Strange Angel: Hubbard-Parsons Series Coming to AMC

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by ILove2Lurk, Feb 29, 2016.

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  1. ILove2Lurk

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    Exciting news while we're waiting for bigger exciting news. :shrug:

    Ridley Scott Productions to set a writers room for the mini-series drama
    Strange Angel
    [aka Marvel] in advance of a series order by AMC network.

    "Screenwriter Mark Heyman is a writer on the series. Heyman wrote The Skeleton Twins and Black Swan,
    so Parsons’ story is in good hands. Marvel [Strange Angel] has real promise as a series. A show about a rocket
    engineer, chemist, and inventor that hung with L. Ron Hubbard is a series I’d watch."

  2. Hatshepsut

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    That's interesting.

    Yesterday I was browsing through a free pdf on the life of Dr John Dee of Elizabethan fame. It was plainspeak and quite dry most of the time. It did give a list of the books in his magnificent personal library. I had to look up a lot of the terms, concepts and philosophers cited. I found that wikipedia articles were different now than when I'd looked up the terms a year ago. Much much much more comprehensive on subjects...

    The Hermetica
    Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
    Order of the Ruby Rose and Golden Cross
    Aleister Crowley
    Order of A=A
    Holy Guardian Angel as part of The Golden Dawn
    Christian Cabala
    The Rosicrucian enlightenment

    Someone has made the old understandings publicly available ...and a little more comprehensive each year. So there must be hits on those wiki subjects lately.

    I hadn't realized how these connected to magic and the various grades of adeptus. I was surprised that theurgy was not much different than what folks did on NOTS. The communication with the spirits manifesting different aspects, handling composite parts of a whole and neutralizing them back to some common source. Somewhat like it.

    After about an hour of wiki-ing yesterday, I began to see the bigger picture and why the old Renaisssance guys ran the risk of being accused of pantheism or endorsing pagan ideas. I was shocked that this stuff went back to the ancient Greeks. But I'm just as confused about the rocket fuel angle as anybody else. That's why I tried to do a little research and I found a 'tradition' going back back back. All the things in the list dovetail into each other since ...forever.∴A∴

    John Dee bio

    This afternoon I finished reading a 9 page letter of John W. Campbell's written to Robert Heinlein. The letters in the batch were from 1947 to 1951. Most were photocopies of originals typed with all the mistakes included.

    The letter I finished today was dated August 1951. In it Campbell was raving about the nuclear explosive power of what he found was stored in the mind. He said he unexpectedly reached a climactic point where he realized he was one and part of the universe and had made direct contact with the knowledgeable ....anyway he achieved some kind of gnosis. Dianetics was his method as he worked with Ron in N.J. and these letters intertwined nuclear science speak with alchemy.
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    For sure its all interesting. We think we know everything and we're so modern, however its good to see that in the context and flow of our history.

    The Greek god 'Promethius' was one of the 'Titans' which were the older gods before the gods of Mount Olympus (Zeus, Mercury, Athena etc). Promethius is said to have created mankind and stole fire from the mountaintop as a gift to his created.

    It is seen by some as far more important to understand and use fire fully, and honour Promethius, than get involved in other life dramas of emotion and struggle personified by the gods of Zeus.

    After the Apollo 1 fire where the three astronauts (Grissom, Chaffee and White) were killed in a launch practice exercise in 1967, the ground crew were devastated. They had had so much success with many manned launches and incremental achievement heading toward the lunar landing. One of the engineering heads of the program, James (Joe) Shea, gave a speech to the ground crew team, drawing heavily on Prometheus and the need to continue firmly in the face of this heavy adversity. The Promethius ideal wasn't some whacko idea of Parsons, it was ingrained in the psyche of these steely eyed rocket men.

    Thanks for the background info Hats. If you come across that speech in your meanderings, let me know.

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