Squirrel Girl

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Lohan2008, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron

    YES, there is a super heroine called "Squirrel Girl" published by Marvel.

    You'd think that young Doreen Green's mutant power was Super-Adorability, but her abilities go far beyond simple cuteness. Her semi-prehensile tail allows her to display amazing feats of agility...well, yeah, that tail IS pretty adorable. How about the empathic bond she shares with squirrels? That's a good power! But, yeah, it's also kind of adorable.
    Okay! Those enlarged incisors on her pouty little mouth! Those are...awfully, awfully cute.
    All right, she may be the cutest thing on two feet (and a tail), but she's single-handedly beaten Dr. Doom, Mandarin, M.O.D.O.K and Thanos. THEY thought she was cute, too...until she kicked their butts!

    SQUIRREL Pwr !!

  2. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    Oh my! - That was a whole lotta scientologists she was beatin' about there! They shattered completely!

  3. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

  4. aegerprimo

    aegerprimo Summa Cum Laude

    What's on her utility belt? Nutcrackers? :ohmy:
  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    This is from the Wikipedia entry on Squirrel Girl:

    "Squirrel Girl carries a utility belt comprising multiple pouches that contain nuts to give as snacks to her squirrel friends. These are known humorously as her "nut sacks"

  6. Gus

    Gus Patron with Honors

    Squirrel Girl kinda reminds me of Leah Remini... cute and tough :)


  7. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron

  8. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    There is a whole squadron of Squirrel Girls that keep busting the nuts of the cult.

    It is a long & honorable list.

    We are all in the debt as they have paved the way & shown us all that the cult is far more vulnerable than we dared imagine !

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