Suing telemarketers, relevant?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by StickbyMe, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Send their legal department a piece of certified mail. Include a separate note from a notary, signed by the notary with his stamp, attesting to the contents. Inform the Cof$ that they are totally welcome to call, in fact you enjoy their calls. It's just that your time is worth something, and, past a certain date, they are calling you with the understanding that they are calling you in your capacity as a verbal abuse consultant. It will also be with the understanding that the best way to train a verbal abuser is to use verbal abuse on them. Included will be a fee schedule for insults. For instance:

    Did your parents have any children that lived? I BET THEY REGRET THAT! YOU'RE SO UGLY YOU CAN BE A MODERN ART MASTERPIECE!!! .... $37.28

    You must have forgotten to taken your Nerts breathmint ... that's the breathmint specially formulated to fight COCKSUCKER'S BREATH! ... $52.71

    I'm sure you can think of a few of your own to include in your fee schedule. Be sure to use totally off the wall numbers as shown, that way they will scratch their heads wondering why. Also include a schedule of late fees and interest. If they call, inform them that this is the start of the session that they are being billed for, and insult away. Be sure to tape the call. Get in as many insults as you can and then send them an invoice. If they don't pay, send a followup with late fees and interest. After 3 or so notices, you can then start more serious collection actions.

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    Be careful with taping calls. IANAL, but I think this is a state-by-state (USA) thing.
    In some states both parties to the convo have to know about and agree to be taped or YOU (the taper) will be in serious trouble...

  5. GoNuclear

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    Bill collectors and sales hooples always inform you that the call is being recorded for training purposes. When the clams come-a-callin', you can have a special announcement that goes off and informs them of same. "Welcome to XYZ, Inc. Verbal Abuse Consulting, the one stop shop for something to offend everyone! (nice enthusiasm in the voice) You call may be monitored for training and other purposes ... and if you don't like it, just be like every other douchebag that doesn't like it and hang up! But wait ... I think you are an extra special idiot who needs some REAL verbal abuse ... so stay on the line, dipstick, and a verbal abuse specialist will be with you shortly!"

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    I do think that it would apply to Scientologists. I have an idea that would be more effective:

    When you answer and they say "this is Sassy with the Co$ calling", tell them that you have read all of the confidential materials on the internet and that you think the "Wall of Fire" story about Xenu, the galactical lord that threw beings into a volcano for population control and their spirits are attached to us and we have to audit them off - pretty much convinced you that Scientology is a Scam. Not to mention the L's lists are such a joke - $100,000 for that list. It is on Wikipedia! Tell her to check it out.

    Oh, and have her check out Aleistar Crowley, Thelema and O.T.O. and see if there are any similarities. LRH was a student of Aleistar Crowley. Interesting data that you need to read! The truth will set you free!!

    I bet you will be taken off the list and that may create some seeds of doubt to the caller!
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    Well sure, but how do you get paid for that?
  9. NoName

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    You don't get paid for THAT. You just get them to stop calling you and possibly pay back the Universe/Karma for people you sucked in with you.

    But you can google "Julie Christofferson Scientology" if you want to know how to make money off the Co$.
  10. Idle Morgue

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    I think the payout is an "effective blow" to the enemy by "enlightening" that being on the other end of the phone! It is making up the damage we may have caused by encouraging others to get back in or stay in because we were up-stat, honest beings that wanted to HELP! Scientology told us they were the most ETHICAL Organization on the Planet and they (Upper Management - Miss Cabbage and Lafatty Hub TURD) LIED TO US!! Who would have thought this type of evilness actually existed in our modern world??

    TELL THE CALLERS ABOUT XYou may save her life!! :yes::happydance::clap: Hip Hip Hooray!
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    My idea is to create a situation where they have agreed via their aquiessence to an understanding that you are a verbal abuse consultant and you have the right to verbally abuse them and charge them for it; have them call out of their usual left-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-right-hand-is-doing admin tech thereby incurring for themselves an obligation; sending them an invoice for them to pay which they of course will not do; sending them all of the appropriate follow-ups; and then, when they fail to comply, have them served and take them to small claims court. Either they will settle prior to court for a higher fee than your usual verbal abuse fee plus late charges and interest, or they will ignore and then show up or not show up in which case you will make a show of them openly and get a judgement against them, and also create an interesting article that Tony Ortega in the VV would love to print, or the Tampa Bay paper formerly the SP Times, and/or any of the other media that has a hard-on for the Cof$.

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    All the above methods sound good. I have another one that works really well for the nuisance calls I get from somewhere in India, it's very obviously a scam. ''Hello my name is Martin I'm calling from Windows, we have reports here that you have a virus effecting your computer, is it turned on...''

    I've told them that there's no way they could have my phone number and stuff but they call again and again. Last time he asked me to come by the computer so I said'' what a good idea, I'd love to come'' and started breathing heavily then I asked him what he was wearing and I groaned, he put the phone down and I've never heard from them since.

    God how I laughed!
  13. GoNuclear

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    If you want to have a phone affair with me, I'm totally game! I will gladly pick up the long distance charges!

  14. Feral

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    That is so funny. I get those calls too, al the bloody time. The last bloke I challenged said; "listen carefully; get fucked". Ouch.

    I think you might be getting into more than you bargained for Pete, then again maybe not.

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