wife were wearing dirty grey rags. I'll never forget this one.. Oh, her name was jeanne Smith, both were from South Africa, - was a cool accent. It was 3 oclock in the afternoon, I kept a Fish tank filled with guppies in their office, a fish tank that paid for its maintenace expense by trading the rapidly breeding fish to the Aquarium shop for fish food and goodies, it was our "Financially Solvent, Fish tank" on the 2nd floor of 811.

    Mike was doing his Liability formula, Jeannie looked up and said, "Mike, what are you doing?" Mike replied (to his wife), "I'm doing my liability formula" Jeannie said, "Mike, policy says that you are supposed to do your liability formula on your own time"

    There may have been the slightest pause, Mike replied, looking surprised and grinning widely,

    "ALL my time is MY OWN TIME.."

    This is how Mike ran the FBO Office...

    I learned from him.
  20. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    So Arnie, you said you almost married Suzette - what ever happened to her? I know she left the SO, and I thought I'd google her image to see what she looked like - but the shots were like a postage stamp. Perhaps you have a better one? On the tapes Hubbard talks about Dianne, and I knew her husband Jon's sister and occasionally he talked about Tintin, but not about her. Perhaps you could fill the vacuum?


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