Sorry Kate. I'm not impressed.

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by GreyWolf, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. GreyWolf

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  2. Alanzo

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    I feel sorry that they have to answer for all this crap that their religion is doing to others.

    But that's what you get when you allow your good name as a celebrity to be used to recruit people into a destructive mind control cult.

    Next time, maybe you'd better check into exactly what those people are using your name and your fame for.
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  3. uniquemand

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    Good advice, Alanzo.

    It sounds like they have made a peace with the organization that allows them to get what they want out of Scientology. I find it hard to believe that they haven't seen the abuse or felt it themselves, but I don't reject the possibility that due to having some money and some celebrity, they are shielded from the very high demand aspects most of the time.

    If they feel so strongly about supporting the Happy Fun Cult, though, I would recommend that they join the SO and show their grit. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop making ads for a group they are only poster-children for.
  4. Mest Lover

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    TOOLS of SCIENTOLOGY!!!! The only tools I saw were ridiculously designed vacuum cleaners (Rainbow Vacuum) that take longer to clean with the little brush contained therein than the floor you are vacuuming, and becomes more of the wasted church dollars when someone tips it over on a stairway, burning it out and voiding the warantee and becoming part of the trash expense.

    Other tools via SCN:

    1. Plaster knives, scrapers and pallettes.
    2. Newspapers and pennies to clean glass.
    3. Glasswax to brighten brass.
    4. Mops, Buckets.
    5. Toothbrushes and squeegies.
    6. CEMENT, Paint, Paint brushes.
    7. Billyclubs.
    8. Security cameras and monitors.

    LRH didn't say "we need to Clear the planet."

    When they eventually re-release that with the newly found and re-instated original text it will say.

    "We need to clean the planet."

    Look for that to purchase at an event coming soon!
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  5. SaguaroRose

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    Celebrities in scientology really have no idea about what really goes on for the regular people.........they are treated differently, very specially, and carefully guided around so as not to see the REAL B.S. that goes on.

    But to deny the xenu story is an outright lie. I am sure they think that they are "protecting" those of us who would certainly get pneumonia and die horribly if we found out about it (just like ALLLL of the people who had this happen when the OTIII materials hit the internet........NOT!:melodramatic:)
  6. Mest Lover

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    At least double faced.

    From what I saw, as a sea org member and security chief, there was a total 2 faced thing going on.

    there was what you put out so others could see as PRO SCN.


    you hid what was really going on in your "reality" that only would come up in sec checks that only the MAA, C/S and SNR HAS would have access to.

    Since you can't discuss case anywhere then all you really feel, do, and hide remains in your ethics folder and PC folder until you eventually blow. Then it is used to write your declare.

    These people are not speaking their truth, only the face of SCN that needs to be portrayed to KSW.

    Look at them via Security ethics and find their truth!

    Open their PC and Ethics folders and find their Scientology overts, expose them and turn them into
    humans rather than the PR machine that Scientology allows them to be rather than the blackmail they
    know the church holds over their heads!

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  7. Telepathetic

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    I noticed that these two individuals were very nervous.

  8. Carmel

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    Just for the record.....

    First up, this is an "old" interview.......I don't believe that Kate nor Lee could or would sit there and do an interview anything like this, these days.

    I first met Kate when she was quite young (I knew her parents). She is a beautiful, honest, genuine, caring woman. In the past, before she was a celeb and after, I, like others, have *helped* her with a a couple of difficult situations, with what she would consider "self help tools" from Scn.

    Where she sits, or from where she was sitting during that interview, I'm sure she and Lee believed wholeheartedly in what they were saying.

    These two are good people who, over the years, have had interaction with many good, very capable people (within the ranks of Scn), and have NO idea about what goes on behind closed doors. I have no doubt that they attribute their success and happiness in life to Scn, and that they want to give back to it, as many of us have done or wanted in the past.

    I have no idea where they sit currently, in regard to Scn or the CofS. I'm pretty sure though, that with the way things have been these last couple of years, that it won't be the same place that it was back when they did the interview.

    Kate and Lee will have reason to *look* now, because so much is out in the open and can no longer be hidden from them. Let's give her the chance.
  9. Mest Lover

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    SCN PR is just that!

    I know down deep they think otherwise. Time and place will bring it out of them. They will understand eventually and talk of reality where it can be discussed free from the chains of SCN.

    Seeing that you know them reassures me of this.
  10. freethinker

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    They all too quickly denounced what Jason Beghe had to say. They gave absolutely no credibility to his statements at all.

    This indicates to me that they know much more than they are letting on, especially him.

    The interview is not that old to have Jason,s interview. It's definitely post Anonymous and I wish the interviewer had pointed out that there are way more than one person's view like Jason's.

    The best response they could have made was to simply say it was not their experience and they would like to check with Jason on why he feels that way. Even if they don't know him.

    But instead they go on about how it's most assuredly not that way and how soooo beneficial it is and humanitarian. Who is going to believe that without clear evidence. Few I think.
  11. Zinjifar

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    Do you really think they honestly think all the 'alien talk' about scientology is confusion with Ron's 'Science Fiction'??? That's kind of the crux of it for me; they deliberately lied because it was convenient for Scientology. Sure, if they're not 'OT' they might not know the specifics of Xenu, but, they would know that it wasn't about wog confusion.

  12. Smilla

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    Are they famous in some way?
  13. Mest Lover

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  14. freethinker

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    I think she is a famous or popular singer. He seems like a dickhead to me.
  15. Mest Lover

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    Notice how many times they look at eachother for feeds on connection and "right message."
  16. Smilla

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    Thanks. I know what you mean about him.
  17. freethinker

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  18. Mest Lover

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    They Know, understand, grok, cognite, but the Scientology indoctrination doesn't allow the truth they know to be spoken in public because that is off KSW!
  19. smartone

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  20. HelluvaHoax!

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    TV INTERVIEWER: Do you believe that Scientology can teach you all the secrets in the world?

    SCN CELEB (smiling proudly): Yes I know it can because Scientology is the science of knowing how to know!

    TV INTERVIEWER: What about Xenu?

    SCN CELEB: I don't know anything about that.

    TV INTERVIEWER: But I thought you said you can know you all the secrets in the world?

    SCN CELEB (glowing with joy): True, but Ron's OT Levels are totally out of this world!

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