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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by DoneDeal, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I've been following this recent N Korean rocket launch. As you probably know it's gone up in

    But that N Korean place is very interesting to read about and follow the pictures.

    This writer was allowed in to see the satellite and rocket stuff they got...and he predicted day's ago that it would probably be a failure. I'll link his updated article and include a quote from it here...

    The quote is interesting to me as it reminds of a place we all know about.

    "The schedule pressure on this North Korean mission, tied to the most important holiday in their country’s history, must have been immense. It’s a formula for fatal errors, all too familiar to space experts.

    The North Korean situation was made worse by the "launch fever" attitude exemplified by mission managers in front of visiting Western journalists. With quasi-religious fervor and dedication to an ideology they treat as near-divine, their ability to tolerate dissent or doubts from working troops must have been very, very low. When in doubt, it seems, they quote favorite passages from their leaders’ writings, and charge ahead.

    This is more than worrisome: It seems to be a recipe for disaster. Every worker must have the courage to speak up and recommend remedial measures. Whether they can overcome this culture in a technological field that is notoriously intolerant of make-believe is the most serious issue I found on my visit."


    Is N Korea what the world would be like if scn actually did take lrh said "we" would do? I'm know that isn't a new thought for people on this forum..but I liked the author of the above articles close to the old home. Thought I'd post it.

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