Stuff David Miscavige spends scilon money on

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by Free to shine, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. Free to shine

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    Stuff David Miscavige spends scilon money on - Blownforgood

  2. La La Lou Lou

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    Oh that's a nice post!

    Makes me think he is might be slightly out exchange with the public who have remortgaged their grandmother yet again.:no:

    Thanks Free to Shine!
  3. apple

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    I appreciate this information. I will give it to my active Scn friends. Some that are presently at Flag writing cheques and doing services.
  4. byte301

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    BFG forgot the trips he goes on. He mentioned Scotland once in another post I believe.

    He also has his scotch bill which is quite hefty.

    I wonder what he spends on Shelley, if anything at all. What I really wonder is where he keeps Shelley.
  5. Ladybird

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    One of the 1st things scientology Registrars asked me to do was to ask my rich grandmother for money. She wisely said no, but instead of cutting me out of her life for my cult induced outrageous and inappropriate requests and behaviour, she was the only one of my disconnected family and friends to help me when the cult dumped me for refusing to have an abortion. When she died she left me more than enough money to pay off my freeloader debt and get back in to scientology. By that time I had made and saved enough myself to get back in, but thank God (or whatever) for the Internet! The cult didn't get one thin dime and now most of my family is out too.
  6. Wisened One

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    YEAH! :thumbsup:
  7. Wisened One

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    WOW. Anons, Print this and hand it out at your next Protest! :yes:

    And I'm telling this to scilon's I know!

    Thanks for this, BFG and FTS! :thumbsup:
  8. Ladybird

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    RPFers especially are aware of how DM lives. He uses RPFers to clean and decorate his lavish abodes, the mills use the RPF and other slaves to manufacture his furniture, clean his toilets, sew his curtains, make frames for his art and make all the flooring, wainscots, crown molding, etc. Pac Mill and Flag Crew Mill have incredible top of the line woodworking and other equipment. RPFers have told me in awe how lucky they were to be working with this amazing expensive equipment.

    The slaves working there were paid 50 dollars a week if they were upstat staff and RPF were paid 12.50 a week for 80 to 100 hour weeks and no workers comp, no OSHA safety compliance, no benefits like Social Security or health insurance, etc. They live in dorms of up to 50 people in a room meant for 4 and survive on a a pitiful diet of cheap garbage food like rice and beans.

    Join the Sea Org you cult apologists! See for yourselves what L. Ron Hubbard created and condoned. Then maybe you will understand why those of us who survived roll our eyes at all your foolish posts praising the "teck" and the "flounder".

    What's true for me is what I have seen and experienced. The closest some people get to the truth is what they read in a book by a conman. It sounded good to me too, but it was a lie.

    If you don't care enough to look at the truth about scientology, why do you bother posting?
  9. La La Lou Lou

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    Ladybird, good for you. :happydance:
  10. Telepathetic

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    Great idea Michelle:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  11. Wisened One

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    :goodposting: Print THIS out and use at Protests and for emailing, too! (If that's ok, LB?)
  12. Markus

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    Yes now I know.....

    Where all the money and the capacity of work from two hard working men for 60 years went to - all sucked out of my family.
    What a waste!
  13. FinallyFree

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    Oh how I love BFG's style.
  14. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    Thanks FTS - Great stuff!!

    Another excellent thread would detail his daily, weekly and yearly whereabouts, intinerary and travel habits.

  15. FinallyFree

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    I second this!
  16. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    More about the Man who would be King:

    Short outtake from the linked article:

    "Miscavige takes lavish personal vacations – including many Caribbean diving trips and a five star tour of Scotland (including cases of sampled Scotch being shipped to Miscavige’s residence afterward).

    Once Dave did an event a Celebrity Centre. He was sweating like a pig – it was an outdoor event in LA in August, so not too surprising. He hired an outside video special effects firm to erase the sweat sheen, frame by frame, at a cost of $150,000. Oh, and of course his make-up person (a Sea Org member paid 40 cents an hour) was RPFed for “sabotage.”

    This is the world of David Miscavige. A world where he can spend any amount, buy anything he wants, all with millions of parishioner money."
  17. apple

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    If all of this is true, it should be made known to the media. Especially in main Scn. hubs. Reminds me of those rich evangelists shearing their flock.

    If this kind of information was known to me way back when, there is no way I would have wasted another second in the cult. I read here about all kinds of hardships in the cult but this in-your-face lifestyle by DM pisses me off the most. This information could be a breaking point for those involved in the cult. I have sent copies to active Scngists that I know, and I hope it wakes them up. If not, I hate to say it then they deserve to be ripped off. I will make copies and drop them off at the local Org.

    I have a question. If DM makes this much money and lives this kind of lifestyle. What do DM officers close to him make? I know that these pigs eat from the same trough. Does everyone get the same share at the top or even close to it?
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  18. Wisened One

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    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    Waste and Extravagance

    Some of you did PTS/SP, and some also did Ethics Specialist. Did you know there is another set of references to "what is an SP" that applies to executives? It goes into things that you have heard, like, an SP gets rid of the best staff members. Also, there is one reference I can use some help remembering. It is about waste and extravagance. An SP executive will commit the crimes of waste and extravagance upon an Org. DM fits all of this. He gets rid of the best staff, he is wasteful, and very extravagant. Do any of you admin trained guys know which reference talks about waste and extravagance?
  20. How much did that botched face-lift cost that fuck his right eye all up, cost?