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    i'm writing a story about a fictional character that gets sucked into a cult that is very similar to scientology. In fact identical but with trademarks removed. So I am here asking for permission to understand various aspects and how one is lured in and kept in, which is the basis of the story.

    So if it's ok with everyone who wants to participate can i ask: Can you describe your very first moment the church "touched" you?

    Please understand i may take experiences you write for my story so let me know if i have that permission. The objective is to let an average reader with no understanding of how cults work experience what it is like. I want to take away the stigma that only stupid people join cults. I know this not to be true. I want to take the reader through the experience without having to actually experience it themselves.

    I want, if possible, first hand experience that is devoid of retrospect.

    If anyone can help me via email that would be great too.

    Cheers. You are brave souls and cherished in many ways.
  2. nw2394

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    Well, first off, welcome to the board.

    If you're looking simply for inspiration, then in this section of the board there is already plenty of material. There is quite a bit of it - you'll have to wade through it - but frankly I think you need to experience it that way if you're to write well. If you're looking to base what you write on a specific story, then I'm sure the originator may be only too happy to give permission if personal details are obscured.

    Regarding writing without retrospect - well - yes - I can see that from a writer's point of view something written in the present tense, as it is happening, makes for a much more gripping story. Trouble is that people's story come's out the way it comes out - you may have to supply the present time viewpoint yourself.

    Bottom line on why a person joins any group - cult or otherwise - is that it gives them something they want - gives enjoyment - matches their purposes in some way - even gives them what they think may be a better version of their purpose. When it is a religious type subject, the person may experience really quite a powerful 'umph' in their life. Alan, who posts on this board, calls it an Ascension Experience which is quite a good thing to call it. Having had one or more of these sorts of experience, naturally the person wants more - and indeed to help others achieve the same. If things were to carry on in a positive way, then nobody would call the subject a cult. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way and the person may continue to seek further progress, but in reality has become addicted to something that no longer provides that same 'umph' anymore.

  3. writer

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    Yes, thank you for your comments.

    I still ask for anyone to come forwards mainly because of two reasons.

    Firstly, I need specifics following a dramatic plot and many of these writings are not specific. For instance I have to write two and a half pages on someone falling in love with scientology. I have to know not only the experience one got but also how CO$ creates it so that experience can be shared in a truthful manner. The reason it would be best to have it first hand as it was experienced is because it is my understanding that people like to add their understanding of it after the fact. And i think this is very healthy to healing. However, This embelishment can corrupt the original experience and lead me away from the way CO$ consistently suckers people in, via retrospection. Which is very important to this book. As you can imagine it would be a tremendous resource for people considering scientology as a path in life. Also a tremendous healing experience for those that are writing it. Saying all that yes, i can also take what is written and make my own assumptions.

    I have been stuying this subject for a little over a year and have a co writer who is 10 years + ex sea org and we have covered most of the ten years in very precise methods. Going over these and all the other boards has been fruitfull and I can assure you i have spent well in excess of 300 hours doing so. And i know what i need further.

    The main problem i have at the moment is my co writer was born into scientology and we are missing a lot of first hand experience from those that got into it from an adults perspective. There have been some great postings on these boards and i have read them and taken them in. I have been reluctant to come forward because of the obvious reasons re: OSA. But in saying that i feel like i should communicate to people my intentions because it is very personal information.

    I am piecing it together slowly. I appreciate any help i can get.
  4. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    It's a spiritual drug..

    Welcome to the board, writer:

    Sure, you may see my and Spouse's story (tho it IS full of 'lingo'...) in the 'Leaving The Church' thread, for starters.

    In my opinion: Joining this group is much like a drug for many. It's a spiritual addiction, really. You get 'high' during first learning about all the interesting information about life, common sense concepts regarding communication, then you experience your first 'session' or 'councelling' and you feel 'lighter' 'relieved' 'cleaner' etc.. then BAM, you're hooked!

    This drug 'feels' 'powerful' to most, (especially the lure of the 'higher levels' and what they supposedly will do for you).

    Ask away, It'll be interesting to read your book once it's finished and I bet will open a lot of people's eyes as to why such groups lure many, regardless of nationality, creed,gender, age, religion,etc.

    Wisened One

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